How To Use A CNC Plasma Cutter In Professional Way?

How To Use A CNC Plasma Cutter In Professional WayEvery plasma cutting operator has a high-demand in the industry. There are varieties of industrial task for you when you know how to operate a CNC plasma cutter. So, you can make a huge amount of money only getting paid for operating CNC plasma cutter in the expertise way.

Therefore I’ve already discussed how a plasma cutter works in one of our very recent articles, you are may now looking for the accurate guideline to operate your CNC plasma cutter.

Once you know how a plasma cutter works, you can easily operate your CNC cutting machine.


Best Way To Operate CNC Plasma Cutter

Before you order a high-end costly one of the best plasma cutters, you need to know its every particular.

Once you get familiar with its components and how they manipulate the cutter to work, then you can easily operate the CNC cutter.

You can easily operate any kind of complicated machine if you follow a proper series of steps. Remember one thing, it’s very important to follow the proper steps of operation whenever you are playing with any kind of risky electrical machine.

Now, I’m going to describe how I operate CNC cutter following some constant steps. If you miss any of them, you may end up incurring yourself in an unwanted situation.


Check Out Some Important Settings:

Before I start my operating guideline, I will suggest you check some most necessary settings in your CNC machine.

  • First of all, make a 3 phase and 1 phase connection following the requirement of the plasma cutter.
  • Check if the power connection is all set. It will keep you safe from the uncertain power cut in the circuit.
  • You need to maintain a minimum safety distance from the machine while you operate it. Though you can’t keep the machine very far from you, you can use a glass shield in-between you. Hence, there will be 80% less chance of any hazardous moment.
  • The last but not least important thing to check is the specimen. You need to clamp the specimen tightly with the table. If the specimen gets loose in between the operation, the position you’ve set will move gradually.


Get Ready To Use The Plasma Cutter Now!

So, are you done with the necessary steps? Now, you can finally move to use the CNC plasma cutter.

  • As we already know how a CNC plasma cutter works corresponding with the CNC table from Best CNC Plasma Table.  CNC machine comes with a compatible software which operates the cutting process.

So, you have to install the software manually and learn how does the program work offering multiple features. Without having proper knowledge, you can never get the desired cutting result in the materials.

  •  Now, make the design or cutting plan of the materials. Now, fix the X & Y axis following the CNC software. So, the cutting will occur when the length and breadth of the table are fixed with the material.
  • This was all! Now double-check the whole set up and configuration and hit the CUT button on the cutter.

Though you think you know how to operate a CNC plasma cutter, the perfection takes time. You have to do a lot of practice with the CNC cutter and become expertise to cut and design in the perfect shape.


How To Make Perfect Holes Using CNC Plasma Cutter?

Above all, you can even design holes on the materials. And the process is not a simple one. Now, I will tell you the step by step process to get holes on the materials.

  • It’s not easier to make a smaller hole on the materials. There are some CNC manufacturers offers by default settings to make smaller holes. But you can even make it manually. Measure the hole’s diameter and multiply it with 1.5/2.0 inch. And make the proper cutting from the calculated height.
  • Whenever you’re going to cut a very delicate material or small cuts like holes or edges, make sure the ampere setting is lower. In this way, the torch control, motion control, and arc work finely to provide an accurate cut.
  • As a result, it’s easier to cut harder and bigger material with 100% speed cut. But, what about cutting smaller holes? To get a perfect hole, make sure you’re using 60% cutting speed.


Final Words:

Finally, I hope that I’ve delivered you enough detailed information to operate a CNC plasma cutter. Though you know every single particular about CNC cutter, make sure you’re taking enough cautions while doing cutting tasks with CNC.

CNC the cutter machine is indeed a great invention for the professional welders, hobbyists, and materials cutters. But you can’t avoid or ignore its risky operation component. So, take every safety precaution before you start CNC operation. If you have anything more to know, feel free to comment us below!

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