6 Best TIG Torches Review with Buying Guide

One of the welding devices that has reinvented the whole industry to a considerable scale is the TIG torches. The process might be a bit harder than the other available methods, but the end results are well worth investing the time and effort into using it.

However, none of the stock torches will live up to the expectation if you think about carrying out flawless or professional works. That is where the best TIG torches shine the most. And you would want your works to look flawless and properly carried out, right?

Well, the good news for you is that you do not have to invest any more of your precious time in finding one of these. We have done that for you, and we are here to offer you all the things that we got to learn about the top-rated models that are in the market.


Best TIG Torches Review

We know how hard it can be to get yourself one of the worthy tools from the extremely saturated market. For making things a bit more convenient for you, we have gone ahead and tested the top-rated ones and picked the six best ones for you. The ones that we have picked exclusively for you are:

1. CK17 Air Cooled

You may look cool when you are handling a TIG torch, but can you keep the torch cool when you are using it for a prolonged amount of time? Well, with this one, you should have that capability.

As the name suggests, the unit is air-cooled. That means there will be no need to go through any extra hassles to keep it cool and under the standard temperature when you are working on a large project. The lightweight design that it features will make it easier to handle as well.

Talking of which, it is exceptionally flexible. You will have the flexibility of up to 40 degrees from the centerline for the head. The Super-Flex cable that it bundles along with will increase the flexibility feature even further. You should have no trouble in working from different angles. And the length of the wire is 25 feet.

Aside from that, there will be no need to use wire ties. It boasts fail-safe hose fittings that will provide the best possible seal. The chances of a leak occurring will be exceptionally low. And the rubber insulation that it sports will enhance the leak-resistance even further. It is also compatible with the three-series head accessories.

Other than that, the manufacturer has opted for copper instead of brass. That will eliminate the chances of seizing, galling, and stripping occurring. In other words, you can expect to get a consistent performance for a long amount of time out of this one. Also, the bend on the neck is spread through the entire neck area.



  • Air-cooled and stays cool for a long amount of time
  • Weight is considerably low
  • Offers 40 degrees of flexibility on the head
  • Features a Super-flex cable
  • Boasts fail-safe hose fittings


  • Hose can not resist the heat that well
  • Comes with fairly cheap threading on the hose


2. Miller Weldcraft A-150

When it comes to offering high-quality and highly reliable welding torches, Miller has always been a go-to option for many. And both the factors can be properly illustrated with this one that we are going to look at.

Let us kick things off by talking about the versatility of this one. And this one is exceptionally versatile. It is applicable for a wide variety of welding applications. And the great thing is that you will no need any other attachments for carrying most of the welding applications.

Aside from being capable of carrying out most of the welding tasks, the control that this one is capable of offering is up to the market. Thanks to the flexible neck that it has on the top, you should be able to maneuver it without facing any limitations. As a result, you can carry out most of the tasks with full control.

The comfort level that it can offer is reasonably high as well. It sports a diamond grip on the top. There is an ergonomic coating in each of the contact points. And the fingers lay on each of the points naturally. For that reason, you would have a comfortable grip on it. The grip would be secure as well.

Other than that, the handle has a ribbed construction. That, combined with the unique design, will cool the head off properly when you are working with it for an extended amount of time. There will be no need to worry about it overheating that easily. Also, the ribbed design will reduce the downtime substantially.



  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Offers a maximum level of control
  • Neck is highly flexible
  • Features an ergonomic coating on the contact points
  • Sports a ribbed construction


  • Fittings are not that high in quality
  • Might ship with some missing parts


3. Miller Weldcraft A-200

Another torch that you can consider from the lineup of Miller is this one. Like the other one that we looked at, this one is also highly reliable and offers decent overall performance.

Like some of the other units that are in the market, this one is also air-cooled. It does not require any fancy water cooling that means you can stay worry-free about the expense that you might have to spend in other attachments. Also, the air-cooling capability is highly reliable. It can properly keep the unit from overheating.

Aside from the cooling capability, the unit is exceptionally versatile. You can use this one for a wide variety of welding purposes. There will be no need to get yourself a dedicated tool for each of the tasks that you might want to carry out if you have this one in your arsenal.

