12 Best Welding Gloves for MIG, TIG & Stick – Picks And Reviews [2022]

You MIGht have heard this before, but we are going to say it again that safety should be your number one priority when you are doing anything that involves electricity and heat. And do you know what task utilizes both electricity and heat? Yes, you guessed it right! Welding!

Let us tell you one thing straight; welding burns is not something that you would want to have in your hands. The marks that they leave takes ages to go. And to properly protect your hands from those, you should get the best welding gloves for MIG TIG & stick.

These versatile puppies will be adequate for all types of welding tasks. And the protection that they can offer will be more than enough to protect you from the burns that we talked about earlier.


Top Welding Gloves for MIG, TIG & Stick

It would be impossible for you to get into a store and check each of their offerings physically. Some stores might even kick you out if they catch you doing that. But you have nothing to worry about being in such an embarrassing situation because we have taken the bullet for you. And we have picked these after comparing all:

1. RAPICCA 932℉

Being exceptionally resistant to heat is an important thing that a unit has to fulfill to become the best welding gloves. And this one that is from RAPICCA is exactly that.

Let us first talk about the feature that makes it stand out the most. That is the Kevlar protection that it has throughout the entire body. The padding is double reinforced, and it is on all of the parts, including the elbows and the back.

Aside from having double reinforced padding on the body, there is an intermediate layer in the middle. That layer is a combination of flame retardant cotton cloth and air-isolated aluminum foam. The cloth makes this one achieve a high absorption capability, while the flame retardant threading makes it capable of resisting heat.

Other than that, you will have two options regarding the overall length. You can choose the 14 inches version or the 16 inches version. The 16 inches one will provide protection in the forearm region.

The unit has a superior wear-resistant capability as well. As these are 1.5 mm thick and have a soft shoulder split in the middle, you can expect them to be cut-resistant. Also, the reinforced leather stitching that it has will elongate its overall lifespan significantly. These can resist water exceptionally well too.



  • Features double reinforced Kevlar
  • Protection is in all of the parts
  • Can cover protection in the forearm region
  • Highly capable of resisting wear
  • Water-resistant and cut-resistant


  • Stitching on some of the sections is a bit poor in quality
  • MIGht not fit properly on extra-large hands


2. Lincoln Electric Traditional 14″ Lined Leather

A superior amount of comfort is another thing that makes these achieve the best MIG welding gloves rating. And these gloves that we are going to take a look at is capable of offering exactly that.

The liner of these is exceptionally soft. It is of soft cotton, and the inside cuff has a lining that is of twill cotton. Because the lining is combined with the straight thumb design that these implements, the comfort level you will enjoy will be pretty high.

As both the liners are of cotton, these can absorb moisture exceptionally well. It will enhance the overall comfort even further and increase fingertip sensitivity. For that reason, you should have proper control of each of the movements you are going to make. It can offer a good amount of grip as well.

Other than the comfort, this one is highly capable of resisting heat. The material that Lincoln Electric has opted for is high-grade leather and high-quality cotton. Both can withstand high temperatures at ease.

Even the durability level of these is considerably high. The Kevlar threading and the fully lined interior will make sure that you can carry out most heavy-duty tasks without facing any issues. These can also resist sparks and spatter exceptionally well.



  • Utilizes an exceptionally soft cotton liner
  • Features a straight thumb design
  • Fingertip sensitivity is extremely high
  • Can resist heat pretty well
  • Has Kevlar threading and the interior is fully lined


  • All the fingers are of the same length
  • No size options are available


3. US Forge 400 Lined Leather, Blue

When you are in the market looking for a well-performing glove, you might want to get something that has locked stitching. Well, in that case, you should take a look at what US Forge is offering here.

As we have mentioned above, this one features locked stitching. As the stitching is locked, the amount of durability that this one achieves is higher than the available regular ones. And that durability is enhanced even further for the internal lining.

