13 Best Welding Books to Help You Become an Expert

Nowadays, welding is at its peak. There are many newcomers in the sector. And as the number of beginner devices is in plenty in the market, now is a great time to start working with your welding skills.

Even though most of the beginner-friendly devices that are available are easy to use and have a lot of safety features, it is always a good decision to know about how to use them properly before you start operating them at full-scale.

That being said, we believe that going through one of the best welding books will help you to bring out the welding skills more than any other information source. Those go over all of the basics and teach you how to properly operate these devices.


Best Welding Books to Become Expert

You might have noticed that we have used the term “well-written books” quite often while trying to answer the question above. Well, that is an important factor that makes these books worth getting. And we have huddle books that are exactly that for you. Take a look at the ones we picked exclusively for you:

1. Welding for Dummies Paperback

The best welding books for beginners would be the ones that cover each of the basics considering you know nothing about them. And a perfect example of a book such as that would be this one, which is written by Steven Robert Farnsworth.

Let us first talk about the writer’s approach for offering you adequate information. It takes a friendly yet practical approach — it guides you through evaluating each of the materials and offers you step-by-step procedures for each of the tasks. You will not feel lost at any given point.

Talking of which, the step-by-step guide that it offers is for the common tasks and the complex ones. Each of the guides you will find in the book will be easy to follow, and it will let you know about the required amount of preparation that would be necessary before taking on a task.

Aside from that, this one covers each of the types of welding. Starting from stick to flux core welding, you will find the description of each and every single one of them. You will also find guides for oxyfuel cutting, which is not properly covered in some of the other booklets available.

It will even offer you different tips on the techniques that will make different welding tasks feel like a piece of cake to carry out.



  • Implements a friendly yet practical approach
  • Offers a step-by-step guide for different tasks
  • Covers each type of welding processes
  • Has instructions on the oxyfuel cutting technique
  • Provides multiple numbers of tips for each of the techniques


  • Instructions are too basic for the people that have prior experience
  • Some of the illustrations are not that clear


2. Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics

When it comes to MIG welding, there are not many books in the market that will offer you an insight into each of the basics. However, this booklet that we are going to take a look at is not one of them. And yes, it is from Stephen Christena.

Unlike the other ones that are focusing on MIG, this one starts from the very basics. It offers a step-by-step guide and provides the required amount of information that you would require to learn how to operate the tools. Also, it will let you know how to troubleshoot the tool if anything goes wrong at one point.

Aside from that, the metal fabrication basics that it covers will allow you to truly become a pro from basically knowing nothing about the process. You are going to learn the techniques of grinding and cutting. Handling metal workpieces will be as easy as having a walk in the park for you after going through this book.

It will even let you know about the ways to set up your studio. You would get to know about the safety equipment and how to properly wear each of them. Also, there is a detailed information section regarding the joinery of MIG.

Other than that, this one will provide you practice sessions. You are sure to get the hang of the tool after completing each of the sessions.



  • Starts from the very basics
  • Lets you know how to use the tools
  • Provide insight into the troubleshooting
  • Offers information regarding the safety equipment
  • Has practice sessions


  • Binding for the hardcover is not that durable
  • Does not have any information regarding welding aluminium


3. Audel Welding Pocket Reference

Even though most of the books that you will find in the market will be covering the basics to some extent, only a few will consider describing different types of scenarios that you might face when you are carrying out the welding tasks. And this one from iJames E. Brumbaugh is among those few.

As we have mentioned above, this one goes through the most common situations that a welder might have to face when they are carrying out different welding tasks. It will offer you tips and the things that you can do when you are in a tricky situation.

Alongside that, it will offer you insight into the different welding symbols, terms, and definitions. You can get to know about the things that professionals say when they are trying to refer to something related to welding. It also lets you know about the types of welds, joints, typical configurations, arc charts, and oxygen cylinders.

The book does not skimp one bit on the metric measures. You are going to find a comprehensive guide and information regarding that. It also includes some of the recommendations of different professionals that are doing the tasks for years.

Aside from that, the best part of this one is that you can carry this in your pocket. That means you can take this anywhere and everywhere that you want to.



  • Provides information regarding the common situations
  • Offers idea about different terms and symbols
  • Goes through the metric measures
  • Pocket-sized
  • Includes tips from different professionals


  • Does not have an index on the front
  • Does not cover the aluminum MIG welding


4. How to Weld (Motorbooks Workshop)

Want to know about the equipment and tools that are used for different types of welding processes? Are you looking for something that will let you about the metals and their weldability? Then this book by Todd Bridigum is for you!

Like some of the other booklets in the market, this one goes through the basics for the newbies. It has a perfect introductory part that will introduce you to the process and let you know about the tools and the equipment. You will also get to know about the operational procedure of each of them.

