7 Best MIG Welding Wire Reviews – Buying Guide 2022

Welding can be both tedious and a task that feels like a piece of cake. The things that will dictate that would be the tools and the equipment you have at your disposal. For example, welding with the wrong wire will cause plenty of jam problems. It can even cause a lot of feed problems.

And when you are carrying out welding tasks, facing those problems can result in unacceptable results, which you would not want, would you? That is why you need to put proper importance on the wire that you are using.

The best MIG wire will not only be beneficial in the long run but also will offer you clear benefits in the short run. You will notice that the bonds are not only looking great but also have proper strength as well. And those characteristics are all that welder want.


Top 7 MIG Wire Reviews

There are a lot of MIG wires in the market. But you can not really rely on them for carrying out different welding tasks. However, we have managed to find out the ones that are actually reliable. And we would like to introduce those to you. So without further ado, let us get into reviewing them!

1. INEFIL ER70S-6 .030-Inch

Generally speaking, handling a MIG is not an easy task. However, with a proper MIG welding wire, controlling the tool can become a bit more manageable. And this spool is an example of such a unit.

Let us first talk about the most highlighting feature of this one. That is the low spatter. This one does not spatter that much like some of the other wires do. It will offer you a greater amount of control over the temperature, which will eventually allow you to control the amount of spatter.

As the amount of spatter is going to be considerably low, the appearance of the bond you will make will be pleasing. It will not look like a mess. You should be capable of making professional-looking workpieces without having to do that much work after you use the MIG tool. And it is of finest quality materials.

Aside from that, this one excels in the other factors as well. The materials that this one is of has no porosity at all. Also, the appearance of the bead is pretty praiseworthy. For having zero amount of porosity levels, handling it around will be easy. You would have the maximum amount of control.

Other than that, the wire is highly feedable. In other words, it will feed through the cable without facing any obstruction. Because of having this characteristic, the chances of jams occurring in your gun will be substantially low. There will be no need to stop and unjam the gun when you are working with it.



  • Has a low spatter amount
  • Offers a professional-looking appearance on the workpiece
  • Higly feedable and basically jam-free
  • Does not have any porosity materials in it
  • Made of finest quality materials


  • Some of the spools have a lot of tangles on it
  • Does not work that good with a 75/25 mix


2. Hobart H305406-R22

Being capable of working on top of rusty and oily plates is not something that most of the wire spools in the market will have. However, that is not the case for this one that is being offered by Hobart.

Unlike some of the other spools that different brands offer, this one will offer you three different options. Depending on the type of work you are planning to commence, you can pick the 0.0024 inches, 0.030 inches, or the 0.035 inches thick wire. You are not really stuck with one thickness for this one.

Aside from the thickness options, each of the spools that are offered by the manufacturer with this model tag features the construction of high-quality carbon steel. Because of how high the quality of the material is, you can expect to get bonds that are going to be considerably higher in strength.

Even the porosity level of the material utilized for the construction is absolutely zero. As there is no porosity level, the chances of you getting unpleasant-looking results on your workpiece will be considerably low. Instead, you should end up with the workpiece looking neat and clean. And each of the spools is 10 pounds.

Other than that, it can work on rusty plates for the choice of the materials utilized for constructing this spool. It even works exceptionally well on oily plates. So there will be no need to thoroughly clean your workpiece before you decide to work with it if you have this one. You can just work on top of the rust.



  • Three different thickness options available
  • Each of the spools is 10 pounds in weight
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel
  • Offers a strengthy bonds
  • Does not have any porous characteristics


  • Some of the spools ship with broken wires
  • Packaging of the spools is not that great


3. WeldingCity 2-pk Mild Steel

Do you know what is better than having a single spool of good wire? Having two of them! And you will get exactly that with this package that is being offered by WeldingCity. There will be no need to purchase two separately.

Firstly, the package that you will receive will contain two individual spools. Each of them is 11 pounds in weight. And the spools are eight inches, which means you should have more than enough wire for carrying out most of the large projects. You might not even have to go out to get yourself more wires anytime soon.

Aside from the quantity of the wire, the manufacturer has put proper emphasis on the wire’s quality. This one has a copper coating on the exterior that will make sure that the welding result you get is up to the mark. The materials are all of premium quality, making this one a great pick for bonding mild steel using MIG.

Other than the quality, this one is also available in a couple of versions. Each of the versions has a different amount of thickness. You can choose 0.023 inches, 0.030 inches, 0.035 inches, or 0.045 inches. All of them will ship in a spool that will have two inches center hole. And they are going to be wrapped in plastic film.

The plastic film that you will find wrapped on the spool is capable of resisting moisture. That means if you store them the way they arrive, there will be no need to worry about the wires getting damaged for coming in contact with moisture. Also, the quality of the beads is reasonably high.



  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Each of the spools is 11 pounds in weight
  • Comes with a plastic film wrapping on the top
  • Quality of the wire is pretty praiseworthy
  • Available in three thickness options


  • Some of the spools might arrive with damages on them
  • Not entirely jam-free


4. WeldingCity Mild Steel ER70S-6

When it comes to welding tools, one of the great brands that most people opt for is WeldingCity. The quality of the equipment that they offer is generally high. And that can be properly illustrated with this wire that we are going to talk about.

