10 Best Propane Torches Review | The Ultimate Guide[2022]

One of the most necessary tools in a welder’s workplace is a propane torch. You might be thinking, why a propane torch? Why not anything other than that? Well, propane is one of the safest and most effective gases out there.

Welding work is hard already as it is, so if you’re looking for something that will make your job easier and doesn’t require you to carry around an extra oxygen tank, then we’re here to bring you some of the best propane torches available right now.

That way, you won’t have to face any inconvenience around your workshop, and it’s also a perfect fit for welders of all intensities!


Best Propane Torches Review

The useful thing about this product is that there are many options that you can choose from and find the one that will serve you the best as each of them will have something special that you will like –

1. Bernzomatic TS8000

As innovative they are with their name, they bring forward products that are great for functionality and efficiency. They innovate to build something that will give you all the right features to bring some convenience to what you do.

The Bernzomatic TS8000 is an absolute beast when it comes to propane burners. It has everything that you will need and so much more, including its fantastic auto-start and stop ignition for the easiest initiation to your work.

That high-intensity trigger function makes it relatively safer and easy to use since sudden bursts from manual starters can cause some burn damage, and it can be quite dangerous since you have to be near the burner.

When you’re using a torch, you might want something that will allow you to maintain precision while giving you the flexibility to handle wider welding or soldering, and that is what this product does.

You have the freedom to tinker with the flame intensity as much as you want, but the flame’s strength will always remain phenomenal. The swirling flame is great for covering larger areas while letting you do some precision welding.

Since the burning will go on for a while, you might need something that will let the body handle the heavy heat and not cause any warping or damages to its integrity. That is why this item uses a cast aluminum body to maintain durability.

The pressure inside the funnel is adequately regulated; you have a consistent flame rate at any position. Even if the product is held upside down, you will still get focused flame at every use.



  • Adjustable knobs are easy to operate
  • Different flame size options
  • Aluminum cast for durability
  • Amazing heat output
  • Automatic startup


  • It can be slightly inefficient during ignition
  • The joint might need more reinforcements


2. Worthington WT2301

You need flame power when you’re using a propane torch; otherwise, you will not get the result you want. This is where Worthington propane torch is topping every list out there in the case of fantastic flame rate and heating power.

What makes the product even better is the inclusion of the trigger start functionality. Trigger start is important if you don’t want any sudden burst of flame and want something integrated with the device.

Using its efficient system, you will get the flame going within one or two flicks, and there won’t be any response lag at all. So, if you’re looking for something like that, you should definitely check this one out.

Another essential thing for propane burners is the flame type; you will need something versatile enough to use it for multiple projects without switching to another type of device.

The versatile webbed flame is one of the most innovative approaches to flame type that helps maintain precision for delicate projects while providing wider strength for bigger projects that requires greater area coverage.

So, you just need one product, and that is the Worthington for all your thawing, soldering, melting, along with several other household projects that you can do at any time you want.

Moreover, you have the freedom to play around with the type of flame using the flame control valves, which are easy to control so that everyone can operate it to get the type of precision they need.



  • Easily operable by anyone
  • Versatile webbed flaming for efficiency
  • Wide area coverage
  • Flexible with different diameter types
  • Quick and responsive extinguishing system


  • Not very efficient when it comes to precision shaping
  • Prone to accumulating dust


3. Hot Max 500G Big Max

This is undoubtedly one of the unique additions to this list for several reasons starting from incredible power and reachability. As the name indicates, this is a great product, and the rate of its power is even bigger!

The significant thing about this device is that it is not exactly like the traditional propane torches due to its long-necked design. For this long design, you can reach places that are typically unreachable with other torches.

Another thing is the power of this product; after a single use of this product, you will realize that the power it provides is perfect for all the heavy work you intend to do and accomplish without any delay.

Compared to the BTU rating of this torch, the price is not even close to the market’s expensive. This is affordable and premium, providing a beastly 500,000 BTU of flame, molding everything into the shape you want them in.

