How To Use Oxy Acetylene Torch: Basics For Beginners

How To Use Oxy Acetylene TorchAs a welder, you must know how to use oxy-acetylene torch to upgrade your skill in welding. For welding or cutting, using Oxy-fuel is not only a common method to apply in a workshop but more than it. This equipment is super easy to use and minimizes the welding cost dramatically.

It doesn’t require any electricity to run because it comes with gas cylinders that are portable and easy to use wherever you want to. To become a perfectionist in regular or special cutting and welding, you must know some tips.

Also, these tips will help you to make your welding or cutting job easier, even in awkward places or odd angles.


Oxy-Acetylene Torch: Know The Mystery of This Torch

After knowing how to use oxy acetylene torch, you can go for some serious or occasional metalwork. This process is simple and that is lighting, adjusting, using, and shutting down the torch.

The oxy-acetylene torch is the key to knowing the Mystery of a simple flame that is produced with a blend of oxygen and acetylene. Using an oxy-acetylene torch can be more versatile when you’ll follow some steps and tips.

Remember, all the components make this torch more effective to heat, weld, braze, and cut like butter without making any problem. It doesn’t matter how much thicker the material is, just know the mechanism of using this torch and grab yours.

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Oxy-Acetylene Torch Use and Safety:

Burning acetylene gas is the key point to produce much heat or energy and the temperature could be 5620 degrees. So, this torch may be easy to use, but it can burn and explode if you can’t handle it properly.

Along with the basic torch outfit, this single piece of equipment is popular in the welder community. So, we are going to address some steps, including safety issues to ensure proper use of an oxy-acetylene torch.

Safety Points:

There are some key safety points you must follow to use this torch. Some of these are given below.

  • If the torch rig is not set up then consult with an expert who can guide you to set this thing correctly.
  • Ensure that all the components are working perfectly, including the regulator.
  • Look for any leaks in the system, otherwise, it can be dangerous.
  • Check the hose and ensure it’s in good shape.
  • The gas cylinder could be turned into a rocket if the valve is damaged. So, fastened them securely that also prevents form fall over.
  • Another thing you need to care about and that is oxygen. It can turn into a dangerous element and react immediately with grease and oil. So, don’t put such an element near the oxygen cylinder.
  • Don’t try to operate another element and that is acetylene near or above around 15 psi.
  • Keep all the flammable materials away from the torch.
  • Use safety gloves and goggles that will protect your eye.


Know About Every Equipment of Oxy-Acetylene Torch

For the better use, you know everything about equipment and connections. There are two hoses for the connection. One is for acetylene and another one is for oxygen that comes with shutoff valves.

Some torch offers a mixing valve that omits the use of the oxygen shutoff valve. This valve you’ll find attached on a cutting torch that provides passages which guide both acetylene and oxygen to the mixing chamber.

Finally, it will get out to the tip called the cutting tip. But the oxygen needs to flow through two circuits. One is the oxygen mixing valve and another one is the torch’s mixing chamber. In this chamber, oxygen will be mixed with the acetylene gas.

You can easily swap and change the base to cut metal based on its thickness. For the quality cut, we suggest you use the right tip.


Use of Flame (Adjustment)

Both cylinders have valves. Open them slowly and try to do it about 1 or ½ turns. According to the cutting tip size, adjust the regulator recommended by the manufacturer.

In the beginning, 20 psi for oxygen and 5 psi for acetylene will be perfect. This ratio produces a flame for medium cutting. Take a striker and ignite the torch. Before you do it, open the acetylene valve very slightly.

Before starting the process, close the valve if the flame is larger. The flame should be small. Now slowly open the valve that increases the flame size. Remember small movement of the valve can result in massive.

A larger flame is suitable for thin material and a small flame for thicker material. After adjustment of the acetylene valve add oxygen using the mixing valve. Start to mix it when valves are fully closed.

Full open mixing valve slowly until you get the neutral flame. Once the flame is adjusted, then the torch is ready to roll.


Cutting Process

Let’s cut some metal. Keep everything in position to avoid damage and cut safely. Wrong positioning can ignite other materials. After adjusting the flame keep the lever in the ‘off’ position that is attached to the torch.

Before the cutting, the flame starts to heat the metal that is called preheating. After a few seconds, the flame will go through the metal and the burning procedure will start. For the best cutting experience in the easiest way, you should start it from the edge of the metal.

You better position the torch and start to cut when the area shades of red or orange. Now ensure the main oxygen flow. Squeeze the lever to do that. Because of this action, the metal starts to cut. If it’s not cutting yet, then preheat it.

When you notice the flame is cutting the metal, then begin to move the torch to get the job done following the right coordination. After finishing the cutting session, close all the valves.

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Using oxy-acetylene is not only important to complete the welding task easily, but also safe to use.  The suggestion is for you that, don’t attempt to use it unless you know how to use oxy acetylene torch. Knowing more about them using process and tips means you can easily use this portable torch without facing any problem.

All the details that I have discussed earlier in this guideline can be more useful for you that can increase your welding and cutting skills on the metal. But, sometimes you need to apply common sense for better results.

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