Like some of the other offerings, you will find this one in different diameters. By considering the work that you are planning to do, you can choose the 0.023, 0.030, 0.035, or 0.045 inches one. Each one of them will ship to you in an 11 pounds spool, which should be more than enough for large-scale projects.

Other than the different thickness options, the quality of this one is also up to the mark. It utilizes premium quality materials. For the type of material that this one is made of, you can expect to get a premium quality finish on your workpieces. The wire also has a copper coating that will make this one compatible with different tasks.

Aside from the quality of the wire, the manufacturer did not skimp one bit on the packaging. This one will ship to you with a plastic fil wrapped. That wrapping can resist moisture exceptionally well. For that reason, storing it will be far easier. You would not have to worry about the wires getting damaged over time.

Alongside that, for the typical content of the wire and for how balanced the total contents are, it should be pretty easy for you to work with it. The amount of spatter for this one will be exceptionally low as well. As a result, the finish you would get will look more like professional work than a mess.



  • There are four different thickness options available
  • Come wrapped in a plastic film
  • Coated with a copper coating
  • Wrapping can resist moisture
  • Has a balanced content in it


  • Might ship with damaged
  • Does not perform that well for some specific mixtures


5. Harris E70S6F8 ER70S-6 MS

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Are you looking for something that will enable you to achieve a flatter bead shape on your workpiece? Well, look no more because Harris is here to offer exactly what you were probably looking for all this time!

Let us first talk about the amount of wire that you will be receiving. It comes in a spool that weighs 33 pounds. There will be no need to get yourself a new spool of wire anytime soon with that amount of wire. You can carry out most of the large-scale projects without needing anything more.

Other than the amount, Harris had put proper importance on the overall quality of the wire. The materials that they have sourced out for this are all high in quality. For having such a high-quality construction, the chances of you getting proper finishing on your workpiece will be reasonably high.

Aside from the quality, this one is compatible with plenty of welding tasks. You can use this one with 100 percent CO2. Also, it should offer you a great result with the general mix that most uses for welding, which is 75/25. For that reason, you will not need to go through the hassle of making a dedicated mixture for this one.

This one contains a proper amount of deoxidizers that are not really that common among the other offerings. Because of having such an amount of deoxidizers, you would get better wetting results. As a result, the bead shape that you would eventually get will be flat-looking. The workpieces will not look like a mess.



  • Comes in a spool that is 33 pounds in weight
  • Contains a reasonably high amount of wire
  • Compatible with most of the welding tasks
  • Can work with 100 percent CO2
  • Features the right amount of deoxidizers


  • Does not really feed that well on some of the welders
  • Spools tend to crack reasonably easily


6. Lincoln Electric L-56.030

Want something that ships with a quality spool? Do you not want to worry about the shipping damages degrading the quality of the wire that you are going to receive? Then you should pick this one up.

To begin with, the manufacturer has opted for a good quality spool for this one. Unlike the other brands, the spool features a construction of high-quality materials. For that reason, it should be able to withstand most of the shipping damages that might occur on the way.

Apart from the spool that it comes with, the wire is constructed of high-quality materials as well. The wire that you will receive will have a good quality bead. And as the quality of the wire is reasonably high, the finishes that you will be getting by using it will look more professional instead of looking like a mess.

Even the amount of spatter for this one is considerably low. It will not spread that much when you are working on top of a metal surface with it. Because of having a reasonably low amount of spatter, the finish you will get with it is going to be highly praiseworthy. It will enhance the overall look of the end results.

Other than that, the strength of the bond that it is capable of offering is comparatively high as well. The chances of it cracking over time will be pretty slim. Also, it can properly keep the metal pieces in place. For that reason, you should end up with welding bonds that are going to be highly stable and strong.



  • Comes with a good quality spool
  • Constructed with high-quality materials
  • Does not spatter that much
  • Can offer a strengthy bond
  • Offers professional-looking end results


  • Does not work that well on rusty surfaces
  • Might not feed that well on some welders


7. TGB ER70S-6 – MIG Mild & Low Alloy

We are going to wrap up our review section with this spool that is being offered by TGB. If you were looking for something that works exceptionally well on mild steel and low alloy workpieces, you should definitely consider this one.

To begin with, it has a copper coating on the surface. The coating will not only make it highly compatible but also highly efficient. You can use this one for all of the single-pass weldings. It works exceptionally well for multiple pass welding tasks as well. So you are not really stuck with one of the procedures.

There are different thickness options available for this one. It is available in 0.023 inches, 0.030 inches, 0.035 inches, and finally, 0.045 inches. Also, there are two different weight versions available for 0.035 and 0.045 inches. One of them is 33 pounds, and the other one is 44 pounds. The rest are available for 33 pounds only.

Aside from the different types of options, this wire consists of the highest combination of silicone deoxidizers and manganese. For that reason, you should be able to get a higher level of welding currents with 100 percent CO2 gas. Also, it is capable of leaving a smoother bead on the surface.

