Top 10 Best Flux Core Welder Reviews in 2022

Even though MIG welding is kind of popular among welders nowadays, flux-core welding has its own place, as well. Not so surprisingly, you can find people going crazy over finding the best flux core welder in the market – both professionals and DIY-enthusiasts alike. So, what’s the fuss here?

Well, flux core is way better than MIG welding when it comes to outdoor welding. Plus, if you are a beginner in welding and plan to take your skill to a whole new level, flux core is the easiest option you’ve got. So, using a flux core welder, you can both immediately get started with welding and expect a better result than MIG welding. That’s why today, we have pinned down 10 of the most useful flux core welders right for you!

Excited? Let’s hop in!


Best Flux Core Welder Reviews 

So, here we are, with our top 10 flux core welder reviews. Tune in and fasten your seatbelt for the most detailed reviews from this part!

1. Hobart – 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

To begin with, we could barely spare the Hobart 210 MVP Mig Welder. Why? Well, the machine is a pretty versatile one that offers a wide range of applications. To get this straight, the welder comes with a Multi-Voltage Plug that is plugged into both 230V and 115V outlets. That means you can easily connect it to either any household or output of commercial space. 

Apart from that, this welder is a pretty easy one to carry. Yes, of course, you want to move around with the machine when you are going to work! That’s why it comes with a very easy carrying option with a compact design. As for the welding capacity of the device, it can weld on materials with thickness ranging from ¼ inch to ⅜ inch. 

The best part is, the device can keep the wires electrically cold unless you pull the trigger. This does an amazing job of safeguarding your hands. Again, you can also control the output parameters of the machine to make sure you are applying the right power for the right material. So, overall, it’s a versatile machine that takes care of your safety, as well! 

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with an input voltage of 110/115/120V to 220/230/240V
  • The machine can keep the wire electrically cold until triggered 
  • You can connect it to both commercial and household power outputs 
  • Output parameter controller for easy regulations of power 
  • It can weld materials with thickness from ¼ inch to ⅜ inch 


2. Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine 

Goplus have been around in the market as a leading giant for a long time now. When you get to find what the MIG 130 Flux Core Welder from Goplus has to offer, you don’t need to wonder why! First of all, it’s made of superior-quality heavy-duty steel. Above that, the body is fully painted with durable yellow paint. This translates as long-lasting durability, for sure! 

What’s interestingly convenient in this machine is its 4 different buttons that allow you to adjust the current flow. From Min to Max and 1 to 2, you can set the current flow to any of these 4 levels pretty easily. Apart from that, you also get a speed-adjusting rotary knob on it. It comes with 10 different levels of wire feeding pace for you to choose from according to the wire type you are using. 

From normal thin iron and steel to a bit thicker ones – the machine is a perfect match for such types of wires. You can easily use it for DIY works and general maintenance pretty conveniently. Not to mention, it has a mechanism of preventing oxidation on the welded area and a heat-dissipation option on the top, as well. This makes it a perfectly safe machine to deal with! 


Highlighted Features

  • Made from heavy-duty steel body 
  • It comes with 4 different level adjustment system for current flow
  • 10-level speed adjustment options 
  • Prevents oxidation on welded areas 
  • A couple of air-vent to get rid of heat for safety 


3. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

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Designed especially for flux core welding, the Forney Easy Weld 299 is here to turn your dream project into a reality. Yes, this machine is optimized to be used for flux core welding only, and that’s why it’s a top performer in its category. You can weld from 24 gauge up to ¼ inch with this welder. This means it’s a perfect fit for any DIY project or for anybody who is simply beginning with welding. 

As for steel, the machine can also weld ⅛ inch steel so that you can work with the thinnest material around. That’s not the end! The welder allows you to use a variety of spools in this case! From 2 to 10 pounds – you have got an array of spooling options for this device! On top of that, its 15-amp cord requirement means it’s a perfect choice for household use. 