When it comes to the comfort of using, this didn’t shy on using the best method. The excellent handle is better and easier to control. It will also protect your hand from any burn damages.

Since this is a long device, the handle’s ridged texture comes in handy to keep it in balance and focus its flames at the point you want it in. Moreover, you can change the intensity of the flame to cover a wider area.

The impressive boost feature is the perfect pick for people looking for something that will fill their desire to provide the sudden burst of strength to get the most out of the device.



  • Easy to control grip
  • Ridge feels comfortable on the hands
  • Doesn’t require any assembling
  • Zero harmful contaminants
  • Perfect for industrial uses


  • Needs to be manually ignited
  • Slightly harder to handle precision work


4. TORCH BLUEFIRE Handy Cyclone Propane Torch

Uniqueness is essential in almost everything, but it has to be combined with innovative design and features. This is what this fantastic torch is able to establish, great looks along with efficient functions.

There’s so much to love about this product, everything about it screams efficiency and easy usability. The most remarkable factor about this product is the blue flame, which looks phenomenal when you’re using it extensively.

Now, when it comes to the heating capacity, it can heat up to 2642°F in a matter of minutes and, more importantly, provide a stable, powerful flow that will melt through anything that you want.

Most people like to use this for its great potential when it comes to being a burner for various cooking purposes. It will help you do some precision cooking and provide a burning power in complete balance.

The swirl cyclone flame is perfect if you intend to use it from different angles since the flame will not bend out of the direction, causing it to not burn as efficiently in separate compartments.

Along with all these features, you might be concerned with the ignition process; well, when it comes to that, it utilizes a tremendously simple trigger ignition. By using that function, you can start burning without any response lag.

It is also compatible with several gas tanks starting from the smaller ones to the larger ones; you can use it on different attachments without worrying about it lacking the efficiency you intend to get.



  • Max temperature is up to 1450°C
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Compatible with different cartridges
  • Perfect for brazing and welding
  • Amazing stainless steel build


  • Slightly uncomfortable to grip
  • Gas needs to be manually turned on before ignition


5. Lincoln Electric Propane Torch

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Another great product that provides impressive power and flexibility so that you can use it on different surfaces for different purposes without delay. This is the perfect device for various outdoor activities.

Let’s first start with the amazing power capacity; this device is capable of about 500,000 BTU of flame so that you can basically shape anything you want.

If you’re someone who intends to do some work around the house and the backyard quite often and you need something that will give you that flexibility, along with phenomenal reach, then this is the item you need to get.

The 10 feet hose is perfect for people of all heights; you don’t have to uncomfortably bend down to reach the point you want to use the item on. Also, the strength of the flame increases the reachability a little more.

When it comes to activities like roofing, removing weeds, melting tar, and even snow, you need this product. It will be able to efficiently work with your pace without needing to repeat the same location twice.

Also, you can customize the intensity of the flames by using the valve as much as you want. The valves are easy to handle, and you can use them to control the type of flame that comes out of the device.

Moreover, if you face any gas overflow, you can use the safety valves to get it under control. There are several advantages of the feature, starting from saving extra gas and preventing sudden outbursts.



  • 10 feet hose for excellent reachability
  • Includes a striker for ignition
  • Great for removing paint
  • Comfortable heat adjustment
  • Possesses a safety valve


  • Idle flame can be inconsistent
  • The gas pressure regulator can lack stability


6. Red Dragon VT 3-30 C

Red Dragon is a unique brand that brings forward products capable of providing you a great service at every use. This product from Red Dragon is one of their best when it comes to the portable propane torch.

One of the best factors about this product is that it is compatible with any gas tank system. Some products out there are only capable of some specific tanks, but Red Dragon is good to go with any tank system.

No matter which type of gas you use, you will be able to get efficient results and be able to establish high-temperature flames, which you can use around your house to burn weed.

Oh yes indeed, using this you will also be able to remove ruined paints and even tar from places that you want! Also, if it’s at a higher location, the long hose will make it much easier for you to reach and maintain.

