6 Best Router Bit For Cutting Letters Reviews | Top Picks of 2022

Best Router Bit For Cutting Letters

Woodworkers can’t think their days without router bits. Whenever you want to make any particular shape or letters in wood, the router bit comes in handy. So, searching for the best router bit for cutting letters is very convenient for many out there.

A right router bit doesn’t only save your time & energy, it also ensures the best letters crafting on the woods. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional wood maker, you might have a lot of queries before choosing any of the router bits.

Here in this router bit reviews, we are going to make the ultimate list after reviewing each of them. So, check them out and see which one fulfills all of your requirements.

Have a glance at our top picks perfect for lettering:

  1. Whiteside 401 Basic – Quality router bit for professionals
  2. Rockler 3-Pc Signmaking – Best for clean cutting action
  3. MLCS 8377 Router Bit – Designed for complex woodworking
  4. Amana Tool – AMS-129 – Solution for multiple uses
  5. Freud 1-1/8″ (Dia.) Lettering Bit – Suitable for different routers
  6. CNC Wood Carving Router Bit – Best for 2D & 3D carving


Top Rated Router Bits For Cutting Letters For Professional & Home Use

Choosing a wrong tool can make your whole life a disaster in the woodworking segment. So, how to deal with that?

Uhm, rather than worrying, you should know which features can satisfy your need. So, let’s check the functionalities, features, and top-notch quality of these router bits and choose the best one.

1. Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit with 1/2-Inch Shank

Highlighted features
  •  This set comes with a different size of router bit that is able to handle complicated woodworking projects.
  • Premium carbide made this bit stronger and durable.
  • Design is just perfect for the precision ground that helps to balance properly even at high RPM.
  • Ensured industrial quality for better performance.
  • Comes with ½ inch shanks that are better for woodworking.

Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit with half-Inch Shank

There are lots of router bits available that can hold the first position for woodworking and cutting letters. But we picked Whiteside 401 basic router bit because it can serve your purpose easily. After using this router bit, you’ll know why it secured its position by offering reliable service all the time. Because this router bit is designed for every type of user. So, don’t get confused by its name that is ‘Basic’.

It offers all the features that you need as a professional woodworker. This router bit is a great example of superb creation that can help you with lettering on the wood and creating an amazing first impression. The manufacturing company of this router bit is popular for manufacturing quality products. They tried to put every best feature in this router set that can support you for woodworking.

This set is perfect for both soft and abrasive wood. It is made of heavy-duty Premium Carbide that makes the lettering on the wood easy. For the woodworking, you need a strong router bit that is made of carbide like this one. Even the design confirms uniform weight distribution that ensures perfect balance that keeps the router bit stable all the time, even at high RPM.

The weight of this router bit also influences the user for such balancing because it only weighs 1.7 pounds. To make your woodworking more furnished this set of router bit comes with different sizes like 3/8′ round over bit, rabbeting bit, 3/8″ cove bit, 45-degree chamfer bit, ½” straight double flute bit and flush-trim bit, 1″ cutting length bit and ¼” straight bit.

If you want to use this router bit on your CNC machine, then just remove the bearing first. This industrial quality router bit comes at a reasonable price which is also another advantage you’ll get for lettering on the wood. So, you don’t need to get a pricey option.


2. Rockler 3 Pc Signmaking Router Bit Set

Highlighted features
  •  It is made of K10 and K20 grade carbide that offers more durability and clean cutting action.
  • Diamond wheels of 600 – 800 grit make this bit better for final sharpening.
  • Designed for perfect balancing that ensures smooth operation, especially on the wood.
  • 1/4 inch shank helps to get the correct depth for cutting letters.

Rockler 3 Pc Signmaking Router Bit Set

Sometimes you might need a special router bit for cutting letters on the wood. This router bit can meet your special requirement for cutting letters because it is specially designed to deal with lettering, especially the complex one on the wood. This purpose-built router bit set can change your level of satisfaction and woodworking experience for cutting letters because all the features of this bit are just suitable to make the shape perfect for your letter.

You need a router bit of flatter bottom to make your woodworking task more effective and this set comes with such features. This flatter bottom feature makes this router bit different from other conventional router bits. This feature also prevents peaks in routed letters that ensure you a better result by making the sign more furnished.

