6 Best Metal Band Saws Vertical And Horizontal Guide [2022]

After years of using metal band saws, we always had some common issues with them, and I am sure everyone reading here has similar qualms. Sometimes they are not versatile or simply not sharp enough!

Hence, it was high time we indulged in the best metal band saws and put them to the test to see if they fix problems we usually face. And guess what, they worked like a charm!

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about these items, including a buying guide. All that’s left to do is to select one that fits all your needs. That’s it!

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Best Metal Cutting Band Saw 

Looking up and choosing a single metal bandsaw from the thousands available in the market and online is definitely stressful. Especially if you’re as indecisive as we are, the selection process might feel like forever. To save you from that hassle, we have reviewed and picked out the best ones for you.

1. WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw

Do you require both the vertical and horizontal options on your metal bandsaw? Or are you simply confused about which one to get and want to remain on the safe side? Dump your worries away! With this bandsaw from WEN, you won’t have to stress for a single second.

The outstanding horizontal and vertical cutting facility gives you the chance to maximize your precision at your job and complete it with the utmost ease. Moreover, the machine itself comes with an automatic shut-off system, which ensures that after a cut, the bandsaw machine is turned off on its own.

We would advise you to adjust the blade speeds between 80,120 or 200 FPM for maximum compatibility with different metals. This machine makes working with aluminum, copper, steel, and much more a breeze.

In addition to that, the instrument is equipped with stands that have wheels. If you require to move your bandsaw machine often, this nifty feature will surely come in very handy for you.

The beveled vise that the instrument comes with allows a strong grasp on your work material; this is what allows it to offer precise cuts. Thus, making cuts from around acute degrees with this model of bandsaw will seem effortless.

Also, the machine features an option to allow uniform cuts. This will enable you to cut pipes of 4-1/2 inches in diameter without dropping a single sweat.



  • Allows horizontal and vertical cuts
  • Comes with automatic shut-off technology
  • Offers precise cuts from any acute degrees
  • Compatible with variety of metals
  • Works at three operating speeds


  • Wheels may cause the machine to be slippery


2. SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Another great band saw featuring both horizontal and vertical cutting that made it to our list is this one from SHOP FOX. This economical tool is ideal for both small and large tasks. Whether you are working with wood, plastic, or different metals, this nifty appliance will have your back at all times.

Moreover, it comes with three different speed settings, which allows you to adjust them conforming to your requirement.

Also, this feature lets you cut other materials with various thicknesses. Namely, the three speeds that this bandsaw is capable of running at are 78,108 and 180 FPM. You can easily alternate between them just by changing the V-belt placement.

On top of that, the machine itself sits on a built-in mobile base which allows you to have maximum mobility over it. Plus, the component is designed much more compact than other models of band saws. If you are working with a small workspace, you should definitely keep this in your mind.

Circling back on the cutting options, the machine is capable of making curved and patterned cuts quickly when set up on the vertical cutting option. It can seamlessly make designed cuts throughout your entire work material. Similarly, when set on the horizontal setting, it uses a cast iron to make precise horizontal cuts.

This feature allows much efficiency when you’re making repeated horizontal cuts and gives you more consistent results. Not to forget that this model, too, comes with an automatic shut-off feature.

Besides, the feed rate of the bandsaw is controlled by a handle and spring. To increase the feed rate, turn the handle anti-clockwise, and to decrease it, turn it clockwise.



  • Comes with three different speed settings
  • Portable
  • Easily movable
  • Can be operated at six various speeds
  • Equipped with handles and wheels


  • Stand might be very low


3. Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw

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Are you looking for a bandsaw to get small projects done? This might be just the solution for you. The benchtop metal cutting bandsaw from Klutch is a neat and compact tool to get your work done but simultaneously not taking much space.

The bandsaw features a 2in x 1/2in x 1/40in the bi-metal blade, which allows you to achieve any speed from anywhere between 130 FPM to 288 FPM. This quality is perfect for anyone that requires multiple speed settings to work at.

Cutting different materials with various thicknesses will be a breeze for you with this bandsaw model.

On top of that, the instrument also features a quick-positioning vise. Which, as the name suggests, can be swiftly positioned as per your requirements at any position you want.

The quick-positioning vise holds the material you’re working on much securely. Which, in turn, enables carving, cutting, clamping, and gluing to happen at much ease and convenience.

This model of the band saw, too, is designed with automatic shut-off technology. And this feature comes in handy when you are multitasking or don’t have time to monitor your machine during every cut.

