Best Welding Helmet Under $100 – Top 10 Picks In 2022!

Best Welding Helmet Under 100 - Reviews and buying guideEvery welder who doesn’t give attention to safety while welding can end up being in a messy experience. So, this is our top reviews for the best welding helmet under $100. Our helmet selection will give you the freedom to choose the best budget welding helmet following all the features that you’re probably looking for.

Helmets are not for modern days welders only. They have been used since the 90’s period. Since we all know welding produces arc and heat. These are not safe for the skin, eyes, hair, and face. You can get burnt anytime for the infrared rays.

Though helmets are the classical safety precaution modern helmets are smart, well-featured, and include some extra advantages. That’s the reason you should get a helmet for balancing your dangerous tasks awaiting in the workshop.


Best Welding Helmet Under $100 With Auto-Darkening Feature: 

Who doesn’t want a safe welding process? All the safety precautions like glasses, head caps, and facemasks can be covered by only using a welding helmet.

It’s become easier to handle dangerous welding operations while you’ve got to use minimal safety measurements. But you’re getting the most of the safety and additional advantages.

Since you’re here to search for the best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet under $100!

Let’s not wasting your time, we are proceeding to our top welding helmet reviews.

1. Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Made with sturdy materials to work in hard situations.
  • Auto-darkening lenses save the eye from the dangerous rays.
  • Dial knob is user-friendly to make immediate action.
  • It runs on the dual power source – solar and battery.
  • The lens is covered by six exterior technology keep the eye power stable.

Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet for TIG MIG MMA Plasma

Antra welding helmet AH6 is offering all the peaks and perks that a welding helmet must-have. It comes with the auto-darkening feature. So, you can see easily through the lens. The lens supports the users to see while there is strong arcs productivity in the welding procedure.

It’s made of solid construction. Any arc or fire spark can go in the touch of your face, eyes, or hair. However, you get extensive protection from this helmet.

Though it’s made from heavy material to give higher-level protection, the weight is very less compared to the sturdy material. You can easily control the dial and continue the application tasks without any hassle.

You will get all the essential benefits in this lightweight mask. If you’re someone who is just a hobbyist doing MIG, TIG, plasma, or grinding tasks, you can prefer to get this helmet in the best budget.

Users who used it have issues with the darkening sensors. The users experienced the delayed darkening of the lens. Though it doesn’t have a bigger lens view, you can still manage to use it for your DIYs and workshop applications.

This is the cheap welding helmet under 100 dollars. You get more than you’re paying for. From the durability to flexibility, it satisfies its users. Sometimes, the delayed response of the auto-darkening to arcs creates an uncomfortable mess for the users. But you’ll never get all of those features in a helmet at such a cheap price, right?

2. YESWELDER Auto Darkening Large View Welding Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Gives full protection to the eyes for the larger screen view.
  • Comfortable on the head and fits easily to any head shape.
  • True color technology gives you affordability to see clearly.
  • Easy to control and safe to use under pressure.
  • Battery life is praiseworthy to work for longer hours.

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Likewise, our previous Antra AH6, this YESWELDER helmet doesn’t have any issue of the smaller lens view. It comes with the bigger screen view lenses with the superior auto-darkening feature. Its color and design are an extreme choice for any professional.

There are many shades available from 3 to 13. So, you can deal with any kind of arc view. The whole screen view is 4 inches and offers a user-friendly bifocals line. Else it perfectly fits on the head and gives a comfortable view and feel when you’re working with this.

Some users complained about the headgear that it is weak. So, you can separately buy a headgear for this beautiful and durable helmet.

One of the best things every welder love about this that it comes with two extra lenses. As an inexpensive helmet, this is a cherry on the top situation getting extra lenses without spending more money.

Head straps are somehow good if you can maintain to use them properly. If you are using them roughly, they hardly will last longer.

TIG Welding applications create a high amount of arc that needs a good value helmet. This is a helmet comes with four sensors. So, you can easily get a flexible view of any type of welding task.