Other than just adding strength to the unit, the internal lining makes sure that it can offer you a good amount of comfort. The lining is soft and is of high-quality cotton. You will not feel like you have your hands in a box of nails.

Aside from the comfort that it can offer, it can provide a good amount of protection from heat. And it achieves that capability for the supple and soft top grain leather. The softness of the leather enhances the overall comfort even further.

Design-wise, it focuses on providing complete protection from heat. What it mostly shines at is at providing an adequate amount of protection from molten metals. For that reason, you might never have to worry about having skin burns if you handle the heat with this on your hand.



  • Sports locked stitching
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Lining is reasonably soft
  • Offers a high level of comfort
  • Provides complete protection from molten metals


  • Amount of insulation is comparatively low
  • Can not resist water that well


4. KIM YUAN Kevlar Stitching Mitts

Having color options regarding anything means that you can get something that matches the looks that you were shooting for. And you will get exactly that with this one that is being offered by KIM YUAN.

Unlike some of the other offerings, this one comes in five different colors. Depending on the looks that you are planning to get, you can choose black, blue, gray, orange, or yellow. All of them will have a different color accent.

Aside from the color options, you will have a choice regarding the size as well. It comes in both 14 inches and 16 inches. Both of them can resist heat exceptionally well. And they achieve such a characteristic for the high-quality cow leather construction. These can withstand heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lining inside is of soft cotton. That lining will do a proper job in absorbing all of the moisture on the inside. And that will also make these achieve a higher level of comfort. You can work for a long amount of time without facing any discomfort.

Even the flexibility level of these is highly praiseworthy. And these achieve that ability for the leather being not too thick or too thin. Also, these can resist cut, puncture, and wearing reasonably well. So you can expect to get extended use out of these.



  • Comes in five different colors
  • Two different size options are available
  • Extremely resistant to heat
  • Lining inside is a soft
  • Can resist puncture and wearing exceptionally well


  • Fingers are comparatively long
  • Sizings are not that consistent for each of the pairs


5. Revco GM1611 Top Grain Leather

Even though color options are something that some of the brands are going to offer, size options will not be offered by all. However, that is not the case for Revco, and you will know exactly why.

Firstly, this one comes in five standard sizes. You will find these in small, medium, large, extra-large, and lastly, extra-extra-large. All of the sizes are standard, which means the size is going to be true to the size.

Aside from being true to the size, all of the versions will come with a five inches long cuff. That cuff is going to provide you extra protection from heat and splatters. Also, it will make sure that these do not fall off your hands when you are handling around different objects.

Each of them has a soft lining on the inside. The lining is not that heavy, nor is it too light. For that reason, the comfort that you are going to get will be pretty much incomparable. Also, the lining is there to absorb all of the moisture that Might be on the inside.

Other than that, this one has Kevlar stitching on the body. It will make these achieve a higher level of durability. Also, the heat-resistance will get further enhanced because of the stitching. It can also provide protection from slag, splatter, and sparks.



  • Five standard sizes are available
  • Utilizes reasonably lightweight lining inside
  • Offers a higher level of comfort
  • Has Kevlar stiching on the body
  • Boasts a 5 inches cuff


  • Dexterity level is not that high
  • Utilizes average quality seams


6. Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff

Are you looking for one of the best TIG welding gloves that have a professional outlook? Well, you can stop your search right here because Caiman Might have what you were looking for all this time!

Just like some of the other gloves that are out there, this one also comes in a few different sizes. There are four of them, to be exact. And each one of them is true to the size, which means you are sure to get a proper fit if you can get the right one.

On that note, the cuff on these is reasonably long. For the comparatively long cuff that these come with, you should get a proper fit on the upper area of your arm. The chances of these falling off will be considerably low as well.

Other than the cuff, these are highly resilient to heat. The insulation is in a proper amount. As a result, heat will have a hard time trying to get inside. And there is no lining on the body. That will make sure that you get a seamless fit on your hand.