The device can manage stock from anywhere between 33in round stock and 33in–41in rectangular stock in terms of dimensions. Apart from that, the unit works on 120v and possesses precise miter cutting capabilities.



  • Compatible with variable speed from 130-288 FPM
  • Has a quick-positioning vise
  • Installed with automatic shut-off technology
  • Holds material securely at cutting position
  • Capable of precise cuts


  • Doesn’t come with a stand


4. Grizzly Industrial G0622-4” x 6” 3/4 HP Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

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One out of many other great options popular for portability is this model from Grizzly. It is a single-phase metal bandsaw that runs on 110v and a ¾ HP motor.

Moreover, the machine itself is built relatively small and neatly. If you’re looking for a compact band saw to fit your limited workspace, then you should definitely consider this one.

This model, too, features an automatic shut-off technology. Yet again, if you’re someone who multitasks often or just don’t have the time to watch every cut made by the band saw, this model will be an ideal choice for you. In terms of specification, the device weighs about 122lbs, has ¾ horsepower, and is 4” X 6” in size.

Furthermore, this bandsaw operates on three-speed settings too. Namely, the three are 78,108,180 FPM. This feature, especially, comes in handy if you are working with multiple materials with varying thicknesses. Cutting through metal, wood, timber, and more will be much convenient with this wonder.

However, this model is only compatible with vertical cutting. So, you will easily be able to cut out curved and patterned cuts from your material using this band saw. The maximum capacity of material it is compatible with is 4-1/2” diameter.  of circular stock and 4-1/2” x 6” of rectangular stock.



  • Can be easily assembled
  • Compact in size
  • Has variable speed selection
  • Ideal for small workspace
  • Equipped with a sturdy stand


  • Not compatible with horizontal cutting


5. Jet HVBS-712 7” x12” Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

This one’s for the people who are looking for a heavy-duty metal band saw machine. If you are one of them, do check this one out before selecting the one that is going to make it to your workspace. It also runs on a high volt of 230v and 2000 watts of power.

Moreover, this machine is compatible with both horizontal and vertical cutting. Whether you want to have straight cuts or curved and patterned ones, this model of band saw will have you covered. If you often work on large workloads or have a busy production line, this heavy-duty device can serve you to its maximum.

The component itself features a cooling system consisting of a coolant pump. If you worry about overheating, rest your worries with this wonder. However, its price tag might be on the more high-end side of the average band saw prices. But definitely, in our experience, it’s worth its value entirely.

Furthermore, JET has improved its height and width of the stand. The improved model, now, is equipped with a higher height and broader stand. Plus, they have included much newer features than the older models of band saw.

This model is, yet again, an innovative product that has become a top find for consumers to reach to.



  • Features an adjustable material stop
  • Ideal for repeated cuts
  • Certified by CSA
  • Has a storage cabinet and chip tray
  • Features a cooling system


  • Not easily movable


6. Grizzly Industrial G0613-7” x 8-1/4” 1 HP Swivel Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

If accuracy is your biggest concern, this model from, yet again, Grizzly can serve you the best results. It is a single-phase, prewired 110v band saw that runs on a pump motor. Plus, it comes with included blade sizes of 82” x 3/4” x 4/6 VP TPI.

It also happens to work on a sealed worm gear drive that operates silently and smoothly and takes up less space in the designed component. If you are someone with large batches of production, this model is eligible to handle such a workload.

The machine can be easily set from anywhere between the acute degrees without hassle.

This quality majorly helps you in saving time and turning your work process much efficient. If you are someone with time constraining workload, definitely give this model of the band saw a shot.

Moreover, it also allows you to have optimum control over it at all times. It is equipped with a blade guide lock that can be controlled with a lever, which you can easily adjust to fit your requirements.

Furthermore, this feature allows maximum support on your workpiece. Plus, the guided blades also come with adaptable ball bearings that ensure straight cuts every time.

And to proceed with the subsequent batch, you have to utilize the quick-release system and simultaneously the length of the stock to proceed on with the upcoming cut.



  • Effortless to use
  • A lever controls blade guide block
  • Time-efficient
  • Comes with multiple tooth options
  • Ball bearing guides are modifiable


  • Speed settings aren’t adjustable


Benefits of Metal Band Saw

Benefits of Metal Band Saw

Why use metal band saws instead of regular saws, you ask? Here’s why a metal band saw is much beneficial and efficient in comparison to the other types. The most incredible benefit of using a bandsaw is the limiting of garbage production.