It’s an all way to go helmet for anyone who wants to spend less money but get some extra. Well, it comes with extra lenses, batteries, and a carrying bag. If you want to carry it to your workshop from home, then it’s not a bothering task to do. You can easily carry in the pouch that comes with it.

Though it’s an inexpensive welding helmet but gives the best comfortable experience.

3. Welding Helmet, Shade 3 and 8-12, Black

Highlighted Features

  • A lightweight helmet to wear on the head comfortably for the longer times.
  • Offers wide and large view to see the operation pieces perfectly.
  • Miller lens used inside to give clear visions even in the brightest sparks.
  • Push-button knobs and control settings are user-friendly to set everything easily.
  • Novice and professional loves it because of working greatly in grinding mode too.

Welding Helmet- Shade 3 and 8-12- Black

MIG welders who are searching for an auto-darkening helmet can choose this without a second thought. Every welder must have the best auto-darkening welding helmet for their hobbyists or workshop tasks.

This is the best welding helmet with an auto-darkening feature. It responds to the arc instantly to offer you the best comfortable view through lenses. If you’re not happy with the darkening shade, you can adjust how dark shade you want with the knob.

You’ll find a knob inside the helmet that can be used for adjusting the dark shade. It’s a user-friendly helmet without any on/off switch. If a user forgets to turn it off doesn’t make any loss of the battery power. It starts working with auto-flashing.

Most of its users love its auto-feature. They found it helpful and convenient to work fast. If you’re using this with your custom setting then make sure to reset it using the “Reset” button. Otherwise, the helmet stays in “Sleep Mode” and consumes battery power.

Additionally, it comes with extra lenses and the lenses are easy to read. Else, the views from the lenses are clear and wide. The larger and wide view protects the eye from the sparks and arcs in extreme conditions too.

The overall features and advantages are top class quality in this hood. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any carrying pouch. You’ve to buy a carrying bag for it spending a little bit of money.

4. Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Effective 4 sensors activity keeps you safe from any uncertain incident.
  • The internal pad is comfy for wearing in any environment in outdoor or indoor .
  • Extra-large view offers the best creation for incredible eye soothing performance.
  • Offers auto on/off switching responding to the arcs for flexible operation.
  • Gives perfect visible mode for grinding to make sure the accurate experience in welding.

Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This Hobart auto-darkening welding helmet hood comes with 4 sensors which are an extra peak for any welder. These sensors are effective to work in every situation and keep you going on with the applications. Users who are just tired of changing the shade depending on the arc level love to make this hood a part of their welding tasks.

The lens view is wider measuring 9.3 square inches. Indeed, it can give protection to your eyes in a hard situation too. The inner pad is made from polyamide nylon. So, the comfort level is insured though you’ve to wear it for a longer time.

There is no manual button to turn it on/off. So, you don’t get into any hassle of turning on/off when you’re in the middle of the welding operation. As we’ve already told you about its 4 sensors. One of its sensors works to detect arcs and make it alert for auto-darkening.

You get extra batteries with this hood too. But the only thing that you’ve to make a rush for is its unusual type. The batteries are not available at a very cheap price.

This is a very strong hood that comes along with durable straps, hinges, and sturdy construction. Its weight is heavier but you can’t afford to miss its extra features for the heavyweight issue. Hobbyists and professionals who work for hours and hours under the hood mustn’t use it if they have any pain issue over the head or neck. Else, it’s worthy for every penny that you’re spending for.

This helmet from Hobart is an awesome helmet for any welder out there. Though it’s a heavy one, all the advantages leave behind this small issue.

5. Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet With Optical Sensors

Highlighted Features

  • Solar-powered that makes your life easier and cut off extra electricity bills too.
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust to wear for longer times at work.
  • Eligible for both indoor and outdoor welding to ensure you the great welding experience.
  • Controls are easy to manage for extreme condition too.
  • Durable and sturdy construction for end-level users.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Who doesn’t want an adjustable extra-functional helmet? This GX9900T is the most powerful auto-darkening welding helmet. This Instapark welding helmet comes from a reputed manufacturer. Though this helmet isn’t in our top position, it is worthy enough to get the position in your home or workshop.

