Best CNC Plasma Table For 2022 – Editors’ Choice [Latest Picks]

Best CNC Plasma TableWe understand you end up here for searching the top-rated best CNC plasma table. So, we are not going to disappoint you!

So, let’s get a tour to get your desired best plasma table.

Every welder is prone to use the plasma cutter regarding the cutting material tasks. And that’s when they crucially feel the necessity of a table to get the best of the plasma cutter.

The confusion starts from the size, efficiency, capability, budget, and other aspects. It is challenging to determine the right table for you, while many manufacturers are producing different shapes, designs, and sizes.

As you are going to spend your money, so you should choose something which can bring you the best satisfaction that you need.

Let’s go through our best CNC plasma cutter reviews which are worthy of your workstation and money.

Editors Pick

Our experts’ team have encountered with most of the decent CNC plasma cutting tables. They loved the CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Though it is pricey, it makes some sense to include in your heavy-duty cutting task. It has the automatic advanced technology-based control system. So, you get ergonomic support for multiple languages. You can monitor it easily how it is cutting, and the next steps are also visible on the monitor.

If you want to make it follow a specific AutoCAD design or StarCam nesting, you can apply any particular design using this cutting table. Its built-in system reads the U disk file and provides a best final drawing cutting.

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Budget Pick

Since plasma cutting tables aren’t cheap anyhow. Still, you can get a cheap plasma table including all the necessary features and advantages in CNC PLASMA CUTTER TABLE. This is a budget-friendly best CNC plasma cutter which can perform better than the expensive ones.

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This has covered maximum features that a welder will need to work for longer hours. It was built by keeping the professionals in their mind. You don’t need to provide maintenance to it for longer times.

From the design to the construction durability, most of the professional metal designers like to choose this as their first choice. So, you can also pick it for you though you have a tight budget.


Installation Type




STV Motorsports SparX510

Plasma Cutting

450 pounds

144 × 83 × 58 in.

CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame

Plasma / Flame

1,323 pounds

118.1 x 98.4 x 39.4 In.

Baileigh PT-22 CNC

Plasma Cutting

500 pounds

48 x 31 x 29 in.

STV Motorsports SparX4400

Plasma Cutting

400 pounds

60 × 71 × 58 in.

GMC, Plasma Table

Plasma Cutting

4370 pounds

152 x 85 x 67 in.


Plasma Cutting

270 pounds

48 x 60 x 48 in.

Plasma Table cuttingmachine

Plasma & flame

3,307 pounds

1530 (Gantry structure, Y, X axis)

5 Best CNC Plasma Table Reviews 2021

CNC stands for computer numerical control that allows modern machinery to have an advanced technology system. Plasma tables which are encrypted with CNC technology can cut electrically conductive materials. So, the computer numerical control makes use of hot plasma circulating from the accelerated jet.

If you are someone who has used handheld plasma cutters, then you may know how plasma cutting works. And, you will feel more flexible and reliable to use the CNC plasma cutters.

So, you are here because you’ve made your mind to invest in the best CNC plasma table kit.  So, we are going to deliver the top picks chosen by our experts.

Stay with us following our CNC table reviews!

1. CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table

CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting TableBest CNC Plasma Table For 2022 – Editors’ Choice [Latest Picks] 1

Being a metal designer, you will need one of the best plasma tables to execute the specific design. CNC Gas oxyfuel comes with a higher price tag but included all those features that a professional metal cutter will need.

It can cover the most significant portion of the metal. If your design is more significant enough, you shouldn’t worry. This plasma table is quite useful for 1500x2500mm area. Isn’t it cool? It will keep you from the hazard of repeating the same area to cut again and again.

It has a dual supporting system such as oxyfuel and plasma cutting. Oxyfuel cutting is very much helpful and popular in the world of welding. Oxyfuel is a special process to cut the metal thickness from 0.5mm to .250mm. So, welders out there who couldn’t cut the thickest metal can efficiently process the cutting.