Speaking of its looks and build-quality, Forney does some really impressive works here. The device is made from heavy-duty materials to withstand impact, and also it comes with a compact look. A carrying handle is there on the top so that you can easily move it around with you. 


Highlighted Features 

  • The welder comes with 120V input and 120V output
  • It has a carrying handle for easy carrying 
  • The device is capable of welding ⅛ inch steel 
  • Spool can be used from 2 to 10 pounds 
  • Specialized for flux core welding only 


4. SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150A Welder Flux Core AC Welder

To list the options for the best flux core welder, we had to include the Sungoldpower MIG 150A in our list. What impressed us more than its excellent build-quality and power adjustment option is the thermal protection it comes with. With an overall protection rate of IP21, the machine is a perfect example of protection against overheating. 

First of all, the entire machine is built with stainless steel material. That’s why you can rely on the rigidity of it while carrying it around. Plus, the power setting of this welder is impressively adjustable. From 80 Amp to 150 Amp, you can choose any of the power outputs as per your welding requirement. That being said, the welder is a perfect match for welding mild-steel, iron, and other such metals. 

That’s not the end! The machine comes with 10 feed speed control, as well. With a knob to turn, you can easily control the fan speed within seconds. If that’s not what makes it a truly useful welder, its 43 pounds lightweight profile does for sure! If you are looking for a welder to carry with you, put this one on your priority list! 


Highlighted Features

  • It comes with power adjustment from 80 to 150 AMP
  • The machine has an IP21 thermal protection
  • Suitable for welding iron, mild steel, and metal
  • The machine has 10 feed speed control option 
  • Built from durable stainless steel material 


5. VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire MIG 130 Welder Machine 

Another champ in the house is the VIVOHOME Flux Core MIG 130 Welder. If you are planning to weld on mild steel or stainless steel, this one should be one of the prince choices you make. Apart from the fact that it welds brilliantly on these materials, this one works actively to prevent oxidation on the welded parts of the materials. 

Again, you have 4 different levels of current flow settings on this machine. Using a simple knob, you get to control the speed as you like. It’s not that hard to control the speed of the feed either. Thanks to its 10 welding speed option, the welder has got that covered, as well. With this variable speed feature in action, you can easily weld on thin sheets of metal without any issue. 

The build quality of the device is pretty impressive. It’s totally a steel-made tough figure that can endure heavy impact fairly easily. Plus, it comes with a comfortable gripping handle on the top. It helps you to lift and carry it around as you move. 


Highlighted Features 

  • The machine comes with 4 current flow settings
  • It can prevent oxidation on the welding part
  • The device has 10 welding speed regulators 
  • Optimized to be used on stainless and mild steel 
  • Easy carrying handle for comfortable transportation 


6. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder 

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Lotos MIG175 MIG Welder is a superb choice if you are planning to weld on aluminum sheets. Most welders in the market fail to come up with solutions to weld aluminum, but luckily this one is not one of them. This machine comes with a high-quality aluminum wire feeder that offers a smooth and stable welding experience. 

As this machine can weld on both steel and aluminum, you can expect this machine to be as versatile as you want it to be. From 18 gauge to ¼ inch steel and 3/16 inch aluminum to thinner – you have got all these covered by the machine. All you need to do is simply plug the machine and get going. 

By the way, it takes only 10 minutes for the machine to get started! Again, the machine comes with a free spool gun for welding aluminum sheets. So, it’s probably one of the most useful aluminum-welding specialist machines out there, surely! 


Highlighted Features 

  • The machine offers welding on both aluminum and steel 
  • It comes with a free spool gun for aluminum welding 
  • Welding capacity for 3/16 inch or thinner aluminum
  • It can weld on 18 gauge to ¼ inch steel sheet 
  • Easy to set up, the device can get started within 10 minutes 


7. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Welder 115V

Once again, we have a Hobart Welder on our list. Although we are particularly interested in Flux Core welder, this one is a bit versatile. It can equally weld in MIG welding technique which may come in handy once in a while! This heavy-duty welder comes as a surprise when it comes to performance. 

