Best MIG Welder Under 500, 300, 200 In 2022 – Top 10 Picks!

Best MIG Welder Under 500, 300, 200Are you struggling to choose the best MIG welder under 500? Well, here are our top 10 reviews that will help you to select the top MIG welder at a cheaper price.

A MIG welder is a right tool for the welders out there who is thinking to start their welding journey. Else, the professionals also can’t accomplish their projects without having a MIG.

So, what’s the issue that bothers everyone?

We hardly can determine to select one MIG for us. Most of the MIG have nearly similar features and advantages. Still, there are some particular thing which differs each of them.

If you tend to think that expensive tools are better than cheap ones, then this review is going to change your mindset. We’re going to discuss the best MIGs under $500 which are promising and dedicated to serving you more than the $1000 worthy ones.

Editor’s Choice

LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

Though our top list for MIG under $500 includes a number of the welder. But the one which has the maximum capability is the LOTOS MIG140. It comes with a high-quality wire feeder made of aluminum.

Else, this offers user-friendly operation to accomplish long weld processing. Its semi-auto switching allows the users to enjoy finger-released operation. With the smoother wire feeding and 2 digital displayers, this is all way convenient for its users.

You can get it under 400 dollars and the features are worthy!

10 Best Budget Mig Welder Under 500 -

The Best Picks, Highlighted Features, & Buying Guide:

Working with a wrong MIG can cause you a frustrating experience. And the wrong choice can make you face some unwanted damage, trouble, and incidents.

So, who does want to face such issues after spending a couple of bucks for a MIG?

There are some welders who want maximum advantages but spending less. You might be thinking "Can I get a MIG welder under 500 or in cheap price?"

Well, that’s possible and you can get the most of the MIG flexibility in a cheap MIG too while your choice is right.

Our team of professionals has brought along the best choices for MIG welder under 500 dollars.

Let’s hit the top 10 list now!

Highlighted Features

  • Users don’t face any hassle to setup it, it’s easy to setup.
  • Offers durable performance and can run on for longer project.
  • Excellent power capacity can weld smoothly and provide perfect welding.
  • Flexible for handling beginner and professional tasks.
  • Able to carry and move is easier for portability and lightweight feature.

LONGEVITY Migweld 140-140 Amp Mig Welder

This is the MIG with 140 Amp from the LONGEVITY. LONGEVITY is a renowned manufacturer serving its power tools users dedicatedly. If you want a versatile and portable MIG welder with the maximum features then you should go with the LONGEVITY 140.

It easily connects with your 110V power outlet. So, you can operate it from anywhere. As we know 220V power outlet isn’t easily available but the 110V is installed everywhere to get access easily.

This is a versatile but a cheap welder to weld 3/8 inch mild steel. Are you an aluminum metal welder? You can weld aluminum materials too with this welder adding an optional spool gun. You can also weld any other sensitive materials having additional spool gun flexibility. It can hold around 11 lbs. spool capability.

Though it’s a cheap welder that can be afforded by anyone out there, it’s an industrial-grade welder. It can be used for plain, simple welding projects or professional based tasks too. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can deal with anyway.

There is nothing to be worried about the setup. It’s not at all a complex welder. The users’ satisfaction is higher with it. Since there is a portable feature, carrying it gives you a smart and comfortable vibe.

It’s really small in size. So, you might be thinking the power must be not sufficient, right? Well, LONGEVITY has proven this wrong to its users when it’s a matter of power. The power is really good even you’re using it with gas or without gas. 

So, you can pick this one for your upcoming welding projects. Yet you’re not spending $1000 bucks for a single MIG, still, you can enjoy all of the possible features and advantages that you’re looking for.


Highlighted Features

  • The overall versatile performance keeps you on track to do multiple welding.
  • Flexible and powerful 70 amps give the required duty cycle.
  • Easy to use and carry for the lightweight advantage.
  • The wire feed is handy to be operated with or without gas.
  • Sturdy construction helps to weld with mild gauge steel.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Lincoln is a promising power tool manufacturing company. This K2185 is not the best power tool from Lincoln. But it’s worthy to be in your hand for MIG weld.

It has its boundaries that you can enjoy within. You can weld 1/8 inch thick materials. This is the ideal Lincoln MIG welder under the $500 budget. You can choose this for your repair or home DIY projects. While you’re thinking for the heavy-duty welding, this can still support you staying in its range.