Every penny that you’re paying for this will bring more than you can imagine. Well, this welding hood is adjustable and changeable. It’s the sole hood so far, we’ve got that can be easily changed and customized. If you want random change according to your welding tasks, then this is the right weapon for you.

The large view lens is the most considering part to buy it. In such a budget you can never think to get a helmet with such a wide view.

It is powered by solar energy and a charger comes with it for free. Anyone who doesn’t want to spend on batteries, again and again, go for this helmet without any doubt. Else, you can enjoy non-stop welding with it. If your solar charge finishes, you can simply migrate to a battery source and complete the rest of the welding.

Its battery lifespan is more than you can guess! Manufacturer claims to offer 3500 to 5000 hours runtime of its battery. This successfully allows light to dark shades for working in indoor and outdoor welding.

Though you can easily adjust the settings, you should never adjust it wearing on the head. It’s risky to do any adjustment or change on the helmet wearing on your head.

6. Lincoln Electric, K4134-1, Welding Helmet, Black, Ratchet, Plastic

Highlighted Features

  • Intense auto-darkening feature attracts everyone from welder to woodworker.
  • Beautiful and unique design to keep yourself catchy and good looking from others.
  • Gives comfortable experience to wear longer period at work.
  • Settings are flexible to done easily and make the viewing task superior.
  • Offers perfect outdoor welding for the solar power source.

Lincoln Electric, K4134-1- Welding Helmet- Black- Ratchet- Plastic

This Lincoln electric welding helmet is manufactured specially by Lincoln with the possible features that every welder wants. Lincoln is always determined to provide eye-catching advantages to its users. This electric K4134-1 is a helmet allowing its user’s easy access. There are knobs on both sides. So, you can easily remove the hood from the head even wearing the gloves.

It happens a lot of time that you’ve to remove gloves from the hand to control knobs and setting on the hood. But its knobs are user-friendly for hard situations. The design is sturdy and beautiful. You can’t miss ignoring its attractive color and beautiful design.

People who’re looking for a small but durable hood, they can get it indeed. You will feel comfortable when you’re welding with it. Every time you wear it, you feel no excess weight over the body. Since it is a bit heavy, but you can perform tasks with it.

It has an adjustable headgear that can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. This helmet has a wider view lens to protect eyes from the harmful radiations. There are 2 external cover lenses. They ensure the extreme safety and security for the users.

You can save the money for a lifetime since its power source is solar. So, you don’t have to bear any extra expenses for batteries anymore.

7. Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with Wide Lens Adjustable Shade

Highlighted Features

  • Available settings for the delay of the darkening to adjust with the eyes.
  • It offers multiple adjustments to give fluency in your viewing and working altogether.
  • Large screen view with clear vision for doing any welding task.
  • It’s a lightweight hood with flexible knobs for making quick settings.
  • Constructed with safety standards for allowing its users enjoying highest peak of safety.

Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood with Wide Lens Adjustable Shade Range

This is the best solar powered auto-darkening professional hood that comes under $100. MIG welders mostly create unstoppable harmful arcs and radiations. So, you might want an eligible hood to prevent those arcs from going into your eyes, right?

This is a DEKOPRO welding helmet that comes from a renowned manufacturer DEKOPRO. Well, it has an excellent ability to offer full protection to the eyes. Its auto-darkening shade turns on instantly. When the lens gets into the touch of the sparks, the light shade turns into 1/25000 sec. It’s so fast and powerful to fight against with the sparks.

The lenses are already protected with UV and IR radiation. Its shades of the lens already default to 16. So, the power is very durable in all ways to support the user’s requirement.

Professionals who have to manage multiple types of welding applications are going to love this hood. It has manual adjustment features following all the settings. So, a welder can enjoy a perfect welding experience.

What about its viewing window? The viewing window is enough large to let the users see clearly. It gives the perfect angles viewing. There are no blurry views through it. So, welders get a solid view of all kinds of welding tasks.

If you want the perfect angles, clear views, and available adjustments, then you can’t miss buying this. It’s an appropriate hood for the longtime welding projects. Every professional must include this helmet in their safety tools collection.

8. Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Huge Viewing Size

Highlighted Features

  • Larger viewing area measuring 3.86X3.5 inches allows users to view perfectly.
  • Automatically goes to sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • The lens takes no time to convert into the darker shade from light shade when the arc flashes.
  • Lens has a magnifying feature to make the things visible clearly.
  • Offer full control and adjustments for enjoying welding and other task.

Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening AH7-860-0000 Huge

This is another Antra welding helmet getting the place in our auto-darkening welding helmet reviews under 100 dollars. We started our reviews with Antra AH6 and this is AH7 from Antra manufacturer. It’s a solar-powered auto-darkening helmet with maximum features.

There are 4 premium sensors associated with this hood. It’s eligible for every kind of welding applications such as MIG, TIG, Plasma, Arc, and CNC cutter. It has grinding options as well as to love this hood in every way.

Its design is the most considerable part. We love its design and color texture from every angle. There are functional knobs to adjust settings to tackle hard situations too. Else, you can wear it for longer times without any stuffy feeling over the head. This is a lightweight hood that weighs less than 1 KG.

Are you looking for a hood as a whole day work companion? This can be the final mate for your tasks!

This hood stays in the head without causing any discomfort. It comes with a strap headband bound to keep the hood constant in the same position. Else, Antra has constructed this hood with Polyimide Nylon which is all the way durable and safe for longer periods of usage.

This is a dual power source equipped helmet with solar and lithium batteries. So, you can enjoy non-stop welding with it. If the batteries get dead anytime, you can easily switch to the solar source to continue the rest of the work.

9. SÜA Welding Helmet – Model: Vector – Auto Darkening – Largest Viewing Area

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and user-friendly outside adjustments to make visibility clear and functional.
  • Features dual power source – solar and battery that makes flexible use in every circumstance.
  • The headgear is comfortable beyond anyone’s expectation.
  • It provides a perfect fit to any head for the padding technology.
  • It comes with an external filter to protect eyes from harmful radiation.

SÜA Welding Helmet

This SUA auto-darkening welding helmet claims to have the largest view of the screen. The 4 x 4 inches screen view provides you the maximum fluency to see the objects through the screen. You can see every angle and the welding piece easily and comfortably.

It ensures the real color view and allows you to do high-definition welding applications tasks with all the ease. You get the real view comparing to the classical green view. The headgear is also comfortable in a promising way. It fits perfectly on the head and gives a comfortable feeling.

Its grinding mode can often turn on while you’re flipping the helmet up or down. Else, users who have used it have to face the issue of turning on lighter or darker shade accidentally while flipping it up or down. So, you’ve to use it carefully other the charge can get drained faster without your convenience.

It includes all the adjustments of a professional welding helmet at a less price. Its headband is very adjustable and comfortable. It doesn’t cause any eye-strain as the green lens does. Though it’s a cheap budget auto-darkening welding helmet, it’s worthy of your investment and time.

It’s a functional helmet that can be used for every kind of welding task. Whoever wants real feedback of his money can spend on it.

10. Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206S: Shade Lens

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for hobbyists but still professional welder can opt for it.
  • Gives a durable and comfortable experience in workshop and home.
  • Solar power availability make it affordable for rural areas too.
  • It provides complete eye-safety and easy view without causing eye-strain.
  • Appropriate for any welding applications as well as fabrication related task too.

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Are you a professional MIG welder? This isn’t the right one for you then. This Tanox welding helmet is just for those who need a helmet for hobbyist tasks.

Though it’s made with minimal features, it can solve your helmet issues. It’s included with safety and adjustment features for the seasonal hobby project makers. Simple home DIYers will love its simplicity.

It comes with a unique bonus “Hand-Gloves”. You can enjoy safe welding with the helmet and gloves. It’s a full package safety that you get spending for only one.

The viewing area isn’t as large as the professional hood must be. But the viewing area is reasonable to work with small projects. Its headband is comfortable and can be worn for long hours. Else, you get a clear view to weld perfectly with the maximum ease.