You have 5 different voltage controls in this device. That means based on the material you are welding and the voltage it’s required, you can select the voltage range on this machine. As for the material to weld, the device can weld on different metal thicknesses. To clarify, from 24 gauge up to ¼ inch mild steel, you have got it all covered. 

The best part is, you can even weld on stainless steel and aluminum with this welder. This is something most common welders fail to do. As for the operating voltage, the requirement is only 115V. This means you can easily use it with your household power output – making it a superb choice for household repair and DIY projects. 


Highlighted Features 

  • It can weld in both MIG and Flux Core format 
  • The machine comes with a 5-position voltage control selector 
  • It can weld on aluminum and side stainless steel 
  • Welding thickness ranges from 24 gauge to ¼ inch mild steel 
  • 20% useful duty cycle 


8. ETOSHA MIG 160 Welder Portable Flux Core

Although the brand name Etosha is yet to be mostly heard of, the welding devices they produce are pretty impressive. Take the MIG 160 Flux Core welder, for example. This one is a 110AC, 60 HZ machine that is quite suitable to weld on mild and stainless steel. Although you can’t weld on aluminum, the machine is still quite useful if you are planning on some DIY stuff. 

The best part of this machine is its amazing protection system. It’s like you have everything in control in case of an emergency. Starting off with its overheating protection – it’s a truly useful system. The machine will automatically turn itself off when it’s overheated. In addition, the machine is IP21 waterproof to keep itself safe from water splash! As for overloading protection, similar to overheating, it will turn off once overloaded. 

Speaking of its weight and compact profile, it’s priceless. Weighing right below 40 pounds, you can tell how handy and lightweight the device is. Plus, it comes with a comfortable handle on its top. With a solid, comfortable grip on it, you can easily hold it and carry it around. 


Highlighted Features

  • The welder can weld on mild and stainless steel 
  • It comes with an easy start arc system 
  • A lightweight device weighing below 40 pounds
  • It has a comfortable grip handle 
  • The device is protected from water, overheating, and overloading 


9. Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi Process Welder

Weldpro 200 Multi-Process welder is a true flagship device from Weldpro. It’s equally capable of welding on TIG, MIG, Stick, and Flux Core welding. So, if you are a bit easy-going on the budget, it’s going to be a brilliant choice for you. The device can easily weld steel and aluminum like a pro! Having an optional spool gun, you can take your welding project to the next level.

With this weapon in your arsenal, you can easily weld on materials from 19 gauge to 0.197-inch thickness. That pretty much covers most regular types of materials in the market. Again, thanks to its dual-digital display on the front, you can see what exactly you are doing. You can read and set the required wire-speed and amperage on it for the perfection you need.

As for security and safety, the machine has a VRD high temp protection system. Plus, it comes with an indication system that notifies you in case of any overloading in the machine. These options make it a pretty safe machine to work with. No matter what you are – a pro or a DIYer in the welding industry – it’s a great choice for you in both cases.


Highlighted Features 

  • A multi-process welder can weld TIG, MIG, Stick, and Flux Core
  • Welding material thickness ranges from 19ga- 0.197 in;
  • VRD High temp protection system
  • Overload indication system for safety
  • Dual-digital display for setting up amperage and wire-speed


10. SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140A Gas and Gasless Welding

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We wind up our reviews with a little surprise at the end. Say hello to one of the most powerful welders in the market – the Sungoldpower MIG and Flux Core welder. This one can weld on both modes, and trust us; it works perfectly on both types. The Flux-Cored welding is gasless in this case, and the MIG welding comes as Gas-shielded. 

What turned our head in this device is the dual voltage capacity. It can operate on both 110V and 220V voltage which signifies that the machine is capable of being used in both household repair works and industrial chores. So, you can easily connect it to your household ports and start welding on your house-repairing tasks or DIY projects. 