It’s not a professional MIG welder but has a handful of features. The amperage is not very high. Its 70 amperage capacity can deal with the small projects easily. Users love it for the lightweight flexibility and sturdy construction.

It comes with a lot of essentials like power cord, chipper, 8 ft clamp, and welding mask. These are some extra bonuses that you can enjoy with this Lincoln welder.

You’ll have to use a wire diameter of 0.035 inches with it. If you want to work with mild steel, gauge, and other thick materials, this is the ideal one. And the wire feed allows its users to operate with full control. 

It comes in a perfect setup along with the gas hose and regulator being stated in the right position.

Though the price is not too high, it’s a portable and sturdy MIG. Welders who require lightweight functionality for using it in every possible way, they can pick it without a second thought. If you want to perform versatile welding tasks, then this is the perfect one for you.


Highlighted Features

  • Multi-process welder that allows MIG, TIG, and stick welding accurately.
  • Sturdy construction allows heavy duty welding for the professional workshop.
  • It comes with all the essentials required for the advanced welding without any hassle.
  • Can be operated by gas or gasless wire and create 1/8 inch stick electrodes.
  • Multiple settings ability allows this MIG to weld mild steel following the gas setup.

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Multi-Process Welder

This is not only a MIG welder. Forney 140 is a multi-process welder. Do you need a MIG, TIG, and Stick functionality in the same welder? This is considered to be one of the Best TIG Welders too. So, it’s a bonus point while you’re getting this Forney 140 weld and able to perform MIG, TIG, and Stick too.

It comes with all the essentials that you might need to do MIG related weld. But the downside is the TIG related essentials are not offered by the manufacturer.

Since it’s a multitasking welder, it offers 3-state switching. So, you can divert to any process instantly using the switches. Else, this starts with a soft and easy arc. So, you can easily handle those extremely hard situations. So, you will not lose control over any strike.

The voltage state is infinite. Thus the wire feed speed comes with complete control. So, the operator can enjoy the perfect welding for the perfect dialing through the wire feed speed controlling.

Its whole body construction is well-made. The All-Metal case is just incredibly strong and big. It can carry around 10 pounds of wire rolls.  

This is a superior welder that comes along with most of the MIG essentials. There are 10 inches MIG gun, ground clamp, electrode holder, 15A adapter, many more that you will get with this MIG.

Forney 140 MP is considered to be the best multi-process welder. It has its capacity boundaries. If you want to do some beginner tasks, it works extremely well. But to deal with professional tasks, you must deal smartly while using it.


Highlighted Features

  • Easy to weld and powerful enough to weld ½ inch mild steel.
  • Weighs only 14 lbs to carry anywhere easily and work with the flexibility.
  • Portable feature gives the freedom of choice to carry it comfortably anywhere.
  • It comes with a strong all-metal case and able to work under pressure too.
  • Provides flexible performance, offers dual voltage with easy start.

Forney Easy Weld 180 ST 120V 230 V Welder

Comparing to our previous Forney 140 MP MIG, this Forney 180 ST is the more advanced welder. This is all way powerful. It can weld up ½ inch mild still. Since the amperage is low of the Forney 140, but its variable amperage range from 10 – 90 amps. So, you can accomplish thin to thicker materials weld.

The feature of dual voltage that implies it is better than the Forney 140. So, beginner to professional weld, nothing will be in delay mode while you’ve got this in your hand.

The start is smooth and easy to handle. Users get easy strikes all over the operation. You hardly have to go through the hassle of the electrode sticking. This is also a multi-process welder. It has additional DC Stick and TIG versatility.

Who wants to experience the breakout of the power off? Well, this is a user-friendly MIG which offers generator flexibility. The power doesn’t go below the expectation when it’s running on a generator.

It’s a very lightweight MIG welder. Else the portability option makes it convenient for your upcoming projects. And the handle is also user-friendly. So, you can easily carry it anywhere with you.

There is also a cable wrap that allows you to store the MIG easily in any place. Since there is a TIG option, you don’t need a foot pedal. It has an authentic lift start ability.

Though it’s a versatile and durable MIG welder, it’s not too pricey. It comes under 400 dollars. So, it won’t even make you pay $500.