As a woodworker, you need a durable router bit and this package is made of K10 and K20 carbide which is also ISO certified. This extra-durable material made this router bit perfect for high-quality performance for a long time. You need this bit because it is designed for clean cutting action which is much needed for a woodworking project.

So, this set of router bits can surprise you if you have skill for professional Craftsmen and it has the ability to perform well at the top of any other material for cutting letters. You cannot avoid another good feature of this router bit and that is balancing which is the result of its ergonomic design and this balancing is good enough to ensure good-quality chip ejection.

One more thing we have to explain about this router bit and its pool catering service. Yes, this router bit offers the second-largest pool catering service that you need for cutting letters, especially on the wood. It is sharpened with a 600 -800 grit diamond wheel. As a result, you will get smoother and quality bits for the lettering.


3. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set with Carbide-Tipped 1/2-Inch Shanks

Highlighted features
  • The tip is made of carbide that ensures quality performance for a long time.
  • Comes with 15 different bits along with a wooden box that also makes it portable.
  • ½ inch shank can make the letter more furnished and polished.

MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set with Carbide-Tipped 1/2-Inch Shanks

For the pretty good woodwork, especially for lettering, this router bit can give you the exact performance that you want. This economical set of the router bit is just suitable for starting your woodworking project. According to its design and feature, this set of router bits becomes the best set for the final touches of woodworking. It ensures the quality of the performance like other router bits of industrial quality does.

You need to get this set of router bits for the different sizes and styles which makes this set more versatile. It has 15 different bits that are most suitable for your woodworking project. The wood storage box makes this set portable, that allows you to bring the whole set of router wherever you need to.

Because of better control and quality, it ensures long term performance without compromising the quality even the edge and 1/2 inch shank of the bit is not going to blue or wood scorching. The ½ inch shank lets you do complicated lettering with ease. It is made of quality material and these top-quality carbide-tipped bits are going to make your woodwork project beautiful.

It doesn’t matter, you are professional or not because this is the set, all you need. The ergonomic design and the high-quality construction along with the heat resistance feature of this router bit is quite stable that ensures better performance and increases the appeal of your woodworking project.

This quality router bit has the capabilities for tackling tough jobs like a wide array of woodworking projects and cutting letters. If you want to get an outstanding final result, then the comprehensive assortment of the tip style of these router bits will help you.


4. Amana Tool – AMS-129 3-Pc”Zeo Pt.” Solid Carbide & Carbide Tipped 30, 60 & 90°

Highlighted features
  •  This router bit is manufactured according to Holz-BG German standard that ensures its durability and safety.
  • 1/4-inch shank offers great adjustability for cutting letters in different depths.
  • Offers 30, 60, and a 90-degree angle that ensures its versatile use.
  • The ergogenic design allows it to be used with table-mounted and CNC routers.

Amana Tool - AMS-129 3-Pc carbide tipped

If you are looking for a router bit that can be used with a handheld CNC router and table-mounted router for cutting letters from a renowned manufacturer, then try this one. Basically, this is a V-Groove bit that is not only good in quality but also offers industrial-grade carbide-tips and 1/4-inch shanks that you need for any type of woodworking project.

It is designed according to the woodworker’s needs that’s why it can do what you need to give a final touch to your woodworking task especially lettering. This router bit comes as the best woodworking router bit for both professionals and beginners. All of the router bits of Amana have a long-lasting track record that can push you to buy it and this is the point that makes you use this router bit for cutting letters.

All of these router bits are produced according to the Holz-BG German standard that means it offers more safety and durability to woodworkers. The shank size of these bits is ¼ inch which indicates that this router bit is made for router table free use and ensures consistent performance and quality in woodworking.

The designer of this router bit is eye-catchy but also makes it a great solution for different types of professionals like manufacturers, fabricators, display, and cabinet professionals. For the chipping and splintering, it will help you most because it offers different angles like 30, 60, and 90-degree cutting angles that play a vital role to keep your woodworking in shape all the time.

All of these bits are designed for lettering that’s why it is used for softwood, plywood, and hardwood. It uses silver induction brazing that offers more durability and a high level of balance which keeps this router bit ready for woodworking.


5. Freud 1-1/8″ (Dia.) Lettering Bit with 1/2″ Shank (20-174)

Highlighted features
  •  It is designed to cut different types of materials like softwood, hardwood, and plywood.
  • ½-inch bit shank along with 1-1/8″ (dia.) offers better service for complicated woodworking jobs.
  • Can be used with automatic routers, hand-held, table-mounted, CNC, and portable router.