The machine comes with a wire feed speed controller. You can adjust the speed according to your need, and it’s super easy to do it. It suits both 2 pounds and 10 pounds wire spool, so you have got a bit of freedom in this case, as well. Overall, this 22-pound device is pretty lightweight to use, and you can carry it around wherever you want! 


Highlighted Features 

  • It comes with a dual-voltage output of 110V/220V
  • The machine works on gasless flux-cored and gas-shielded MIG welding 
  • It suits 2lbs and 10lbs wire spool
  • The device has a wire feed speed controlling option 
  • Lightweight device weighs only 22 pounds 


Best Flux Core Welder Buying Guide 

Best Flux Core Welder Buying Guide

So, you are up for buying the best flux core welder, right? If you are following our reviews till now, it should be quite easy for you to find the best one right now. However, we still encourage you to keep the following factors in mind before finally selecting one.

Single or Multipurpose?

To be specific, there are two different types of welding machines available – single purpose and multipurpose. A single purpose one will weld only the Flux Core mode, and the multipurpose one can weld in different modes like MIG, TIG, Stick, etc. So, if your budget permits, you can go for a multipurpose one to get the most out of the welder.


Type of Metal

Another important aspect is what type of metal the welder is capable of welding. Can it weld stainless steel? Is it capable of welding aluminum? Is it perfect for mild steel? These are the questions that you need to answer before you buy one device. If you are planning on welding a specific type of metal, you must ensure the welder can weld that metal pretty well.


Quality of The Lead

Lead quality makes a huge difference in the output of the welder. The more durable the lead, the better service you are to get. The longer the lead, the better welding experience you will have. We generally recommend you to get 10 to 24-feet torch leads. As for ground leads, the measurement should be 10 to 12 feet.


Plate Thickness Support

You should be prepared for anything to come when it comes to welding. If the machine you have can weld thinner plates only, once you have to deal with a thicker plate, you will wish you had gone for a better welder. The rule of thumb here is the higher the amperage range, the thicker plate it can weld. So, it’s evident that you should look for thickness support before buying a welder.


Wire Considerations

You need to consider the diameter of the wire and the reel before you make a move. Generally, household workshops support a 0.03-inch wire diameter that is coupled with a 6-inch reel. For thicker beads, you can go for the 0.035-inch or thicker diameter.


AC or DC Powered?

And finally, you can choose between AC-powered and DC-powered machines. If you are interested in going wireless and fully mobile, choosing the DC-powered machine will be a wiser decision. On the other hand, an AC-powered device will make sure you get a constant supply of power without any stoppage.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Do You Push or Pull Flux Core Welding?

Ans. You should always pull the welding gun. As the slag gets logged as the puddle moves forward from the arc, it should be dragged to clean it up.


Q2. What Can I Weld With a 125-Amp Flux-Core Welder?

Ans. With this flux core welder, you can weld from 18-gauge mild steel to 0.188-inch steel.


Q3. Can You Weld Stainless Steel With Flux-Core?

Ans. If you are using the correct wire that works great with stainless steel, you can weld it with a flux core welder.


Q4. How Much Does the Welder Cost?

Ans. Welders come at a variety of prices. From $150 to $1000, you can find many welders within this price range.


Q5. Is a MIG wire compatible with the flux core welder?

Ans. Although MIG and flux core welding differ from each other in method, there are many similarities between these two. So, generally, you can use a MIG wire with a flux core welder. But choosing a wire that is compatible with flux core welder should be the priority.


Final Words 

So, that was all we had on the best flux core welder in the market! You can easily choose one from our review list and get going with your project right away!

However, if you are still in a fix and excited to look out for more, we have got news for you! Simply keep our buying guide handy! It will always guide you in the right direction to find out the most promising and useful flux-core welder for you!

Happy welding!