CNC software enables multiple languages. So, you can choose your user-friendly language to operate this table and apply the graphics. 

You can manually apply the design on the metal through AutoCAD or StarCAM software. You can nest your drawing on the metal and get the most accurate design cut.

Though it performs the heavy-duty work, the weight doesn’t include a large number. It is heavy in weight. Still, you can move it if you want. Some other manufacturer’s plasma tables are so heavy that can’t be moved easily.


  • Decreases production cost in the workshop.
  • Stores multiple programmes to cut in all the way.
  • Covers the maximum area.
  • Easily cut any complicated graphics design.
  • Easy to move.


  • Highly expensive.

2. Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

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Baileigh PT-22 is the professional welder's other choice. This is the small plasma cutter table you can ever get. So, durability and flexible is the main component that you will get from it. The small size allows you the flexibility to work at full stretch. 

When the product arrives in your doorstep, you get it properly assembled. You won't get any hassle of assembling it. And it saves you several hours from joining the parts if come unassembled.

Therefore, the question can knock your mind like what can it cut? If you want to cut wood or plastic, then we are sorry for you. In that case, you have to go for the other manufacturer brands which can able to cut through plastic or wood. This plasma table only can conductive materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, and steel.

It is indeed one of the best plasma tables for the money. You can run it for longer hours. If your workstation is waiting for a CNC plasma cutter, then you can order it now. It runs for many hours and doesn't create any heat. So, there is no other plasma table can bring you money like it.

The automobile industry is just incomplete without having the best CNC plasma cutter. If your automobile works are pending for skipping an ideal plasma cutter, then you should give this model a try. It is worthy and will offer you the smoother experience that you are looking for.

 You may feel a little disturbance while using the hand torch. So, you can buy an additional machine torch for having the flexible cutting tasks experience.


  • Support the varieties of language.
  • Easy to program and maintenance.
  • No hassle of assembling.
  • Supports home power source (110V).
  • Lighter in weight.


  • Requires professional knowledge to operate it.

3. GMC, Plasma Table, PT-0510/105A

GMC, Plasma Table, PT-0510/105ABest CNC Plasma Table For 2022 – Editors’ Choice [Latest Picks] 2

Professionals who want to make money in their workshop really should go for the GMC plasma table. It is just rigid to deliver the highest cutting efficiency that you can never get anywhere.

This a great plasma table with the powerful servo motors drive. Its Hypertherm Powermax plasma source motor has all the way the ability to fix your complex cutting situation.

The built-in ergonomic torch height CNC is a life-savior component. It enables automatic height detection. So, you never get any compromising condition in your cutting. The precise cutting is always available with the CNC plasma cutting machine.

However, you want perfection in the arc distance, you will love this cutting machine for sure. Else, craftsmen don't work with the even materials. Sometimes, they end up handling uneven materials. So, how to handle uneven materials? Luckily, this is the sole CNC cutter which can cut uneven materials with the maximum durability.

Thus one of its special features is the dust & fog vacuum system. So, the machine will reduce the amount of dust created while cutting. During the metal cutting operation through the plasma cutter, most of the random cutter creates fog. The fog makes interruption in your cutting tasks. But this one is reliable enough to ditch fog and dust.

 The setup is a difficult part for all of us. And we don't want the mess. This plasma cutter doesn't make you face any hassle to setup as it comes fully assembled. So, you can start just when you get it in your hand.


  • Buttons are waterproof.
  • Comes with the overload protection.
  • The manufacturer sends it in the fully assembled form.
  • Durable enough to handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • Stainless steel body construction.


  • You need basic knowledge before you get started with it.


CNC PLASMA CUTTER TABLEBest CNC Plasma Table For 2022 – Editors’ Choice [Latest Picks] 3

It's a budget-friendly CNC plasma table that ensures high-quality, precise cutting. Though it's a cheap plasma table, its features are worthy than the pricey ones.