Aside from that, this one puts proper emphasis on the fusing process of metals. It talks about the different types of metal that are commonly welded together. You also find information regarding the weldability of each of the metals. That means you are going to be set for different types of tasks after going through this.

It even talks a lot about safety. This one will provide you information regarding the site and shop safety. You will have a proper idea regarding the safety equipment as well. And for the comprehensive guide that it includes, it is ideal for the veterans too.

Alongside that, it is going to let you know about the techniques you can follow to make the welding process a bit easier to maneuver. You will also learn about the types of joints through this.



  • Boasts proper information regarding the tools
  • Lets you know about the fusing process of different metals
  • Provides information regarding the weldability of metals
  • Goes through the site and shop safety
  • Offer techniques to make the processes easier


  • Techniques can be too technical for some newbies
  • Some of the guides are not that basic


5. Welding: Principles and Applications 8th Edition

When it comes to welding books, most of them do not have the guides proven by academics. However, this booklet that we are going to take a look at does have those certifications. It should be noted that the book is from the author Larry Jeffus.

Unlike some of the books, this one has proven guides to offer you skills and knowledge to complete the AWS SENSE level one and level two programs. That certification makes this one worthy of being in the academic section. So, you are sure to get an adequate amount of knowledge about each of the criteria.

Other than that, you can compete to earn professional certifications by reading this book. Yes, it is that comprehensive! It will guide you through the basics of the tools and the operational procedure of each. You can get to know about metal fabrication and other inspection and testing procedures.

Then it will smoothly make the transition to the complex operations that you might have to do when you are handling a workpiece. It goes through the cutting-edge and complex technologies that are out now. You can even get thorough knowledge regarding metallurgy.

Aside from that, you will find that it goes through the setup procedures, offers valuable information about environmental conservation tips and many other things. And each of the sections that are in this book has a proper introductory part. So you will not feel lost in any of them.



  • Sports proved guides for AWS SENSE programs
  • Has comprehensive information that is in academic-style
  • Provides thorough knowledge about the basics
  • Makes a smooth transition to complex things
  • Each of the sections has a proper introductory part


  • Some of the numbered lists do not correspond to the items
  • Might have some contents missing


6. Welder’s Handbook: A Guide to Plasma Cutting, Oxyacetylene, ARC, MIG and TIG, Revised and Updated

While you are in the market looking for welding books to become expert, you might want to opt for something that covers each of the types of welding. Well, in that case, this one from Richard Finch what you should consider.

As the label states, this booklet covers almost all of the types of welding techniques. You are going to get information regarding plasma cutting, oxyacetylene, MIG, TIG, and arc process — you might not have to get another book for getting information regarding anything related to welding by getting this one.

Other than that, the label also states that the edition is revised and updated. That means it will have the same information as the first edition, but the information will be well revised. Also, it should have the newer processes and updated guides for each of the techniques that it is going to offer.

Talking of which, the instructions that you will find in this book will be well detailed. You will not feel like you are missing out on anything. Also, you do not have to have any prior knowledge for reading this, which makes this ideal for beginners.

Alongside that, the techniques and the proper procedures that it covers make this one perfect for people that have some prior experience. There is a high chance of you becoming an expert within a short amount of time. It even covers the basics, theory, and basic principles of using different equipment.



  • Edition is revised
  • Contains updated information
  • Covers almost all of the welding types
  • Provides information regarding the techniques and procedures
  • Boasts well-detailed information


  • Does not contain any expert tips
  • Might be a bit too comprehensive for some people


7. Horseshoe Crafts: More Than 30 Easy Projects to Weld at Home

If you were on the market looking for something that is perfect for the novices and the ones that have some sort of prior experience, then what you were probably looking for is this one that is from the author Barbie The Welder.

Like the label states, this one contains thirty different projects that you can do right at home to get you started in the welding game. There will be no need for you to get yourself a dedicated space for carrying them out. And to add a cherry on the top, the projects are pretty easy to follow.

Aside from just containing a large number of easy to perform projects, this book will guide you through the projects step-by-step. In other words, you are not going to feel like you do not have an adequate amount of knowledge when you are carrying out the projects on your own.

On that note, after going through the projects, you will not only end up having an adequate amount of experience but also will end up having beautiful pieces of art that you can decorate your house with. You are also going to find information that will help you set your machine up for the first time.

Additionally, there are different tips inside the book. Basically, this one will get you started and allow you to make different workpieces, which makes this one ideal for the ones that have some experience.



  • Ideal for both beginners and intermediates
  • Contains thirty easy-to-follow projects
  • Enables you to make beautiful pieces of decors
  • Provides information on how to setup machines
  • Guides you through using the step-by-step process


  • Instructions do not have a proper amount of visuals
  • Does not go that in-depth regarding the tools


8. Introduction to Welding: Welding Process Training Series

You might not be looking for a physical version of a book. Instead, you might want something that is virtual. Well, then this one that is from Miller Electric is the one for you!