Highlighted Features

  • Weld multiple types of materials for the multi-functional capability of MIG, MAG, ARC, and MMA.
  • Creates user-friendly environment for the dual shielded ability following gas and flux cored welding.
  • User can also weld MIG easily with the selector switch; spool gun also makes the switching reliable.
  • You can adjust the welding current and wire feed for handling different types of application.
  • Creates less spatter and offers over heat protection along with reliable transformer technology.

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp MIG MAG ARC MMA Stick DC Welder 110 220V Dual Voltage

This SUNGOLDPOWER is the ultimate welder with all the welding capabilities. It can weld more than you need. It has MIG, MAG, ARC, MMA, and Stick DC welder. Seeing all these welding flexibility, anyone will consider it to be a costly MIG. But it comes under 400.

Its power is beyond that you require for welding. It can weld through thick to thin welding materials. If you’re someone who is an aluminum welder, you can use it for aluminum too. The spool gun doesn’t come with this. But there is an available roller system for setting a spool gun if you want.

Since it has the 200 amps power capacity, you will get a smooth welding performance. Welding through thick materials like 1/ 4 inches is going to very easy using it. As its amperage setting is high, there is no compromise with the welding.

Don’t want to experience splatter weld? This welding machine will let you enjoy wire feed and amperage dial functionality following multiple settings. So, there is less chance of splatter and arc to bother your welding.

Selector switching is user-friendly according to its users. You can switch to guns quicker and makes the operation faster.

This is not only for beginner welding projects. The best part is that it is ideal in both outdoor and indoor. It allows you to do repairing tasks, weld rusty metal, maintenance tasks, or cutting tasks for aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and other types of materials.

You can buy it when you want the best MIG welder under 400 dollars with the maximum features and advantages.


Highlighted Features

  • Durable construction using high quality aluminum wire feeder gives better stability.
  • Easy to setup and use for the 2T and 4T switching that allows the user to enjoy finger releasing welding.
  • Performs versatile welding for aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.
  • It also allows convenient performance releasing finger for long time welding tasks.
  • 2 digital displayers helps to view the voltage accurately and also you can change the voltage settings easily.

LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

Do you want a perfect combination of wire welder? This is the best budget MIG welder to give you a great welding output. You can weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

This is the ultimate welder which can weld 1/8 inch thinner aluminum. It also can weld 3/16 inch mild steel and stainless steel. So, you can perform multiple projects with this.

If you’ve been searching for the versatile welder, then you can stop at this LOTOS MIG 140. The aluminum wire feeder is versatile that lets you perform light to heavy-duty tasks. The design is unique. You can easily deal with the hardest weld with ease.

There are 2T/4T manual and semi-auto switch. There is no need to hold the finger while doing a long time welding job. If the users want to adjust the wire feeder, they can change the wire feeder speed settings too.

The voltage settings are displayed on the display. So, the users can adjust the voltage according to their requirements. Two digital displayers show the users the updated settings of the wire feed speed and welding voltage. So, you get the precise welding experience.

The input voltage is 110 and 120 volt. It can be considered the best 110V MIG welder. The rated output is 140 AMP. Else, you can connect it to the 110 or 120-volt output.

All the additional comes with this MIG. You will get ground clamp cable, MIG torch, gas hose, argon regulator, welding wire, and mask. If you want to invest in it, you can easily get this MIG welder under $400.


Highlighted Features

  • No overheating issue if you can work with a little bit of awareness when you’re working for long time.
  • Smooth wire feed is super excellent that provides ease of operation as well as complete safety feature.
  • Makes nice weld of 3/16 inch steel using flux-cored wire.
  • Creates compatible arc and positive feed that can easily adjust for every kind of joints.
  • Able to weld with large or small spools wire to perform your all the welding requirements.

Hobart 500572 Handler 100

Hobart has been always promising to deliver durable tools and machines all over the world. This 500572 is another creation of Hobart that allows its users to enjoy a reliable experience.

Are you someone who is a beginner welder? You will love to weld with it because of the end-features. This machine can offer 100 amps of power. As the amperage comes in a fair amount, you can weld with it in a paramount way.

Since it produces a 115-volt household current, it can be your perfect mate to be engaged in your small welding tasks. Else, it comes with the Best Flux-cored welding wire capacity. The welding wire roll is an advanced feature of 0.30 – 0.35 inch which can approximately reliably do welding.

