How To Change A Router Bit At Home Like A Pro – Step By Step Process

How To Change A Router BitA woodworker cannot think a single day without a proper router bit for woodworking. So, you just need to change the router bit as you want to reflect craftsmanship. Do you know that, why you need to know how to change a router bit? You need to change it regularly to ensure smooth operation.

Without knowing the proper way, this router bit changing process could be a harder job for you. Knowing the right way can make this changing process easy. Even it can save you valuable time as well.

To know the right process of changing a router bit, you must get the proper guideline. We are here to demonstrate the router bit changing process to help you.


Best Guideline For Changing Router Bits Without Any Professional Help:

Changing the router bit is all about properly removing and installing the right router bit. You can do it just using wrenches. As a woodworker, you might have a portable router or router table. So, knowing the way to change the router bit from both platforms will be good. Let’s discuss more.


Installing A Router Bit With Two Wrenches (Portable Router)

Amana Tool - AMS-129 3-Pc carbide tippedFirst of all, you need to get the collet. Remove the base using two wrenches. Make the collet bit lose because this part holds the bit in the router. After losing the bit you can insert a bit. But don’t tighten the collet unless the bit is fully seated. If the router bit seated perfectly, then the collect pulls down on the bit. As a result, there is no space for moving the bit.

Another thing you should know about the cover or a taper on the top of the shaft. If it sits down against the collet, then you might get a problem with the bit. It cannot hold the bit perfectly and will shake that makes it insecure to use. So, make the bit ready to tighten.

For that, you just need to nudge it back and out and the calculation should be an eighth of an inch. Now take a wrench and keep it on the bottom nut and you need to tighten the collet. For the final touch, tighten the top nut.

To prevent any knuckle-busting, keep one wrench in the position. It will help you to do it on one hand, especially the squeezing part. Now replace the base and set the height of the bit for the work.


Installing A Router Bit With A Single Wrench (Portable Router)

There is a spindle lock feature you’ll find on a single-wrench router. Dealing with this type of router is simple, especially installing a router bit. You just need to lower the baseplate. It will engage the spindle lock. It is not going to turn anymore.

Now, on the top of the collect, place a single wrench. Bury the router bit after raising it. The measurement of this rule should be an eighth of an inch. Tighten the bit with the help of the wrench, but don’t overtighten it.


Removing A Router Bit (Portable Router)

Removing a router bit from a portable router is easy. You just need to reverse the process I’ve discussed earlier. Let’s revise the process by removing the base using two wrenches. To break the grip of the collet using one hand, you need to position the wrench. Now loosen the bit.

You can also use a rag to remove the bit if it stuck. Even using a rag also protects your finger from cutting. If it’s still not coming out, then take a woodblock and tap it a couple of times. The router bit will come out easily. If you want to install a new bit, then you can do it now.


Installing and Removing A Router Bit (Router Table)

You just need to focus on a couple of extras if you know how to change the router bit from a portable router. Go to the backside of the table for better visibility. Now crank up the router high as much as you can.  Get the collect up and it will allow access with wrenches.

You can also remove the router’s motor if there is no router lift feature you got. Remove the insert plate and get access to the collet. Now insert the bit and tighten the collet to secure it. Remember, after raising the router all the way, it is still slightly below the surface of the table. To get a good grip on the collet you must be tricky.

In this case, you can use an offset-style wrench. The bottom of this wrench is slightly below the table and this feature comes as a handy one to catch the lock of the collet. This catch is perfect to tighten and loosen the collet perfectly.

After installing the bit, replace the insert. Choose an insert of a slightly larger opening then a bit diameter. Crack the router back down to secure the place. Set the right height for your work and you are good to go.



A router is a versatile tool. So, you need to maintain, install, and remove it perfectly for smooth operation. For a woodworker, changing the router bit is essential for difficult and precise cutting. To keep your woodworking perfect with the right router bit you must know how to change a router bit perfectly.

Knowing the proper way this tool one of the safest ones for woodworking. After installing the right router bit, a woodworker can create various edges and shapes easily to a piece of wood. Using different types of bits makes woodworking more lucrative.

So, knowing the process of changing the router bit becomes important for woodworkers. I hope this guideline will help you a lot.

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