Unlike the other books that are on the market, this one comes in the Kindle version only. And the best part is, you can have the book for free if you download the app on your phone. Basically, you are going to get a professional-level of knowledge for free! That is a good offer that no one can say no to!

The publication mode of the book is full-color. Each of the pages is fully colored, which will help you to dive deep into the writings that it has. And the information that it will provide will be brief. You are not going to find anything that is shortly touched, which makes this perfect for the ones that are just getting started.

Other than that, it covers all of the basics regarding the arc welding process. There are detailed guides about each of the processes, and each of the guides is pretty easy to follow.

Aside from the introductory part, it will teach you about material joining processes. You will find it introducing you to different terms that are commonly used for describing the process. So it will also offer you insight into different joint types and definitions.



  • Comes in digital version only
  • Implements a full-color publication method
  • All the information are pretty brief
  • Offers insight into multiple types of joints
  • Covers each of the basics


  • Too basic for the intermediates
  • Some of the information is too comprehensive


9. Ready, Set, Weld!: Beginner-Friendly Projects

According to us, the best way to learn to weld would be to carry out some of the basic projects that require welding. And you will find a guide about carrying them at home if you go through this booklet from Kimberli Matin.

First of all, this one focuses on a wide number of audience. For that reason, the techniques that you will find will not be that hard to follow. Instead of utilizing short-cut and intricate methods, it uses simple techniques that both beginners and intermediates can follow pretty easily.

Apart from the techniques that it follows, the book’s guide does not follow the intimidation from the technical crafts. It offers an elaborate guide to each of the projects. Also, you will find drawings, which will make the process easier to follow.

The instructions that it provides are also well detailed. It will fill you in each of the aspects beforehand. So you will not feel like you do not have an adequate amount of knowledge to understand what the project guide is talking about.

On that note, the narrative style that the book follows will take you on a journey of opening up your creative mind. After completing each of the projects that this one offers, you should be capable of making different types of artworks and décor for your home on your own.



  • Targets a wide range of audience
  • Techniques are not hard to follow
  • Offers elaborate guide
  • Has visual guides
  • Contains detailed instructions


  • Some of the included projects are too time-consuming
  • Does not properly offers instruction on how to properly use the machine


10. Welding Skills 5th Edition

When it comes to any instructional book, the more in-depth the information is, the better it will be for the newbies. A perfect example of that would be this one that we will have a look at. Also, it is from B. J. Moniz.

After reading the label, you might have guessed that it will primarily focus on different types of welding skills. You would be 100 percent correct on that guess. It provides essential knowledge required for building the required amount of skill for different welding tasks.

By going through the different sections that it has to offer, you will find yourself being properly prepared for carrying out different types of welding tasks. There will be no need to worry when you find the need to carry out any intricate projects after going through the information that is in this one.

The thing that makes this one easy to recommend is the easy-to-comprehend feature that it has. All of the guides that are included in this one will be pretty easy for you to take in. There are no hard terms, nor does it goes through the guides at a fast pace.

Aside from that, it bosts hundreds of illustrations besides each of the guides. Those will make it easier for anyone to determine what information is in the text. It even provides an illustration-based guide for the key concepts. There are photos regarding the application of the tools too.



  • Covers each of the basic skills
  • Goes through essential knowledge required for different tasks
  • Information is easy to comprehend
  • Contains fully colored illustrations
  • Each of the guides has application pictures


  • Only available in a hardcover version
  • Does not go through that many advanced skills


11. Modern Welding Twelfth Edition, Revised

Among all of the editions of different books that are available in the market, the ones that are revised contain the most accurate and up-to-date information. This book that is from Andrew D Althouse can properly illustrate that.

To start with, it has thorough coverage of all of the common welding processes that professionals follow nowadays. This thorough information is something that the older versions did not have. For that reason, you would be getting extensive information about each of the topics that are in this one.

Talking of which, this one covers the gas tungsten process and cutting processes besides the welding processes. It even goes through different welding-related tasks that you might have to do when handling a project. Also, it covers plasma arc cutting, oxyfuel gas welding, and non-ferrous metals.

Aside from the different processes that it talks about, you will find that it provides extensive instruction about different symbols. Those will give you a proper idea about terms and symbols, which will make it easier for you to interpret things. The key indicators of AWS SENSE are also in this one.

Additionally, the author briefly states the testing and inspection procedures. It even provides information about heat-treatments, metallurgy, and employment of different equipment in the field. You should be fully prepared to take on different types of welding tasks.



