7 Best Tube Notcher Reviews 2022-Top Picks & Buying Guide

Best Tube Notcher Reviews

Are you searching for the best tube notcher?

Tube notcher is an equipment that is used to make fish mouth notches in metal tubes. Plumbers, technicians use a tube notch mostly for notching. This equipment is used for the manufacture of cars, buses, and bicycle frames, etc.

It can easily cut a soft metal such as copper or aluminum. You can quickly cut the metal with less effort and get a good shape by using a notcher.

So, which issue fusses everyone?

As most of the tube notchers have almost similar features, we get confused and end up by purchasing the wrong one.


7 Best Tube Notcher That Is Worthy of Your Money- The Ultimate Picks

An expensive tube notcher may not give you excellent service. But, it’s very important to get the ideal tube notcher to make accurate cutting at the end of the tube. So, a notcher is a weapon for shaping the tube and makes it eligible for use.

Today, we’re going to discuss the top tube notchers reviews which are going to help you to select one.

1. Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher Tool for 0-60 Degree Angle Notches Up To 2″ Round Tubing

Highlighted features
  • The tube notcher shapes at any angle from 0-60 degrees, up to 2” round tubing.
  • It has saw blades up to 2-1/2 inch with standard holes.
  • This tubing notcher has a strong and durable steel frame.
  • The base of this tube notcher is adaptable and workable.
  • Erie tools tube and pipe notcher are perfect for building roll cages, mini-bike structures.

Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher Tool for 0-60 Degree Angle Notches Up To 2 Round Tubing

With 73 years of glory, Erie Tool, and Supply is still now holding its quality. Maintaining that consistency, Erie Tools tube, and pipe notcher tool is the best one of their machines. If you have not used any tube notcher previously, you can try this fantastic tube notcher for getting the perfect shape.

Erie Tools precision pipe notcher is a user friendly and suitable fixture for your drill press. This tubing notcher easily creates round cuts in the pipe. It creates any shape from 0 to 45 degrees angle in Aluminum and 0-60 degrees angle in steel product and holds 1/2 inch, 2” diameter round tube.

The tube notcher has a sustainable and robust steel frame that holds your thing perfectly during an operation. This notcher is perfect for building roll cages, mini-bike structures, and all your general shop materials and home materials too.

Another feature of the Erie tool tube notcher is the base is adjustable to any functional element and extremely suitable to mount a drill press.

You can swivel and rotate the base smoothly. The support is in conjunction with the convertible pipe holder that makes fabricating element’s angles very quickly.

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2. Kaka PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe Tube Notcher

Highlighted features
  • The angle of the tube notcher rotates from 0 to 60 degrees in 1-degree increments.
  • The tube notcher creates perfect round cuts in different shapes of pipe or tube.
  • It is flexible with any electric drill.
  • The hole saw pipe tube notcher contains adjustable mounting brackets.

Kaka PN-1 2S Hole Saw Pipe tube Notcher

Kaka Industrial claims to deliver quality products with the fastest shipment at the lowest price. If you find a tube notcher of high quality at a reasonable price, with a lifetime service facility, just go for Kaka PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe tube notcher.

The KAKA PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe tube notcher is made for your tough jobs, and this tube notcher model is entirely adaptable to any surface. It will make your life much more comfortable than any other pipe tube notcher.

Not only can you use this tube notcher on every surface but also the base is made in such a way that while you are cutting any workable material, you can rotate the plate of a tube notcher.

It is an excellent feature because while you are cutting the compound angles, it will give the facility flexibility to move around whatever you want to work. You can set the precision settings from zero degrees to sixty degrees in one-degree increments.

This model includes an adjustable mounting bracket, which helps to cut compound notch angles smoothly and quickly. You can use ½ inch chuck, and the capacity of the pipe tube notcher is a maximum of 2 inches.


3. Heck Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw

Highlighted features
  • The tube notcher’s working capacity is up to 40 hours.
  • Blade hole saw includes this tube
  • The maximum notching capacity of the tube notcher is 2 inches.
  • Its ram works manually.

Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw

Heck industry comes with their tube notcher and Hole Saw Pipe. They were established in 1966 with the invention of amazing cost-effective metalworking machines and equipment.

If you are looking for a tube notcher that maintains the highest quality with excellent art machining techniques, you can surely go for their tube notcher. They also ensure continuous customer support as they claim that they have skilled representatives.

One of the main features of this tube notcher is that it has a blade hole saw that is used to fabricate notches in pipes and tubes of frame-making and roll cages

Another feature is its notching capacity. The maximum notching capacity of this notcher is 2 inches. You can do Messy and complicated work easily as dragging the handle downward to finish the notching process of the tube. It joints a tube that is connected and allows an easy way to adjust.

However, the ram of the hole saw pipe and tube notcher works manually, not automatically. It’s working capacity is up to 40 hours. It works on any work surface so you can simply do your job.