It's a medium-sized plasma cutter that offers you the maximum flexibility of cutting.  The users who have used it are satisfied with the accuracy cutting. The cutting process is easier, faster, and reliable.

There is a built-in torch height control. It ensures you the cut on both even and uneven material. So, your professional cutting experience will not have any complain towards the material condition ever.

This table is a solid thing for you when it works with a plasma cutter. You will be surprised to know that the cutter speed multiplies with 3x when adjusted with this table. It offers a faster and outlasting life cycle.

Are you searching for a plasma table to make money? You are at the right place. This is a cutting table that makes money. How? It saves the production cost for the buyers. When you use this table for cutting, you get higher acceleration and deceleration rates for the faster-cutting speed.  In this way, you get your job done in the lowest number of cycle times. So, you get your metal parts done quickly and make money by selling them.


  • Offers quick cutting process.
  • Reduces production cost.
  • Able to cut uneven material easily.
  • User-friendly size.
  • Price is reasonable.


  • There is no cooling feature.

5. Plasma Table Cuttingmachine

plasma table cuttingmachineBest CNC Plasma Table For 2022 – Editors’ Choice [Latest Picks] 4

If you want to deal with 10mm thick metal plate, you will get no other plasma cutter reliable than it. It offers the durable cutting speed for gantry structure, Y, X-axis. Its belt drive axis with automatic electric lifting provides the better cutting speed and quality.

Its dual driver ensures stable performance for your professional cutting tasks. When you get the machine at your doorstep, it comes assembled. You don't have to do any additional setup to make it started.

It is easier to operate compared to other plasma cutter table. Its U-disk system can read the CAD graphics. And the built-in software can apply the graphics automatically.

The auto-programming U-disk can interface the design on the materials. The machine is built-in with the auto-converting software for CAD drawing. So, you can apply any complicated design and cut thoroughly.

There is a user-friendly operation display that shows you the operation movement at the screen. So, the user can see and understand the operation without any acknowledgment.

There is a double lifting feature that makes the operation simple. It also offers the smoothest performance while you cut the hardest and uneven material.

In the welding processing, you have to handle many kinds of metal such as steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It can cut all these materials without any hassle.


  • Ensures the perfect sketching through CAD drawing.
  • Applicable for heavy metals.
  • Flexible performance.
  • Smoother cut in uneven material.


  • Cannot reach into or around the object.

What Is A CNC Plasma Cutter?

A CNC plasma cutter is a special kind of tool used for cutting metals in a variety of ways. Whether you want to cut metal sheets into different shapes or a particular design, you can go for it.

There is a torch in the CNC plasma cutter which moves following to the direction of the computer. As we already know the term of CNC means Computer Numerical Control. So, the machine’s motion works according to the numerical codes following the program.

Your cutting task will be also automatically completed without your much reservation on the machine and metal. So, your operating hassle is very less than the other random cutters available in the market.

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How Does A CNC Plasma Cutter Works?

CNC plasma cutter is a faster and reliable cutting process that cuts through electrically conductive materials. It successfully cut by utilizing an accelerated jet of hot plasma which gives direction to cut on the material.

Plasma cutting method is highly applicable for cutting steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and other electrically conductive materials.

Who Uses CNC Plasma Cutter?

Many professionals use a CNC cutter in several environments. Craftsmen, welders, automobile workers, industrial constructors, and repair workers use this machine highly and able to make more money.

Else, this cutter is famous among the hobbyists at home who love to experience with lots of application and make their fabrications.

Though, CNC plasma cutters are pricey professionals from all over the world love to equip their cutting task using it.

Hand-Held V/S Mechanized Plasma: Which one is better?

There are two types of plasma cutting system being used for the maximum fabrication and automobile cutting tasks.

Hand-held plasma allows the user to hold the torch and manually instruct on the metal sheet to cut quickly. If you are searching for the gouging tool, then there is nothing better than hand-held plasma cutter. Hand-held handheld torch removes any malfunctioned welds, and enables back-gouging. Else, if you want to cut your metal into small shapes or sizes, the hand-held torch is quite efficient.