Unlike the other types of cutting tools, the bandsaw allows you to work with multiple materials such as wood, glass, plastic, timber, and many more. Moreover, they are the only type of tool that allows precise, straight, and curved cuts without much effort and stress.


Precise Cuts

Due to the difference in blades, you can obtain significantly better results using a bandsaw rather than using other tools such as chain saws. The advanced features in blades fitted in bandsaws are what makes it better than the rest.

Advanced features include blade tracking adjustments, dual-bearing blade guide rollers, and much more.


More Teeth Option

Best of all, when using a bandsaw, you get many teeth options to choose from. So if you are cutting wood, you can use the blades equipped with raker teeth. Similarly, if you are working with metal, opt. for wavy teethed blades. This type of blade has its teeth positioned alternately further and closer from the edge.


Which Metal Bandsaw Should You Buy?

Best Metal Band Saws

This is the part where we share the crucial factors you should keep in mind while buying a metal bandsaw, aka the buying guide you have been waiting for.

Choosing among thousands of options available on the market can be pretty stressful. Consider the next few of our suggestions to make the selection process much more manageable.


A substantial defining factor while buying a band saw would definitely be the amount of space you have. Simply, the more space you have, the bigger machine you can look into.

Especially if you are making a purchase online, make sure to match your device’s dimensions to your workspace first. With that out of the way, you’re good to go!


Work Type

The type of metal bandsaw you should buy depends on the kind of job you intend to do with it. For example, if you wish to do a curve and intricate project, you would require a vertical bandsaw.

However, you will have to resort to a horizontal one for cutting up stock and straight cutting. Thus, choose one that can fit your type of job entirely.



The larger budget you have, the bigger machine you can go for. Generally, we assume that the larger machine it is, the more strength it can bear. For some devices, that is the case. But definitely do not confuse expensive price tags with good quality.


Size of the Work

One more factor that plays a vital role in purchasing the correct product is that the machine is compatible with the work you’re going to use it for. For the safest option, think of the most extensive job you will be doing and add some more to its capacity. This technique will ensure that the machine isn’t overworked.


Amount of Work

Another factor that you should think of is whether or not you actually need the product. If you are doing small tasks with it, maybe consider not splurging on expensive bandsaw machines. It may be more costly to maintain it in the long run than the value of work you will be getting out of it.


How to Use a Metal Bandsaw?

If you haven’t used a metal bandsaw before or want to know how to, we have got you covered. We have accommodated the basic things you need to know before getting your hands-on that bandsaw in simple steps.

Step 1: Before even starting the machine on, make sure to clean it. It might seem obvious, but trust us, it makes a difference.

Step 2: Check if the blade size is appropriate to the size of work you are doing.

Step 3: We advise not leaving the blade tension high when the machine is not in use; thus, remember to increase it when you’re starting again.

Step 4: Move the guides of the blades near the blades to keep them leveled and in place.

Step 5: if you’re making a small cut, make sure the blade guard is close to the material.

Step 6: And with all that, you are good to go! All that’s left to do is plug it in.

Step 7: This is definitely an extra step, but it is crucial in keeping your bandsaw in good health and make long-lasting. After you’re done with your work, plug it out, reduce the blade tension as low as possible, and clean away.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any difference between a metal band saw and a wood saw?

Yes, there is. The main difference between both is the construction of its component. Metal ones are built more strongly with tighter blade tension, uses several blades, and run much slower than the wood bandsaws.


2. What can you do with a metal bandsaw?

Mainly, you can use a metal bandsaw for lumber, woodwork, and metalwork. But definitely use it to cut various materials, too.


3. What is the recommended speed to run a metal bandsaw at?

The recommended speed level to you use a bandsaw at is about one thousand feet per minute. Although, you can use wood ones at a much higher speed.


4. What can you do to break into a metal bandsaw?

Firstly, conform to the recommended speed for your respective bandsaw. Secondly, decrease the feed pressure to 50% of the usual rate and run at the same pressure to cut the first 50 square inches of your material.


5. Which way should your bandsaw’s teeth face?

For a vertical metal bandsaw, the teeth of the blade should be facing downwards. But for a horizontal one, the teeth should be pointed in a way that they enter the workpiece first.


Final Words

Getting your hand on metal band saws isn’t as complicated as it may seem. If you’d ask us for our opinions on the best metal band saw out there, we’d definitely pick the one from WEN.

It is one out of the products that consists of all the features need for a great cutting experience. So, with that, we like to say to always stay protected while using such power tools and work on!