4. VKRP Enterprises Tube & Pipe Notcher With Hole Saw Drills Kit

Highlighted features
  • It cuts any angles from 0-60 degrees.
  • This tubing notcher holds the workpiece tightly during operation.
  • The base of this tube notcher works with any surface.
  • It works with any type of standard drill press.

7 Best Tube Notcher Reviews 2022-Top Picks & Buying Guide 1

Now comes to VKRP enterprises invention, tube, and pipe notcher 60 degrees Notch with 13 Pc Bi-Meta Hole Saw W/2 kit. If you are a working person and look for an affordable or budget-friendly tube notch, you can buy this for your job.

It is workable with any type of standard drill press and adjustable with any round cutters, milling bits and hole saw. This item is an excellent thing to perform for any big or small work.

The unique characteristics of this pipe and tube notcher are flexible to use. You can maintain precision for doing any jobs whether it is big or small.

This tube and pipe notcher have a strong and sustainable steel frame that contains your work materials tightly when you do an operation with it.

It has an excellent base. Why are we claiming it? Because the core of their tube and pipe notcher is so much adaptable and adjustable to any workable surface, drill press table when you are going to mount. You can rotate and swivel its base.

The 13 pc. 3/4″- 2 ½” Bi- hole saw set can cut small holes in any surface like- wood, steel alloys, aluminum, brass, plastic, and even on stainless steel as it has lengthier and tougher teeth to cut the firm surface.


5. Woodward Fab (HECSPPIPENOTCH) 2″ Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

Highlighted features
  • This one has a fully adjustable unit.
  • It facilitates the mounting process easily.
  • This tubing notcher fits with any standard.
  • The pipe and tube notcher contains a hole saw.

Woodward Fab (HECSPPIPENOTCH) 2 Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

Woodward Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of sheet metal fabrication products since 1966. Woodward Fab’s hole saw pipe and tube notcher is a multifaceted tool that will not let you waste your time.

Their saw pipe and tube notcher are designed to mount easily and quickly onto any types of the drill press, motor, or handheld press. It allows a flexible position so that you can do your work with freedom.

You can do the job whatever the way you want to like to. Woodward Fab tube notcher is simple to mount, but it also gives you the facility of forming outstanding saddle notches during a short period.

This pipe and tube notcher also help you to reduce your overall renovation time. It makes flawless welds and strength when you make a structure.

It has a special feature. Woodward Fab tube notcher has the power of not only cut pipes but also notch the pipes.

This pipe and tube notcher include a hole saw that can cut pipes up to a thickness of 2 inches. The system enables you to add flexibility and to meet your specific needs.


6. Kaka PN-1/2A Aluminum Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher

Highlighted features
  • This tubing notcher is made of the aluminum frame & easy to read Angle Scales.
  • The compound angle adjustment up to 45 degrees.
  • The maximum capacity of this tube notcher is up to 2″ Round tube.
  • It has an adaptable and workable base.

Kaka PN-1 2A Aluminium Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher

We have again come to the most significant tube notcher company KAKA industrial. The emphasis on the machinery and tools for the machine shops and smaller cabinets since 2015. They aim to deliver more value to their customers as well as this market.  Their other fantastic invention is PN-1/2A Aluminum Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher.

The industrial precision pipe notcher has an excellent fixture for drill press. If you do not use any tube notcher previously, you can try this fantastic tube notcher for the perfect shape of your functional materials.

Kaka’s pipe notcher is easy to read Angle Scales. It can tube any kind of shapes at any angle from 0-45 degree made of aluminum

Another feature of the tube notcher is that it has a strong and adaptable base that can make it workable, especially suitable to be mounted on drill presses. You can rotate and swivel perfectly the base without any hassle.

This notcher is perfect for fabricating a roll cage, mini bike frame, cart frame & home project. It makes an ideal connection for secure and clean welds.


7. Baileigh TN-250 Tube Notcher for Use with Hand Held Drill

Highlighted features
  • This tubing notcher is bench or vise mounted.
  • It requires a 1/2-inches drill.
  • The spindle of this tube notcher is 1-1/4-inches.
  • It has an infinite angle adjustment.
  • The Baileigh tube notcher will never frustrate you.

Baileigh TN-250 Tube Notcher for Use with Hand Held Drill

For 20 years, Baileigh Industrial has created machines that still now. Maintaining that consistency, they are focusing on high-quality tools production.

Baileigh tube notcher is a unique self-centering tube notcher, which allows the operator to clamp down on tubes, including the middle of a bend. If you have not used any tube notcher previously, you can try this fantastic tube notcher for the perfect shape.

The Baileigh tube notcher is the only hole saw tubing notcher that is always centered up and down and left to right, no issue what size tube or pipe you have got.

The tube notcher can notch up to 2-1/2-inches OD and allows a tremendous amount of degree angles. For having a large degree plate, it helps to induce backside notches lined up, and it is an adjustable axis to accommodate almost any notch considering any notch combination considering the pivot which moves left to right up to 230 degrees.

Another feature of Baileigh tube notcher is that the backbone is formed from a heavy-duty 3/4-inches steel plate, and every component interlocks to create a very rigid platform. 