Aside from that, the manufacturer has opted for goatskin leather. This type of leather is known to offer a good finish on the exterior. For that reason, it achieves a professional look.



  • Features a professional outlooks
  • Does not have any lining on the body
  • Highly resilient to heat
  • Packs a long cuff
  • Has a proper heat insulation


  • Tends to leave color stains on the hands
  • Comfort level is not that praiseworthy


7. John Tillman and Co Tillman Large 14″ TIL50L

Is the standard large size that is offered by different brands not large enough for you? Well, in that case, you should have a look at what John Tillman and Co is offering here.

Before we talk about anything else, let us first describe the overall construction. The manufacturer has utilized top grain cowhide for manufacturing this one. And the quality is not average. For that reason, it should be long-lasting and should not show any build quality issues that quickly.

Aside from the overall construction, this one has reinforced splits. As the splits are reinforced, the chances of it wearing down that quickly will be considerably low. Also, it utilizes Kevlar thread for sewing. So, the seams are going to have a good amount of protection.

Even the lining is of fleece material. That material makes this one exceptionally comfortable to wear. The heat insulation capability that it achieves for that materials is highly efficient. It can protect your hands from extreme heat.

There is a four inches cuff on the end, which will ensure that the fit that you have is secure. It will also provide extra protection to the upper portion of your hand. Also, the unit is exceptionally lightweight. So the comfort level of this one will be pretty high.



  • A bit large than the standard large size
  • Utilizes high-quality top-grain cowhide
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has fleece lining
  • Uses Kevlar on the seams


  • Sleeve on the inside is a bit flimsy for some units
  • Might be a little thin for MIG welding


8. Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch One Size

Confused about the different size options that are available for different welding gloves? Want to get something that basically offers a universal fit? Then this one from Caiman is what you need to pick up.

The most highlighting feature about this one is the One Size Fits All size that it comes with. That will fit on most of the hands, including the extra-small and the extra-large ones. Also, there is a standard large size available for the people that are sure about the size.

Aside from the sizing, this one is strictly designed for welding. Starting from the fingertips all the way to the cuff, all of the parts have a design that will make the welding a bit more manageable. You can get a proper grip over the objects, thanks to the Deer split palm that it features.

The padding on this one is pretty generous. For the amount of padding that it has, you would not face any discomfort when you are working with this on for an extended amount of time. The padding does a proper job in absorbing the moisture inside as well.

It utilizes Kevlar thread, which will make this one achieve a considerably high level of durability. And the Boarhide leather shield patch that it has will provide you an adequate amount of protection from heat. The cuff is also reasonably long.



  • Has a universal size
  • Features a welding-forward design
  • The palm area utilizes Deer leather
  • Utilizes Kevlar thread
  • Sports heat-shield patch on the body


  • Adjustable strap does not put that much pressure on the hands
  • Might not fit that well on the hands that are a bit wide


9. IRONCLAD Welding Leather Gloves

Among all of the options that are available, the ones that utilize Kevlar for the stitching generally have a high level of durability. And a perfect example of that would be this one that is from IRONCLAD.

To begin with, the seams on this one are of Kevlar thread. For utilizing such type of material, this one achieves a considerably higher level of durability. It is capable of withstanding heavy-duty work environments without showing any issues.

Other than the durability, the Kevlar thread makes this one achieve the ability to resist abrasions. The palm is reinforced with cowhide. And as there is a leather material in the palm region, you would have a proper grip over different objects.

Aside from the palm region, this one has a cotton lining on the inside. That lining does not only make this one exceptionally comfortable but also does a proper job in insulating the heat. The chances of you getting blisters because of heat will be considerably low.

Alongside that, the back is of split elkskin. That material enhances the heat-resistance capability even further. And the safety cuff is of cowhide. It is pretty long and should be able to make sure that the fit is secure on your hands. The straight thumb design enhances the overall comfort even further.