Some might think igniting manual propane torches can be a hassle, but the amazing product makes it relatively easy since with the turn of the knob, you can start up the gas flow; after that, you just need a spark to start the flame up.

Next, you can play around with the intensity of the flame based on your needs. You can crank up the flame to any intensity and get amazing results at any point of your work and any surface you wish.

Another essential thing for torches like this is being lightweight; you need something that will be light enough to make it easier for you to carry around at any house location, which the Red Dragon establishes perfectly.



  • Efficient flame adjustments
  • Compatible with different surfaces
  • Strong, durable build
  • Capable of removing tar
  • Very easy to light a spark


  • Doesn’t have a safety handle system
  • No automatic igniter


7. Mag-Torch MT200C

The specialty of this item is the precision capabilities; it is quite hard to find something that will have enough precision so that you can get focused heating. But this product establishes precisely that.

Entirely made of brass, this is perfect for conducting heat, making sure you get the highest temperature so that you get the most efficient and responsive result on everything you use this on.

Due to its lightweight design, you have the freedom to use it on any occasion and get the type of result you are looking for. It will heat up on instant ignition without wasting any gas.

You can use this product for intricate designs and many other things without getting anything else for it. Also, you can adjust the flames’ intensity using the easy-to-use valve and control the flow of gas.

Another interesting feature is the replaceable orifice; not many devices have this freedom. Due to that, you can replace it at any moment and get longevity out of the device no matter how much you use it.

Due to that, it is also the right choice for heavy users since they can just get replacements without completely getting rid of the product.

Moreover, using three different tips, you can get different flame flow, which will help you focus on different processes of heating while allowing you the freedom to play around with the intensity as much as you want.



  • Burner orifice is replaceable
  • The knob is easy to use for everyone
  • Brass build for great control
  • Perfect for concentrated flaming
  • Adjustable tips for different flame types


  • Shutting off the gas flow can be tedious
  • Prone to sudden heat burst during ignition


8. Bernzomatic BZ4500HS

Bernzomatic is best at what they do; all their products are improving, with each version possessing all the functionalities that you might require.

It gets much better when you have the freedom to play around with different attachments to get the best out of the product. It will also allow you to get different heat ratings on several other conditions.

This model’s heat shrink tip helps you cover larger areas and provide sufficient heat to get the result you want to get. But it will not compromise on the efficiency and fluency of the heat flow.

Moreover, it comes in handy in several cooking scenarios since using this fantastic burner, you will be able to play around with the heat as much as you want without facing any inconsistency.

Another important thing for any torch is the build; you need a durable and robust build so that the device doesn’t lose its core integrity and face heat damage when it is used at an extended level.

This is where the aluminum cast of the Bernzomatic comes in quite handy since aluminum has a high heating point which will help it maintain a stable build even when the heat flow is maintained for a long time.

Also, the product’s gas consumption is quite efficient; since you can adjust the amount of heat you want, you save a lot of gas along the way. That will make a single tank last longer without you needing to get replacements.



  • Extinguishing process is efficient
  • Heat shrink will allow better heat spread
  • Best for heat-treating
  • Strong structural integrity
  • Inverted for balanced heat flow


  • Heat regulator is slightly complicated to handle
  • The flame is prone to dissipating if not balanced


9. CRL Complete Propane Torch

Everyone wants something that is complete with all the things you need, without you requiring to buy some other things to complete the product. This is what this amazing product does, and it does it better than any other.

The useful thing about this product is that it is complete; it has everything you might need from a propane torch. You can use it right out of the packaging without needing to buy anything extra or set it up part by part.

Another great thing is the compact size; it is relatively easy to carry around and use in different scenarios starting from cooking purposes to many other heavy-duty work; it will be able to handle everything.

You won’t be too tired from lugging around something bulky that might slip from your hands and cause any unfortunate accidents.