Freud 1-1/8" (Dia.) Lettering Bit with 1/2" Shank (20-174)

Woodworkers need a router bit to show their craftsmanship. If you are looking for the best router bit for cutting letters, then you should know that lots of woodworkers love Freud. This router bit is not only good in every aspect but also offers long time service and remains sharp all the time which makes it more lucrative to woodworkers.

This router bit is designed along with four different styles (1-1/8-inch by ¾-inch, 1/8-inch lettering router bit, and ¼” shank) to complete complex woodworking jobs especially cutting letters. This piece of bit can do everything to tackle such complex woodworking tasks that’s why you’ll get a fantastic result of your activity.

It is designed to serve the woodwork industry, but it can be used in other different projects. For fitting together tongues you can use this bit. Even a groove joint is also possible after using this bit. This router bit is a perfect fit for the woodworker to make a lettering job enjoyable.

This bit has the ability to cut different types of material, hardwood, softwoods, and plywood and is capable of minimizing the time to complete the job comparing other router bits on the market. It is versatile because this bit can be used on CNC, automatic routers, hand-held, table-mounted, and portable routers.

The opposing shear angle is another great feature of this bit. If you need a smooth cut, then this feature will help you most. It will guarantee you smooth and flawless performance.


6. 1/4 Inch Shank Engraving CNC Wood Carving Router Bit For Outlining Letters in Wood Signs, Tracing Lines and Cleaning

Highlighted features
  • The 20-degree profile of this router bit is perfect for outlining.
  • Made of durable tungsten steel.
  • Designed for 2D and 3D carving on different types of wood.

1/4 Inch Shank Engraving CNC Wood Carving Router Bit For Outlining Letters in Wood Signs, Tracing Lines and Cleaning

If you think that choosing the right router bit for the cutting letters is a tricky job, then this router bit makes you free from this kind of job. This router bit is designed not only for both professionals and beginners but also makes your lettering and engraving job just perfect.

Basically, it is a CNC router bit that makes all the things easy, especially for 2D or 3D carving. You will notice that it has a deep angle and a very sharp point and the combination of both features can allow you to reflect the precise details of your woodworking task.

SILVIN didn’t compromise with the quality for this router bit that’s why this router bit is made of tungsten steel which is extremely hard and capable of tackling tough and complex woodworking jobs. This material makes this router bit strong enough to give you a premium drilling experience that makes the result more satisfactory.

It’s quickly engraved and can cut smoothly that also saves you valuable time because it comes with an extremely sharp edge which also lasts for a long time. This sharp edge increases the overall cutting capacity to help you to be more precise about lettering or making signs on the wood.

This high efficient router bit can be used on different types of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, fiberboard, wood panels, soft gummy material, and plastic. So, it’s a versatile router bit that is also a perfect fit option for CNC milling machines, collets, mill holders, and other engraving machines.


Consideration Before Buying Router Bit For Cutting Letters

Could you select the router bit for woodworking? If you could not make any decision yet, let’s focus on the important factors before you make a decision.

Quality of the bit

You cannot compromise with the quality of the router bit. Selecting a router bit of low-quality means, you are going to get low quality feedback. We suggest you buy a router bit of high-quality material that also has a carbide cutter because it ensures sharp edges for better cutting of the wood.

For the grinding on the wood, this type of bit is thick enough that can make some problems. To overcome this problem buy a router bit that comes with an anti-kickback feature. It’s not going to mass your work and stop immediately all the time from catching on the material which also prevents the tendency of biting too deeply.


Router bit shanks

This is the important feature that you must check before buying a router bit for lettering. Do you know what shank is? Shank is the cylindrical area of the bit which is solid. This part is the crucial one that must fit with your router’s collet because a perfect fit means better performance. There are a few sizes available for the shank, but two are most common and these are ½ and ¼ inch.

If your router has interchangeable collets then the shank will fit perfectly. It’s true that ½ inch shank is good for lettering because it assures stability and minimizes the vibration when you are working especially on the wood. Even a shank of this size offers a longer cutting life. For the smoother cut, you should get ½ inches shank.