  • Seams are of Kevlar thread
  • Capable of resisting abrasives
  • Palm region is of cowhide leather
  • Utilizes split elkskin on the back region
  • Comes with a reasonably long cuff


  • Tends to shed a lot after prolonged use
  • Some of the units Might have holes on the outer layer


10. Superior 370GFKLL Precision Arc

[amazon box=”B071P8STWG” template=”horizontal”]

Dexterity control and having exceptional touch sensitivity are something most of the brands are going to skimp on. However, that is not really the case for this welding glove.

First of all, this one has an ASTM level 2 rating of touch sensitivity. That means there will be no need to take the gloves off if you want to control digital devices. Also, it has a higher level of dexterity control, which is not really that common.

The cut resistance level of the unit is reasonably high as well. This one has 625 grams of cut resistance. For that reason, sharp objects will not be able to puncture the surface that easily. And the hand portion of the unit is lined with Kevlar thread. That enhances both the cut resistance and the durability of the glove.

Other than the Kevlar threading, this one has goatskin leather on the body. This material increases the toughness of the unit. And it enhances the overall dexterity level even further. Handling small objects will an easy task with this one.

Aside from that, the heat resistance capability of the unit is highly praiseworthy. The patching on the body will insulate the inside properly and make it capable of resisting high temperatures. Your hands inside will be fully protected from blisters.



  • Has an ASTM level 2 rating for touch sensitivity
  • Boasts 625 grams of cut resistance
  • Offers a high level of dexterity
  • Features goatskin leather on the body
  • Can resist heat exceptionally well


  • Sizings are not standard
  • Might be too thick for TIG welding



Impact protection is another one of the things that most brands will not emphasize that much. But MAGID had factored that in when they were manufacturing this welding glove for the market.

Unlike some of the other units, this one has an M-Force defense system. The back of the hand is fully protected and should be able to deflect impacts efficiently. It can also properly absorb the shock and prevent it from entering the inside.

The heat protection that it can provide is highly praiseworthy as well. Thanks to the Para-aramid stitching, this one can properly insulate the heat from the outside. It does a proper job of resisting the flame from getting inside. There are plenty of different size options available too.

Other than that, the goatskin shell that it utilizes will let it provide you a higher level of dexterity. And the lined cuff is long enough to make sure that the upper region of your hands stays protected from extreme heat.

It has ANSI Level 4 cut resistance. This one can also efficiently resist abrasions. Because of that, the possibility of punctures occurring when you are handling around sharp objects will be relatively low. And the para-aramid stitching that it boasts will make sure that the fit that you get is perfect.



  • Can deflect impact efficiently
  • Capable of properly absorbing shocks
  • Properly insulates heat
  • Has an ANSI Level 4 cut resistance
  • Sports para-aramid stitching


  • Some parts are of rubber that can melt during welding
  • All of the sizes are not standard


12. Miller Electric Welding Gloves 3D

On the lookout for the best stick welding gloves that have premium stitching on the body? Well, in that case, you should check out what Miller is offering here.

To start with, it utilizes premium leather as a construction material. And the stitching on the leather is premium too. Worrying about the parts of it coming off anytime soon will not be something that you would have to do for this one.

Aside from the premium stitching, this one utilizes Kevlar threading. Those threads make this one achieve a higher level of durability. The palm area has a grain cut, which will ensure that you have a proper grip over any sort of object.

Even the split cuff is of high-quality material. It is of cowhide. And as the cuff is considerably long, the upper portion of your hand will be properly protected as well. The cuff will also ensure that the fit that you get is secure. You will not have to worry about it falling off when you are working on a welding project.

Apart from that, the lining on this is of fleece. For that reason, it achieves an efficient temperature control capability. The inside will remain dry, and you would not sweat that much because it will do a proper job in absorbing the moisture from the inside.