Other than that, the copper coating on the wire will make this one well suited for different types of sheet metal applications. And as it will leave a smoother bead on the surface, you will not have to go through the hassle of the cleaning process after you are done working with your workpiece.



  • Has copper coating
  • Consists of the highest combination of deoxidizers and manganese
  • Leaves smoother bead on the surface
  • Works exceptionally well on sheet metal workpieces
  • Many different thickness options are available


  • Wires are comparatively small
  • Ships with broken spools


What to Look for Before Buying?

Best MIG Wires

A large number of options is sure to bewilder anyone. And considering that each of the options offers a different level of performance, it would not be wise to start choosing without considering key elements. For that reason, we have huddled up a small but effective buying guide for you. Have a look:


Like anything else that comes in different sizes, you should first consider the wire’s size before making a purchase. Usually, the sizes are stated as thickness for the wire. They will come in 0.023 inches, 0.030 inches, 0.035 inches, and lastly, 0.045 inches.

If you are confused about the thickness, we would recommend you to stick with the middle one. Getting the 0.030 or the 0.035 inches should be good enough for most of the projects. However, if you need something that is considerably thick, you should choose the 0.045 one.

Other than the thickness of the wire, you should consider the size of the spool. For this case, the size will be stated as pounds. The higher the weight, the higher the amount of wire you will receive. If you tend to do large-scale projects, you should choose the ones that come in 10 to 13 pounds spools.

You will also find two-pack options in the market. We would suggest considering them if you want a higher number of wires at your disposal. On the other hand, for the regular-sized projects, getting the ones that er 10 pounds should be more than good enough for you.



Almost all of the buyers report that the spool that they receive is broken or damaged. The reason behind this is the shipping damages that take place when the spool is on the way. However, if you choose something with good quality packaging, the chances of those damages occurring will be considerably low.

For this factor, you must consider the durability of the spool. Most will utilize regular plastic. The ones that we would recommend you to pick are the ones that use reinforced plastic. Those will have a higher capability to withstand all of the damages that might occur during the shipping.

Aside from that, do make sure that the one you are picking is wrapped with a special type of plastic. The plastic that we are basically referring to here is the one that can resist moisture. If the spools are wrapped with this plastic, the possibility of the wire getting damaged because of being in contact with moisture will be low.


Finish Quality

Another thing that will be different for each of the models you will find in the market si the finish quality. This will highly depend on the quality of the bead. The ones that have a higher quality bead will be able to offer you premium quality finishes. And trust us, a premium quality finish is the only thing that you want.

Alongside that, do make sure that the finish that it is capable of offering does not crack that easily. Cracking does not generally reduce the strength of the bond, but it does make the surface look unsightly. And you would not want your project to look like a mess, would you?


Spatter Amount

One of the things that make the finish look a bit odd is the spatter. And even though this is something that you can control by changing the working procedure, the wires that are capable of reducing the spatter will help your control the spatter even further.

Almost all of the good quality wires have a low amount of spatter. However, there are some that can reduce the spatter significantly. Those are the ones that we would recommend you to pick up. With those, you will have complete control over the spatter amount. And the finish you will receive will look exceptionally good.



The wire feed will be different for each welding system. Some will have a smooth feed, while others will not be that smooth. Nevertheless, the wire itself is capable of making the feeding system smooth. And the ones that do have a smooth feed will be much more resistant to jamming.

On that note, the wires that are basically jam-free can make the welding process seem easy to carry out. There will be no need to go through the hassle of unjamming the gun that frequently, and the finish that you will get will remain consistent.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are MIG wires made of copper?

Not really. They consist of a combination of different elements. However, copper is among those combinations of materials. In fact, some of the wires will have a copper coating, which will make them look like that they are entirely of copper. But in reality, the inside will consist of a combination of different metals.


2. Can I use a MIG wire without gas?

Technically, it will be impossible for you to carry out a MIG welding process without relying on any sort of gas. However, it is possible to weld without using a gas cylinder. And that process is called self-shielding welding. By following that process, you would be able to use a MIG wire without needing any gas.


3. Is MIG better than Flux core?

In comparison, MIG requires a machine that is capable of offering higher amperage of power. Also, some of the MIG welders are not even capable of handling thick metals. In those cases, it would be safe to say that Flux core is better than MIG. However, there are many factors in which MIG will outperform Flux.


4. What gases are used for MIG welding?

From the term MIG, it can be stated that all of the metal inert gas can be used for the process. However, Argon and Helium are two of the common ones that are utilized for the process. These inert gases perform exceptionally well on non-ferrous metals. That is why they are widely used for MIG applications.


5. Are good MIG wires worth the money?

Unlike the regular wires, these have a low chance of spattering significantly. Also, they feed smoothly in most of the welders. Even the finish that these are capable of offering is premium in quality. When all of these factors are considered, it is safe to say that you will get the full worth of your money if you invest it in one of these.


Final Words

The MIG welding process can become fun and hassle-free if you can get your hands on the best MIG wire. With those, you are sure to get a proper finish on the surface, and the bond you make will be strong and last long. And we are hopeful that we could make it easier for you to choose one for yourself.