But, CNC plasma machines don't use the hand-held cutting system. They are functioned with mechanized plasma cutting process. This system has a straight barreled torch that is being carried by the machine. It also has some interfaces which are automatically controlled by the CNC. 

There are very few plasma cutters which have a hand-held cutting system. You can find hand-held cutting feature in some beginner level plasma cutters.

But if you want to use a plasma cutter for your professional tasks like fabrication, welding, and automobile technical work, then you must go for the mechanized CNC plasma cutter.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A CNC Cutter

There is a long list to follow before you consider to buy a mechanical tool. Otherwise, you may end up falling into the sea of losses. Like, an authorized non-durable machine won't able to serve you in the long run. So, you might have to cost extra charges for maintenance or buy another new one.

Before you choose the best plasma table for your fabrication tasks, you have to know if the CNC plasma table will suit you or not.

So, we are going to tell you the essential factors to consider that will meet with your expectations and offer you the best work environments.

Let’s sit back tighter and check our buying guide for CNC plasma table cutter!

* Software

We are picking software in our first pick for some special reasons. Software is the crucial component that runs the CNC cutter according to your requirements. CNC software has two functionalities to design the metal sheet and cut controlling cutter and table. Whenever you're buying a CNC table, make sure the software is fit to the plasma table and cutter.

* Smokes & Dust Level

It is a common issue to get a smoky and dusty environment while operating cutting tasks with the plasma cutter. Cutting metal sheets can create fogs around you of the metal atom. The dangerous hazard can happen if you are in a closed room or workshop. It can lead you to suffocation with runny eyes and nose. So, you must take proper steps for the ventilation.

Check into the plasma table if there is a dust containment which allows the cutting surface below the table filled with water. While you cut the metals, the dust and spark pass along the water and become extinguish immediately. So, you can check the brand you are going to buy offers the water table under the plasma cutter or not. Otherwise, the plasma cutter can become rusty for getting splashes of water. Finally, when you are using a water table, check out to keep all the electrical component away from the water.

The water table system is complex, sometimes if you don't follow the safety precautions. Rather than using the water table to prevent smoke and dust, you can go for the downdraft system. It provides skirts around the table that gives a secure environment to work by enclosing the area below the table. And there is also a fan to vacuum the dust and smoke.

Most noteworthy, you should look for the downdraft system enabled CNC plasma cutter to prevent dust and smoke flexibly and ensure a healthy cutting environment.

* Construction

Without a sturdy construction, you can't get reliable performance. So, you need to check the material quality used for making the table. You can choose steel construction rather than aluminum.

Steel is sturdy but thin and has a very low weight. Aluminum is also very tough to handle heavy-duty work but heavier.

So, you can choose any of between steel or aluminum. Both can handle harder tasks. But you can prefer the weight issue and finally take a decision.

* Motor Strength

Plasma motors are two types: servo motors and stepper motors. As a result, while using a stepper motor, the operators can't move the torch in endless ways. It will have finite limitations to move positions.

On the other hand, servo motors are pricey and powerful to deliver exactly what you want. Gladly, you can move the servo motors to unlimited positions as many times as you want.

So, regarding your budget and work requirements, you can choose the motors. If you have a good budget, then you can buy servo motors CNC cutter to cut your metals into quality designs.

* Warranty

Who doesn't want to save money? Because you are going to spend a big amount on a CNC machine, you need a trustworthy warranty from the manufacturer. Because, after getting the machine in your home, if you face any problem you may want to get a replacement or want to return it to the manufacturer. Else, you can face technical problems which can cost you money also. So, check out if the manufacturer holds the warranty or not.

Final words

Finally, we are at the end of our best CNC plasma table reviews. You can follow our buying guide and make the best choice from the list. Before you buy a CNC machine, you must have to consider your need. Make sure you are following your needs such as the size, cooling system, and getting the best CNC plasma cutter in your budget.

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