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Things You Should Consider Before Choosing The Perfect Tube Notchers- The Ultimate Buying Guide

As there are many tube notcher brands in the market and almost everyone provides you the most similar service. So, you should consider some factors before purchasing the right one.

What is the Best Tube Notcher?

A tube notcher isn’t a single-purpose tool. If we want to define it, we can simply make an idea about it with the following factors.

It comes with definite durability, longevity, power capacity, height, length, and many more things. So, you need to know which notcher is fulfilling all of your requirements and that’s it.

 Let’s discuss the factors you should consider while purchasing the tube notcher!

  1. Brands:

There are different brands available in the market. Different tube notcher brands provide an unusual amount of peace at different budgets. The maximum famous brand offers fast and easy starts for any size of hole saw in seconds. The variety of features and angle adjustments are available for a different brand.


  1. Notching Angle Checking:

Different brand’s tube notchers provide variation in notching angles. Most of the famous tube notch provides a cutting edge of 0 to 45 degrees with easy to read angle scale.

Some of the brands have compound angle adjustment up to 60 degrees. When you are doing higher angle cuts more than 40degree, you may need to get creative and extra use a piece of L bracket for the Woodward Fab brand.


  1. Durable construction:

If you buy a durable tube notcher, it will provide you long-lasting support. A tube notcher is made of stainless steel metal. The durability depends on the quality of the materials.

Most of the tube notchers are built with metal, steel, or chrome-plated frames. So, the durable construction feature is an essential key factor while choosing your tube hole saw notcher.


  1. Ease of use:

No matter how good the construction quality, how lightweight the product, or how much warranty it gives, the most important thing is how natural it is to use.

Most of the famous brands provide a super cutting feature with different compound angle adjustment. Some brands also provide ‘how to’ guides to ensure user-friendly and smart use.


  1. Weight:

You should consider the weight of the tube notcher. Weight is a vital factor before you are going to purchase. Functional tools feature a carrying case for ease of carrying. It also reduces the tool’s weight.

Every plumber expects a lightweight tool. You feel bored when working with a heavyweight tool. So, buy a thin tube notch.


  1. Price:

Price varies from brand to brand. You should check the latest price according to your budget. The more money you will spend, the more safety products you will get. Make a reasonable budget for your desired tool.


  1. Warranty:

Warranty may differ from brand to brand. Some brands give you a lifetime warranty, and some will provide a guarantee only for one year or less than one year. You should be concerned about the warranty feature. Otherwise, your money will go to ruin.

So, get the one which has covered a maximum warranty period.


FAQs for Tube Notcher

Q: Is there any requirement of the drill press to use a tube notcher?

A:  No, you don’t require any drill press. If you want, you can utilize a handheld drill.


Q: How do I measure the correct length at which to cut?

A: If you use a notcher that has an angle less than 45 deg, then it will cut longer about 1/3th of the diameter of the tube or higher than 45deg, then the cut will be done on the intersecting position. So, the correct length of cutting depends on the angle of your notcher.


Q: Is it possible to make a notch by myself?

A: Yes, of course, it is possible that you may make a notch but make sure that the blades of the notcher can cut the material. Check specification before application.


Q: Can I use a tube notcher on wood?

A: Yes, you can use a tube notcher on the wooden surface. The saws of tube notchers are capable when making holes in wood.


Q: What is the compatible size of hole saw blades with tube notcher?

A: There is no defined size of hole saw blades for tube notchers, but you will find a compatible one in the market. You can get the standard hole saw blade size that will go perfectly with your tube notcher.

Some amounts of transport with the blades of notcher.  You can purchase it separately that will suit with your blade too.


Q: Can I use a precision tube notcher for steel pipe round cutting?

A: Yes, if you have a cutter sharp enough, it will cut any type of pipe or metal tubing you want to cut. up to 2 inches, OD.


What DO Experts Say  About Tube Notcher?

We prefer Baileigh tube notcher, as it has many more features and special characteristics. This is really user friendly. But you can also choose another company’s tube notcher- KAKA, Erie Tools, or Woodward brand.

If you consider a specific feature, like you want an aluminum frame, then go for Kaka PN-1/2A Aluminum Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher. You need a fully adjustable tube notcher, then go for Woodward Fab (HECSPPIPENOTCH) 2″ Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher.

If you need a hole saw tube notcher that has up to 40 hours working capacity, then go for Heck Pipe and Tube Notcher. If you need shaping angles from 0-60 degrees on both aluminum and steel surfaces, then go for Erie Tools Tube and Pipe Notcher Tool. It also provides 2’ round tubing. 


Final Words:

We’re at the end of our best tube notcher reviews!

Your tube cutting becomes extremely tough if you don’t have the right notcher. So, try to purchase the best one that will give you efficient output with the ease of use.

However, we suggest you purchase the best brand with the best quality. The price maybe a little bit higher, but it will be long-lasting and make your work easier.

We hope that you are now able to pick the right one according to your needs and budget. You will follow our buying guide and consider the factors that we are mentioned in the buying guide.

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