This helmet has a grinding mode. If you’re someone who needs a grinding mode then you can select it. Overall, it’s a user-friendly helmet. Its test switch and the low battery warning light is an adaptive point for extreme cases. Whenever the battery is low, you got to know it before the helmet goes completely dead.

Apart from all the advantages, it’s a very lightweight hood that can be the right mate for your home-based welding tasks. This is a super cheap helmet that comes with hand gloves too.

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Things To Consider To Select The Best Welding Helmet

Though helmets under $100 are cheap, you still expect some features in them.


The only reason that you’re purchasing a welding helmet is to provide excellence of eye-protection. The eyes are prone to get damaged by arc’s flashes. A good quality welding helmet secures the eyes from the flashes for having the auto-darkening feature.

Whenever you’re making a purchase, you’ll have to make sure the auto-darkening of the helmets works instantly when it gets in a touch of flashes.

Easy To Use:

The helmets are already very easier to manipulate. If you’re working as a professional, you should look for available knobs and adjustments buttons outside of the helmet.

Inside knobs create a hassle for the wearer because wearer has to remove the helmet from the head to do the adjustments.


If the helmets are sturdy constructed and flexible, you can use the helmet for rough situations. Otherwise, the replacements should be also available in the local shop if any of the parts get damaged. So, choose a helmet that must be durable enough to stay in a good state for a long time.

Buyer’s Guide To Select The Best Quality Helmet:

Whether you’re searching for a helmet for your hobbies or professional welding jobs, you’ve to pick a good quality one. It’s not a big deal if you don’t have a big budget, you can still get the best welding helmet.

What makes a helmet best? When you get all the features in one helmet can be considered to be the best!

Which features you must look for in a welding helmet? Let’s know them!

Auto-Darkening Lens:

Helmets always don’t come with the auto-darkening lens. There are several types of lens found in the helmet. But the modern era is all about the auto-darkening helmet for welders.

People are now smart enough to prevent risks of UV rays of arcs. These rays are harmful and cause discomfort to the eyes. So, you should look for the UV rays protected auto-darkening feature in the helmet for the long-term welding work.


Sizes are many out there! So, which one to choose? You won’t choose a helmet that is bigger or smaller than your size, right?

Whenever you’re spending for a good helmet, it must be well-fitted. A well-fitted helmet ensures you a comfortable feel during the long-prolonged welding tasks. Else the users get the flexibility of moving and viewing freely.


Before buying the helmet, you can’t know about its eligibility. But you can still know about a helmet checking out the user’s feedback and reviews. This is a great way to know about a tool without using or spending money.

It’s very important to see what other users have been experienced and what they’re saying about the overall satisfaction. Sometimes, some products might have negative reviews too. But that doesn’t mean you will ignore them completely. There are some products in which positive feedback outweighs the negative terms too.

FAQs For Welding Helmet

Question 1: Do welders face eye problems?

Answer: Welders have to work with flashes of arcs and UV radiations. These radiations are not good at all for eye health. The flashes are considered to cause lens and cornea. In the long run, these rays harm the eyes and affect highly on the color contrast.

Question 2: Do I need to wear a respirator?

Answer: You need to wear a respirator under the helmet for inhaling breaths properly.

Question 3: If I am fat or have a bigger head, what should I consider?

Answer: Helmets with adjustable headbands fit on any size of the heads. Headbands allow the users to increase or decrease the size to wear in the perfect fit.

Question 4: Can I wear powered spectacles under the helmet?

Answer: people who need spectacles to get a clear vision can wear specs under the helmet. There is enough space left between the lens and eyes.

The Last Words:

We’ve finished our auto-darkening best welding helmet under $100 reviews! There were 10 particular helmets with different and similar features.

Did you check them all? We hope that you’ve got the right helmet already. If you did not still get your piece, give a thought to your requirements.

You might have different choices for color, fitting, and darkening shade. If you’re happy with the features and think it can be your mate for the long run, you can make the right purchase.

Make sure you’re getting a help-mate that will protect your eyes and face from any injury. Else, nothing goes beyond durability and flexibility.

We hope you’ve selected one from our reviewing list at the end!

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