Affordability is also quite important; you need to buy something that is affordable and won’t hurt your pockets each time you need to refill or do some extra work while using it; that’s why fuel economy is very important.

So, this will be the perfect choice for you and your family since you can just use it as much as you need while getting an amazing heat rating so that you won’t lack any efficiency. Also, there’s zero chance of it leaking unnecessarily.

Some products can be quite tedious when it comes to setting up replacements; you need to do something extra to set it up. But in this case, this is relatively easy to set up, and for replacements, you can either refill or completely change the bottle.



  • Compact portable design
  • Great for various cooking purposes
  • Easy to get replacements
  • Lightweight design
  • Contains a complete kit


  • The packaging needs to be slightly improved
  • Lacks flame directional flexibility


10. Mag-Torch MT565C Propane Torch

Mag-Torch is excellent for its multifunctionality, and each of those functionalities complements each other to give you the best experience that you can hopefully get. So, you should definitely check this one out if that’s what you’re looking for.

This amazing product’s magic lies in flames; these possess some innovative flaming system that will give you a performance that you wish you have from every other product you bought from the internet.

It delivers an exquisite wrap-around flaming system that is perfect when you want to avoid overheating a specific point and get more surround heating functionality for all the projects that you intend to work on.

This is also great for when you want to make concrete joints since when you’re doing such delicate work, you need something that will have the right features to carry out the whole thing without causing any additional damage.

The swirling flame will distribute enough heat around the whole frame so that no point goes untouched. It will also reduce heating imbalances since that can affect the structural integrity for the worst.

Those excellent tips are also great at preventing sudden blowouts since they can be quite dangerous during heavy work. Plus, they will minimize the blazing up to 30% so that you get the most efficient flame anytime you use it.

Another great thing is the capability of soldering almost 3-inch of tubing, which is better than anything you will find out in the market. Through that wide fire, you won’t need to repeat a single point multiple times.



  • Unique flaming system
  • Capable of handling soldering of wide pipelines
  • Great for improving the integrity of the joints
  • A better mixture of the fuel and combustion air
  • Reduces hot spots


  • The flame is not adjustable
  • Lack of heat adjustment can lead to inconsistent ignition


Benefits of Propane Torches

Benefits of Propane Torches

Well, in the case of benefits, there are several things that we can address. Propane torches are great tools to use around the workshop, and it is also the most efficient option to choose.


The great thing about this device is that it is quite affordable; among many tools that you can use for welding, solder, and preheat, this is one of the most cost-efficient options to choose from.



Due to the inclusion of a hose, you are able to carry around the torch anywhere around your workshop. That provides you a lot of flexibility since you might have to use it at a place where you need a lot of clearance.

The small and highly advanced design gives you the freedom to choose where you want it and how. You just need to have a propane gas tank around you, and that’s all.



This is one of those multifunctional products that are used for many things, starting from killing weed to heating asphalt. There are a plethora of situations you can use it on and get the result you want.

So, it is always beneficial to have a propane torch at your home and definitely at the workshop because you will need it.


What to Look for Before Buying?

Best Propane Torches

It’s imperative for you to be picky when it comes to getting a propane torch since that will be used on several occasions, and failing products are annoying. So, we will guide you through some features you need to check –


If you’re looking for a propane torch, then you definitely want something that is compact and lightweight. Without that functionality, this can only get difficult and annoying to use.

Therefore, before buying, you need to check whether the weight classification is good for your hands and if it fits the type of work you intend to do. There are different classifications of torches, each with different weight classes.

Starting with the most basic one that people buy is the handheld type of propane torch. These should be easy to handle, and you need them to be less tiresome on your hands so that you don’t face any difficulty while working.

Another is the longer products, which are mostly used for outdoor activities. Now, when you buy these, you need something that will at least be easy to carry around. You don’t need something that will only be hard to move and utilize.

Therefore, try choosing a propane torch that will have the right weight so that you can carry it around in places and have flexibility when you are trying to maintain precision.