  • Boasts premium stitching on the body
  • Utilizes high-quality materials
  • Palm region offers an adequate amount of grip
  • Features fleece lining
  • Comes with a relatively long cuff


  • Not that resistant to wearing
  • Some of the units Might ship with holes in the body


Benefits of Welding Gloves

Benefits of Welding Gloves

If you are still reluctant to invest your money in one of these, you should know about the benefits they can offer. And they are as follows:


It goes without saying that you are going to get a proper amount of protection by wearing them. These will be better than the standard gloves and will have extra features that will make them capable of handling heat around properly. The heat will be properly dissipated, and each of the parts of your hand will stay protected.



These are not dedicated to a particular type of welding task. Starting from TIG, MIG, and stick, you can use these for all of the tasks. You can wear them while you are doing other types of heat-related tasks. In fact, you can use one of these for barbecuing. So you can guess how versatile these actually are.



Unlike the standard ones, these have an inner lining inside. The lining will mostly be of cotton. That will absorb the sweat and will regulate the temperature inside. And the amount of cushioning that they will have will focus particularly on offering a higher amount of comfort.


What to Look for Before Buying?

Best Welding Gloves

You should consider a couple of factors before you decide to spend your valuable money on any of the units. Those points are going to help you scrutinize the gloves properly, which will eventually increase your chances of getting something worthy. That being said, the factors that you need to consider are as follows:

Build Quality

First and foremost, you need to consider the build quality. This will vary on each of the models that you will stumble in the market because not all of the brands are going to utilize the same combination of materials. While some will heavily rely on high-quality cowhide, others will rely on average quality leather.

Nevertheless, the thumb rule to scrutinizing the build quality is to check the quality of the materials. So no matter what the materials are, you need to make sure that they are high in quality. And the units that utilize high-quality materials are usually the ones that have a high build quality.



Other than the quality of the materials, the stitching plays an important role in the case of the durability of the products. Usually, the higher-end units will feature premium stitching, and they are going to utilize Kevlar thread for that. Those are the ones that will have a significantly high level of durability.

On the other hand, if you happen to get something that has an average quality stitching, chances are that the parts of the body will start coming off after a couple of months of use, which you would not want, would you? For that reason, you need to ensure that the one that you are getting features good quality stitching.

Alongside that, the ones with proper stitching and seams on the body are capable of withstanding heavy-duty worksites. Those can resist abrasions and can resist wear and tears exceptionally well. As a result, you can get extensive use out of them without having to worry about them falling on you anytime soon.


Heat Resistance Capability

The main reason why you are picking one of these up is to work with high-temperature tasks, which is welding. And for that, the heat resistance capability is something that you will have to put proper emphasis on. Usually, most of these would be able to resist heat to a certain amount because of the padding.

However, you would need the highest level of heat resistance. For those, you should check whether the one that you are picking can properly insulate the heat or not. The ones that can efficiently insulate heat are the ones that usually have a higher level of heat resistance capability.

Alongside that, you need to consider if it can resist flames or not. Some of the high-end units do a proper job resisting splatters as well. With those, you can stay completely worry-free about heat burns when you are carrying out intensive welding tasks.


Temperature Regulating Capability

One of the factors that you should put proper emphasis on is the temperature regulating capability of the units. Most of the units are not going to have this feature. However, it is important because you are going to sweat extensively when you are wearing it and working on different welding tasks without this.

Also, do make sure that the one that you are picking can absorb moisture efficiently. Without that, welding for a long amount of time will not be that enjoyable. For that reason, we highly suggest picking up the ones that can regulate temperature and can absorb moisture efficiently.



Another thing that is quite important is the grip. The palm region is the area that you will have to check for this factor. Most will utilize cowhide or leather for that region. However, you need to make sure that the palm area can provide an adequate amount of gripping and allows you to properly grip different objects.