  • Offers thorough information regarding different processes
  • Covers cutting procedures
  • Talks about different symbols and terminology
  • Makes interpretation of welding tasks easier
  • Briefly states things about inspection and testing


  • Bundled website might not be accessible
  • Not that efficient for academic purposes


12. Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding

Want a certified book regarding arc welding? Well, you can stop your search right here because this booklet that James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation published is specifically the one that you might be hunting for all this time!

To begin with, it covers each of the aspects that are related to arc welding. Starting from the very basic to the advanced topics, you will find all of them inside this one. For covering each and every topic regarding the process, many consider this one as the Bible of arc welding.

This one is also the revised version of the original one that was published. That means the information that you are going to find in this one will be up to date and pretty accurate. There will be very few errors in the book, which makes this one easier to comprehend.

Aside from that, it contains 750 pages of techniques and procedures. In other words, whatever you might be looking to find in a book that covers arc welding will be in this one. There will be no need for you to go through any other ones to learn something related to the process.

On that note, some of the guides that are present in this one are not even included in the other books that are available. So you will not be missing out on any of the aspects that are related to the arc process.



  • Edition is revised
  • Covers each of the aspects of the process
  • Offers multiple numbers of procedures and techniques
  • Includes unique guides
  • Has a low number of errors on the information


  • Does not have any visual information
  • Some of the guides might be too complex for a complete newbie


13. Welding Complete, 2nd Edition

We are going to wrap up our review section with this book that is from Micheal A. Reeser. If you were looking for something that contains a complete guide of each of the techniques, you should check this one out.

Safety is one of the factors that most of the booklets do not emphasize that much. Well, that is not the case for this one. It goes through the exact basics of safety equipment and teaches you how to properly use and wear each of them. As a result, you would be fully prepared to carry out the welding tasks safely after reading it.

Aside from the safety, this one goes through each of the aspects of welding. From introducing you with the tools to how to use them to techniques of carrying out different tasks, it has them all. You are sure to become a competent welder after absorbing all of the information that it has to offer.

It even features different fun projects. The projects are stated in a step-by-step manner. That means they will be easier for you to follow. You will not have to go through any hassle or do any more research to comprehend the information in those sections.

Alongside that, you will get to know about different metal works and safety equipment. And as the edition is fairly new, it should contain information regarding the new techniques that different professionals are following at the moment.



  • Covers safety information extensively
  • Offers an adequate amount of knowledge for competent welding
  • Has step-by-step guide
  • Information is easy to comprehend
  • Contains new techniques followed by professionals


  • Does not cover flux core welding process
  • Might be too basic for the intermediates


Can You Learn Welding From a Book?

Best Welding Books

Books are considered one of the best sources of information. In fact, they are the ones that have taught you to how to communicate, write and interpret information! Considering that, the answer to the question that we are looking at here would be – yes!  You surely can learn anything from a book.

A well-written book will offer you insight into any specific topic. It will go through the basics and provide you information about all of the necessary factors you need to learn before doing anything. They will let you know about the different parts and show you how they work through images.

Besides that, some of them will also offer you a detailed guide about the processes. Those will help to improve the skills. They will fill you in on all of the advanced techniques. By knowing those, you should be fully capable of working with different welding devices and carrying out various welding tasks.

Considering all of the factors, we guess it would be safe to state that you can definitely learn welding from a book. In fact, you can work like a professional if you can absorb all of the information described in the well-written books — welding tasks will be challenging for you afterward.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all of the welding books contain projects?

Not really. There are some that will only focus on offering you an idea regarding the tools and procedures. They will also cover the tips and techniques but might not include projects. Nevertheless, if projects are the only thing that you care about, you can get the ones that only contain projects.


2. Are books with projects only worth buying?

Trial and error is the best process of learning something. If you follow the books with projects only, you would be able to learn by that procedure. However, if you want a complete introduction to different tools and equipment, the complete books are the ones for you.


3. Is a digital version of the books worth it?

Many of the digital version is free if you download a certain reading app. And as they are an identical version of the physical book, we would say that they are 100 percent worth it. Also, you would not have to worry about the pages getting torn or damaged overtime for those. So, you can stay worry-free regarding your purchase.


4. Are visual representations really necessary for a welding book?

Visual representations can make it easier for you to understand the guidelines that you are reading. And you can also see the movement of the arms, the place of the tools, and the ways of maneuvering the tools from the pictures. That will make it easier for you to comprehend the information.


5. Can I get a proper idea regarding the welding tools by reading a book?

Yes, it is possible to get an adequate amount of knowledge about the tools just by reading a book. However, make sure that the one you are planning to read is beginner-friendly because it will contain brief information regarding the tools and equipment.


Final Words

Getting one of the best welding books can give you a head start in the world of welding. You can get to know about many things that others might not be capable of teaching you. And we hope that the one you decide to purchase allows you to become a competent welder and teaches you how to handle the tasks efficiently.