Types of material being cut

Choosing the right router bit for cutting letters depends on which types of material you are intending to cut. Cutting Letters on different types of material, especially on the wood becomes common.

If you are dealing with softwood, hardwoods, plywood, or plastic for lettering then choose a router bit that has tungsten carbide tips and try to avoid steel bits because it becomes dull after a few uses. If the bit tip is made of carbide then it remains sharp for a long time.



According to your woodworking project, get the router bit that suits most. The choice depends on which type of woodworking project you want to complete with the router bit. If you are looking for a router bit for cutting letters on the wood, then the router bit should be matched with your upcoming project.

If you are a beginner in the field of woodworking, especially the lettering, then buy a few different types of bits like a round-over bit, rabbeting bit, straights bit. All these router bits should have facilitated for the interchanging bearing of different sizes.

On the other hand, as a professional woodworker, you may know which router bit will be the best for your task. In that case, we suggest you buy a complete set of router bits for woodworking instead of buying individually.


Cutting edge

A router bit of great cutting edge means you can complete the task quickly and beautifully. So, look at the cutting edges carefully of the router bit because most of the edge is made of carbide or high-speed steel. Remember, different types of cutting edge of the router bit offer different feedback.

In the case of cutting letters on the wood, you should pick the router bit that is equipped with carbide cutters because it’s far better than steel. Carbide is not only durable but also holds the edge for a long time and the durability could be 10 to 25 times longer than the steel edge.


Freehand or table-mounted routing

The router bit that you are going to buy is going to guide you to know that it is good for freehand routing or router tables. For this, you just need to know about the diameter of the router bit. If you are going to lettering freehand on the wood, then you should choose the smaller shank diameters for the bit.

½ or ¼ inches will be the perfect diameter to use freehand routing. If the cutting diameter head is larger than the size I’ve mentioned earlier then it is suitable for face profiling.



A router bit has different sections and all these sections play a different role when you are using it. The flute is one of those sections that make the cut. This part of the bit has a great effect on both cut and speed.

To cut quickly on the wood a single flute bit works best, but this type of flute doesn’t ensure a great finish.On the other hand, two flutes offer a great finish of the work but cut slower than the single flute because a higher number of flutes ensure the quality finish with a slow cut.


FAQs About Cutting Letters Router Bit

1. What type of router bit I can use for letters?

For lettering, you need a single v-groove router bit. This type is a suitable option to start carving on the wood and cutting letters perfectly. So, you must need at least two router bits to ensure the quality of woodworking. In this case, you can choose V-Groove and Carving liner router bits for a better result.


2. Which router bit should I pick for making signs on wood?

For making signs, most professionals prefer V-groove or Sign lettering router bits. To cut 90 degrees V grooves on the wood you must get 90 V-Groove bits. You can also use 45-degree chamfers or a 45-degree angle for an accurate miter. Router bits 5420 and 5422 are also an excellent option for sign carving, grooving, or lettering.


3. Can a straight bit crept while cutting a groove?

This situation arises if the shank of the bit is undersized. If the shank is too small then the router collector is not going to get a good grip when you start to the grove with a straight router bit. Remember that, a router bit carefully grounded all the time and the bit should be securely fitted in the router collet.


4. Which is better? Spiral bit or standard straight bit?

Different types of the router bit to offer different types of benefits for lettering and woodworking. On figured wood and tough end-grain, spiral bits work superbly. It can work best on a smooth surface. On the other hand, straight bits can deal perfectly with the stock. It basically does a “washboard” job on the stock surface.


5. Can I use CNC bits on a router?

The answer is yes because of any kind of high-load situation, you can use it. It is able to remove wood quickly that’s why CNC is all-time best than hand-held routers. It can work much faster than other router machines. With a CNC machine, different types of spiral router bits work perfectly. For woodworking and making signs, you can use it.


Final Words

Now, you are in the final moment to take the decision to pick the best router bit for cutting letters. Our experts are here to help you to get such a decision through this detailed guideline, reviews, features, and buying guide. Based on the information of our deep research, we pick these top 6 recommendations for you. I hope you will get the perfect router bit for cutting letters.

All these options for router bits are offering their best service along with the quality performance for the lettering. Maybe you have many years of woodworking experience and it doesn’t matter that you are professional or not. These router bit sets can deal with the woodworking task that you want to complete. So, Go ahead and pick one of these to enjoy woodworking and cutting letters.

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