You can operate it without causing yourself much trouble, how? It can weld without shielding gas too. So, the trouble is much lesser comparing to other welding machines.

Apart from being operated so easily, it can also weld 18 gauges thinner steel. It can run on a 120V home outlet. It’s portable and smaller. So, you can carry and store it anywhere. The generator is also very small. And it doesn’t make a difference in the overall weight.

Wire feeding works smoothly as well as the arcs. You’ll also get minimal splatter if you only use the Hobart wire for the feeding tasks.

You can get this Hobart 500572 under $300. And this is a perfect welder for a beginner. If you have a good budget and want a professional Hobart, then you can go for Hobart 140 and Hobart 210. These are professional MIG welders but pricey too.


Highlighted Features

  • There is no excessive noise during welding operation and also creates less spatter.
  • It can perform MIG, ARC, and TIG welding but still it’s not that much heavy.
  • Versatile features, handy design, and smaller size make it superior.
  • Gas or gasless operation is powerful to deal with iron, steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel.
  • Easy to carry for the flexible size and weight that offers user-friendly experience.

HITBOX New Arrival Mig Welder MIG250 MIG TIG ARC Welding Machine

This is another best MIG welder under 300 dollars after Hobart 500572 in our review. If you want one of the best professional MIG welders, then the list demands HITBOX for sure.

To continue with the longterm projects and professional tasks, you will need the promising power and consistent performance from a welder and HITBOX is the only one that comes at a very less price. 

This welder comes with all the possible features that you require to accomplish a MIG project. It’s a versatile MIG welder. That’s why this can be the best choice for the inexpensive professional welder.

There is inverter technology used to manufacture it. The noise is minimal due to 50/60 HZ frequency. And this is way powerful to weld even 0.8mm of thick materials.

It can continue with all kinds of galvanized pipe, stainless steel, solid pipe, steel bar, and many other welding tasks. But it only co-operates with 0.8-1.0mm flux-cored wire. If you’ve 0.030-0.035 flux-cored wire, the MIG operations are not going to perform.

All the essentials come with this budget-friendly MIG welder. So, there is no need to spend money for other necessary equipment.

It’s faster in a general way. So, you can get accuracy in your welding. Else, when you have to accomplish versatile professional jobs, this would give you every peak and perk that you are looking for probably.


Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use for the lightweight and portable feature.
  • Sturdy construction and 110 AC voltage always gives a suitable welding.
  • Comfortable hand grip offers comfortable feel in hand.
  • Overload protection makes the machine turned off automatically when gets heated.
  • The radiator is large with the overheating protection with the heavy duty cooling fan.

MIG 160 Welder Portable Flux Core Wire Gasless Automatic Feed Welder

Can you imagine a MIG welder under $200? Well, this is great flux-cored wire with gasless flexibility. If you want to get a portable MIG with consistent performance, then this one has no alternative.

You don’t have to be a professional or expertise with the welding knowledge to operate this. It requires very minimum welding knowledge to be operated. This is a very cheap welder but offers most of the MIG features.

The welder runs without any gas. So, you don’t have extra money for the gas. It only uses 0.6-0.9mm flux core wire. It’s flexible for welding mild and stainless steel daily.

Since this is not a professional MIG welder, but it’s safe to use. The overheating protection is something that everyone likes about it. Whenever the machine is overheated, it stops by itself. So, there is no chance of a circuit breaker or any unwanted incident to arise.

It comes with all the MIG essentials. There is a cooling fan also. And the dual-ball bearing ensures the maximum airflow to keep the surrounding cool.

This is very lightweight that weighs only 39.68lbs. Else the portability makes it easier to carry anywhere. The overall construction is durable for solid stainless-steel manufacturing.

There is a unique water splash protection. Thus, the machine stays safe from water engagement. Water protection is superior for beginner to professional users.

There is a less splatter for the convenient wire which comes with this. The wire feeding is also very smooth. You can’t use it for high-end welding projects. If there are some small projects with a little bit of welding project, then you can get it.


Highlighted Feature

  • Easy to operate and comes with the functionality of flux-cored wire and gasless ability.
  • Provides durable as well as safe welding environment preventing overheating issues.
  • Compact design along with 60 HZ power input gives good duty cycle.
  • Lightweight & portability always comes handy for long term projects.
  • Four levels current adjusting setting gives the users flexible operation.

