How to Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick? | Guidelines For Stick Welding

How to Weld Exhaust Pipe With StickIt is a common problem for car users to have their car’s exhaust pipe getting damaged after some time. So you need to fix it by welding it in the workshop as soon as you can to avoid any accident.

An exhaust pipe is a sensitive part of a car that lets the car engine release all the gases produced from running your vehicle. That’s why if it gets broken or starts leaking properly you need to repair your car exhaust system fast.

However, you don’t always have to dash to the car workshop to get your car exhaust system welded with a stick welder. As you might want to repair it by yourself which will save both your money and time.

Learning some basic methods of how to weld exhaust pipe with a stick welder, you can always repair the exhaust pipe by yourself.


How Can I Know When to Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick Welder?

When your car’s exhaust pipe gets crippled. You have to check it properly whether it is a bit damaged or it is busted and unusable.

Because it’s not that you have to take your vehicle to a car shop every time you see a leakage in the pipe.

If you find it very devastating that it is beyond reconditioned that you need to buy a new set of the car exhaust system.

When the pipe is wrecked, you cannot mend or fix it anymore. Even if you do repair it, it will not give you assuring safety might as well lead you to the mishap.

But, if it is well enough to get it mended, and have it usable again for a long time. You can proceed through these steps explained below.

  • First of all, you will need a welding machine to weld the exhaust pipe. For that we recommend you to have a Budget Stick Welder machine. As it is much handy for a beginner like you.
  • As you know that the car exhaust system will not get broken regularly. Thus, you won’t be using the stick welding machine now and then either. So you can easily choose a less expensive welding tool for yourself.
  • Moreover, MIG Welding provides you with TIG, and Stick flexibility.

Well, stick welding is not very difficult as other welding processes. But gaining some basic knowledge and carefulness, and welding tools you can do it just fine and neatly. All you have to do is be cautious as the car exhaust system pipe is quite thin.

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How to Fix If The Car Exhaust System Requires Welding Or Replacing?

To weld exhaust pipe with stick welding, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. More like it will save up your time, money, and energy. As it can also be troublesome to be hurrying for the workshop just to get it replaced or welded.

There are many different ways to have it fixed. But to weld exhaust pipe is much preferable. Welding gives you a lasting and effective restoring of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe within a cheaper expense. Also, you will be set free from the troubles of getting it fixed or be changed again and again soon.

Before, you immerse yourself in the stick welding task, stop and inspect your exhaust pipe if it’s competent enough of welding. If the pipe is lowly damaged, you are good to go and weld.

After that, you have to take safety precautions, as you are going to do welding. Which can be quite risky if you don’t take proper measurements.


Things That You Will Need For Stick Welding

  • For safety: Safety glasses, hand gloves, protective aprons, and safety helmet.
  • Crosscut saw circular chainsaw or hacksaw.
  • Exhaust tube or pipe.
  • G or C-clamps.
  • Stick welder.
  • Mill grinder.

Four Easiest Step by Step Methods to Weld Exhaust Pipe With Stick?- Guidelines With Steps

This will not take very long at all. For a newbie, it may seem to be hard work. But it’s not at all difficult.

Now, let’s go through these simple steps so that you can weld the exhaust pipe of your car perfectly.


1. First Crop The Exhaust Pipe:

The primary step is to cut down the exhaust tube. This is very essential to crop down the exhaust pipe in the accurate quantity. As you want to place the pipe with another pipe the estimated quantity needs to be precise.

Well, how the pipe will look like after the welding is done also relies on the way you cut it.

That’s why you need to crop the pipe properly and cut it down to the exact size.

You must make sure that you are cutting it neatly. So, that it doesn’t have up-down edges. Or you won’t be able to grind the tube and weld it properly.

For cutting the pipe thoroughly you can use a crosscut or hacksaw.


2. Clasp or Clamp The Pipes:

When you are done with cutting down the tube straightly, the next step is to clamp the exhaust tubes with each other. You can use G-clamps or C-clamps to join and clasp the pipes together. C-clamps are perfect to hold and connect two pipes strongly and make it ideal for welding.

You can also hold the pipes according to the way you want to weld. Then welding will be done flawlessly.


3. Flux Spot-weld:

You cannot start the procedure of welding without any Preparation. You need to have a proper arrangement to get the best output in welding. Or else it may also ruin the remaining exhaust tube or cause more damage in the process.

Before that, you can start by flux spot welding instruction with genuine steps, so that you can do welding at ease without any mistakes.

Now you have to do welding while you also make sure the clamp is in place and the temperature is high enough to melt and join the tubes. Do not move down or bend or the tube shape can get deformed too.


4. Weld The Piping

You are all ready. This is where you do welding of the exhaust pipe with stick welding.

Then you make certain that the tube you will weld with the pipe is welding proof unless it will just burn down.

While welding processes enact the places you need to fill up with weld and do not leave any places incomplete or any gaps. Finally, your exhaust pipe welding has accomplished.


How to Weld Exhaust Pipe With Flux Core – Basic Guideline 

Flux Core is an electric welding machine that is also used to weld the exhaust pipe of your vehicle.

With a flux core welding machine, all you have to do is set the heat temperature and fix the wire speed on your accord then you can weld.

It is a speedy and fluent electric welding machine. The steps to use this are almost similar to stick welding.

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A car exhaust system pipe is a very tender object to conduct in your automobile vehicle.

You need to do servicing of it over and over again. As it gets cracked or damaged frequently.

Because it is a slim metal object, you will have to be sensible and cautious in the welding procedure. Also be responsive about your well being since it includes electric connection, chemicals, gas, fire, and so on.