Without being able to get a proper grip on the objects, carrying out the welding tasks will become a bit of a hassle. The possibility of you not being able to control the welding gun will be pretty high. And without getting the proper control, the workpiece you are working on will not turn the way you want it.



The fitting will highly depend on the sizes. Generally, these will come in five standard sizes. Also, there many that comes in one size that fits all of the hands. Nevertheless, when you are picking the size, you must make sure that the sizing is appropriate.

If you happen to get something that is large or something that is a bit small, the fitting will not be perfect. And without a proper fitting, the chances of the gloves falling off or being too TIGht to work with will be high. You will also not be able to get a proper grip and work with different objects properly.



Usually, the comfort level for most of these is up to the mark. However, some brands will skimp on this factor. They are going to utilize cheap quality lining inside, which will make the glove uncomfortable to wear. And without a proper amount of comfort, it would be impossible for you to wear it for a long period.

On that note, welding tasks are something that you Might have to carry out for hours. Considering that, you would want to pick up something that you can wear for hours without facing any discomfort. So, you need to pick the units with a proper lining inside. Make sure that the padding inside is adequate as well.


Dexterity and Control

The design of the gloves will have a huge impact on dexterity. However, you Might not be familiar with the term dexterity. It usually indicates the ability to maneuver your hands to properly handle small and intricated objects. And you Might have to handle a lot of such objects while carrying out a welding task.

Considering that, we would recommend you shoot for the ones that offer a higher level of dexterity and control. The ones with a straight thumb design are generally the ones that will excel in offering the highest dexterity level. Also, do make sure that the fingertip sensitivity is adequate for the one that you are picking.


Cut Resistance

While you are carrying out welding tasks, you Might have to handle a lot of sharp objects. And if you happen to make a hole in your gloves when you are handling those objects, the gloves’ overall structural integrity will degrade substantially. It Might not even resist the heat that efficiently after that.

That is why you need to ensure that you get something that can resist cuts and sharp objects. With those, you will not have to worry about a thing when you are moving sharp tools. Also, these will be highly resistant to abrasions, which will eventually enhance the units’ overall lifespan.



The last thing you need to consider when you are in the market for one of these is the cuff. Make sure that the cuff is long enough that it protects the upper portion of your hand. Also, do ensure that it can offer a proper fit on the back, or else the gloves Might slide right off your hands when you are welding.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I measure my hand for choosing the right size of the welding glove?

You need to measure around your hand. Start from the V of the thumb. That area will give you the proper circumference. And make sure that the result that you are collecting is in inches. Once you have got your measurement, compare that will the size chart for the gloves and pick the ones that are close to your hand’s size.


2. Are welding gloves versatile? Can I use it for other tasks?

One of the most highlighting points of these is the extreme level of versatility that they have. They are that versatile that you can use them for any heat-related task you Might have to carry. Starting from baking to barbecuing, you can wear one of these and work with peace.


3. What are the most common materials that are used to manufacture welding gloves?

Among all of the materials utilized for manufacturing these, you will find that most of the brands are going to utilize leather. However, the type of leather will differ from one to another. Some Might use pigskin, while others Might use a cowhide. Many even opts for elkskin. Nevertheless, cowhide is the most common.


4. Are impact-resistant welding gloves worth it?

In our opinion, the impact-resistant welding gloves are definitely worth the money. The impact resistance capability will make the unit achieve a higher level of durability, which is always necessary. Also, these would be able to protect your hands properly when you are handling heavy objects.


5. Can I wash a welding glove?

Almost all of the welding gloves that you will find in the market will be washable. Some will even be capable of being washed inside a machine. However, you need to make sure that the detergent that you are using is not strong. Instead, use something that is mild.


Final Words

You can never have too much protection when you are carrying out something labor-intensive like welding. And to protect your hands properly, you should not really settle for anything other than the best welding gloves for MIG TIG & stick. We assure you that each of the units that we have covered is exactly that.