Finding a product with the right handles is quite important; you need something that will have all the right functionalities so that you get the best out of it. These are mostly handheld products, so the importance of a good handle is immense.

One of the most essential things about having good handles is safety. Imagine using a product that you can’t even correctly grip; how do you intend to reach complicated places and do tedious heavy-duty work?

So, it’s imperative for you to get a product that will have a sufficient handle system that will protect your hands from any heat damages and have the features to remain cool even in extended uses.

Even in the larger products with hose attachments, you will basically carry these around your home to do some maintenance work. So, you need something to hold it properly.

Using a safety glove can be quite annoying sometimes; you need to make sure you find something that will have a proper handle so that you won’t need to use any external safety clothing.


Flame Stability

This is very important; some people sometimes tend to avoid this specific topic, but the importance of it is quite immense since you wouldn’t really want to use a product that will lack sufficient flame stability.

That will only make your life much harder since you won’t be able to use the torch at a different angle and reach hard corners without the flame bending out of the direction you want to use it in.

So, when you’re buying a torch, be sure to check whether the flame has enough power to stay upright without bending away from the point you actually want to use it in.

That will only make your work harder and cause discomfort when trying to weld or do other activities using this product. Flame stability and consistency are something that should never be overlooked.


Flame Spread

Precision flaming is essential in various circumstances, but flame area coverage is also quite crucial since certainly you just don’t intend to use it for precision work. You also want it for the wide project so that you can cover larger areas without delay.

Some will even possess different attachment systems that will allow you to play around. You can make the flame wide and even very precise so that you can mold your project into the right shape.

So, you should definitely not compromise on the flame’s quality; you need something that will give you the freedom to work around various scenarios, not only precision work.


Heat Adjustability

Without even a second thought, you need to be able to adjust the flames the way you want them since having a product that won’t allow you to adjust the flames can be the worst experience when it comes to torches.

The products you intend to buy need to have a sufficient valve system that will ensure you get the most out of the fire coming out of the nozzle and let you play around with the intensity as much you want.

Therefore, make sure you get a product that will have an efficient and precise adjustment system so that you get the type of flame you need to make sure you get the most out of the product you use.

That will also help you maintain a healthy fuel economy so that you don’t go around wasting gas on just simple work.


Safety Precautions You Should Know Before Using Propane Torches

Propane torches can be quite dangerous in various situations; you need to take a few precautions before actually going out to use them –


Try not to wear any loose clothing when you intend to do some heavy work using the propane torch. They are very prone to catching ablaze, and some extra blazes can fall on your clothes.


Hand Protection

When you’re using an outdoor torch, then you might want to use safety gloves that will protect your hands from high temperatures since the device tends to get really hot.


Eye Protection

Always make sure you have sufficient eye protection that will protect your eyes from blazes and dangerous sparks. It’s definitely better to safe than sorry.


First Aids

In some instances, you might get burns on your skin or, if you’re not safe, many other injuries. In that case, we would suggest keeping a first aid kit nearby.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to use safety gloves when I’m using the torches?

Some of the torches will possess a sufficient handle system for which it is not exactly required for you to use safety gloves. But it’s always a better idea to use safety gloves.


2. Can I refill the gas tanks after they run out?

There’s a very specific process to refill gas tanks that you use for the torch. Therefore, you can refill, but it’s always a better idea to get completely new.


3. Do I need to set it up after unpacking?

In most cases, you don’t need to set up the device in any special way to start using it. You can just use it right out of the box, attach it to the gas tank, and you’re good to go.


4. Will it come with a gas tank, or do I need to buy one separately?

Most products don’t come with gas tanks, you might need to buy one separately, but there are some products that will have the gas tanks included in the packaging.


5. Will it include a striker for ignition?

Most manual ignition torches don’t possess strikers in the packaging, so you might want to buy an external one so that you can use it on your torch.


Final Words

Propane torches are amazing, they are easy to use, and they are multifunctional. Therefore, you might want to go for something that will help you get the best, and these are some of the best propane torches that will fit the bill.