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder Machine 110V Black

This is another MIG which comes only under $100. This is a good MIG machine for the basic welding projects and also can perform for small professional welding projects. So, welders out there can choose it for the small home and repairing projects.

It’s a great choice for welding mild steel and stainless steel. It releases metal inert gas with flux-cored wire. So, there is no oxidation in the welded part. Moreover, this ensures the professional touch in the welding pieces. This can perform auto bodywork. Else, if you want to weld on thin steel materials, this will offer you excellent performance.

It can also weld stainless steel, aluminum thin or thick metal sheet. So, you can perform versatile welding processes with this machine only. The design is sturdy and compact. Else, the portable feature allows you to enjoy carry anywhere with you. Else the handgrip is user-friendly. So, carrying it is very comfortable.

It comes with a welding gun, helmet, wire brush, grounding clamp, and other equipment. Hence, the users will experience a better MIG process with all the additional accessories.


Things To Consider Before Buying A MIG: How To Choose The Best Welder

Every time you want to purchase any tool, you must have to pick it wisely. And how to do this? There is a small list to consider before you select a MIG welder for you.


The construction of the machine is the first thing, you must have to check out. Remember a weakly constructed machine won't long last with you for long.


The weight is not an issue unless you've to carry it frequently. A heavy machine is considered to perform heavy-duty tasks. But it's not always what users want. A lightweight but durable machine is all we want for our welding tasks.


Size is another thing we hardly can ignore. A bigger size welder is not easily handled. While you're welding, you need a welder that can be easily handled. So, the size does matter in this case.


Carrying a MIG welder with you anywhere is easy only when the machine is portable. Otherwise, it's harder to carry the MIG welder with you.

Power System:

Your MIG must support all the electric power outlet. That's when you can freely use the MIG in any place. Most of the MIG welding machine comes in 110/120V input voltage. Else, some are dual voltage equipped which offers you full access to welding.

Duty Cycle:

It's very important to focus on the duty cycle. The overall performance of the welding machine depends on the duty cycle. It keeps your machine away from overheating and eats less power too.

Safety Gears:

Gladly, some manufacturer offers the safety gears with their welder machine. But there is no way to run a MIG without the safety measurements. You must have to wear the best helmets, gloves, eye-glasses, and apron to keep you safe from the fire and sparkling arcs.

Additional Equipment:

You can never perform a MIG operation without some additional MIG equipment like a gun, clamp, flux-core wire, and many more. So, you've to get them before you start your MIG welding. But if you choose your MIG wisely, you don't have to pay for getting them.

FAQs For Best Budget Mig Welder

Since you’re not willing to pay 1000 bucks for a MIG welder, you might have a lot of queries regarding the cheap MIG options. Let's face them!

Question 1: Can gasless MIG welders perform well?

Answer: Yes! They can perform well. And the surprising fact is that the best advantage of the gasless MIG welders is the ability to be operated in windy conditions. And the normal welders are not able to perform well in the breezy environment.

Question 2: Can I weld aluminum without GAS MIG?

Answer: You can weld aluminum without gas MIG welder. But there is always a risk of breakage and brittles in the aluminum.

Question 3: Is flux-cored wire compatible with MIG welder? 

Answer: The flux core wire is convenient to work with the MIG welder machine. And it is more user-friendly to be operated in windy conditions.

Question 4: Do MIG and Stick offer the same performance?

Answer: There is no big difference between MIG and Stick. But you've to be more careful with a stick to get better performance.

Question 5: What is better – push or pull welding?

Answer: Pushing indicates lower penetration where pulling produces deeper penetration. Pushing provides flatter bead and pulling gives narrower bead. So, pushing is better whenever you’ve to deal with mild steel.

Final Words:

This was our reviews for the best MIG welder under 500!

Did you find the one for you? If you couldn’t select the MIG for you, you should only give priority to your needs. What kind of operation and projects you’re going to deal with is really necessary to think upon before selecting any MIG machine for you.

If you want to perform multiple MIG operation you can go for the Forney 140 with the MIG and stick functionality. Whoever wants good ARC compatibility can select HITBOX  IG250 and SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp is the most powerful welding machine to perform 200 amps welding.

So, we are finishing with our MIG under 500 reviews now.

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