Other than being exceptionally versatile, it is reasonably flexible as well. This uses the flex-cable that Miller is well-known for. It adjusts to any of the angles, which will offer you better control over the movements. You will not find yourself being limited to a single angle when you are working on your project.

The control that it is capable of offering is up to the mark as well. It features an ergonomic design on the handle. Getting a proper grip over the handle will not be that much of a difficult task for you. Also, the connectors on the ends are of high-quality materials. You will not find it that difficult to connect this one with joints.



  • Features an efficient air-cooling mechanism
  • Highly versatile
  • Offers a superior amount of control
  • Connectors are of high-quality
  • Exceptionally flexible


  • Threading is a bit finicky
  • Some of the packages might ship with a missing back cap


4. WeldCraft 366-WP-20-25

The manufacturer WeldCraft is among the brands that are offering top-rated torches in the market. And a proper example of how good their offering is this one.

To begin with, it is exceptionally lightweight. In fact, it is lighter than most of the other offering that is in the market. Because of how lightweight this one is, it would be pretty easy for you to store it. And the compact nature of this one will make carrying it around an easy task for you. Moving it around will be hassle-free.

Other than having a small and compact form factor, the unit’s overall design is pretty balanced. For the balanced nature that it has, handling it will be pretty easy for you. Also, the balanced design will let you easily move it around when you are working on a project. The handle has a textured design to offer you the right grip.

It even features an efficient cooling system. Instead of air cooling, this one integrates water cooling. And the cooling mechanism is that efficient that it will enable you to work for a prolonged amount of time without showing any issues. The chances of overheating will be considerably low as well.

Besides that, the cooling system is going to enhance the overall lifespan of the components. You can expect to get extended use out of it. Also, the head is highly flexible. It will offer you about 70 degrees of flexibility, which is going to eventually make it trouble-free for you to work with different angles.



  • Exceptionally light in weight
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to carry and easy to transport
  • Features an efficient cooling system
  • Sports a textured handle


  • Fittings on the wire are not that durable
  • Might not work with some of the joints


5. WeldingCity WP-17FV-12R

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Even though there a larger number of models available in the market, not many of them are really that premium in quality. Well, that is exactly where this torch from WeldingCity stands out. It also comes with plenty of other accessories as well.

First of all, the manufacturer has opted for high-quality materials. For the combination of quality materials that the manufacturer has opted for constructing this one, it achieves a premium build quality. The durability level of this one is exceptionally high, which will allow it to last for an extended amount of time.

Thanks to the flexible gas-valve head, this one is compatible with most of the mainstream welding tasks. The cable that it bundles along with is 12.5 feet in length. And because of the cable being that long, reaching the distance workpieces that are from your welding station will not be that much of a hassle for you.

On that note, the cable is of nylon. And it has a dedicated zipper cover. That cover is going to enhance the overall lifespan of the cable. It should be able to withstand the pressure exerted from heavy-duty workspaces. You can carry out different welding tasks without having to worry about the cable getting damaged.

Aside from the cable that it comes along, you will receive a power cable adapter with the package. That adapter will make it compatible with most of the OEM welders that are available in the market. So, worrying about compatibility is not something that you would have to do for this one.



  • Construction materials are all high in quality
  • Has a high durability level
  • Comes with a 12.5 feet long cable
  • Cable is of nylon and has a dedicated cover
  • Includes a power cable adapter


  • Some packages might come with the wrong parts
  • Not ideal for extremely high-temperature welding


6. CK FL150 Air Cooled

You will find plenty of these torches on the shelves of the market. However, you will hardly find a few that are capable of offering a full 360 degrees of variable angle. And this one from CK is one of those few.

As we have mentioned above, this one features Flex-loc technology. That technology allows it to achieve a full 360 degrees variable angle capability. You can rotate the head to any possible angles. Also, the locking mechanism will let you lock the position of the head as you work with it.

Alongside the Flex-loc technology, this one is compatible with a wide variety of heads. And the interchangeable nature of the head will let you attach the head in different configurations. You can also make this one work with heads of different sizes. The options are pretty much limitless for this one.

Aside from the interchangeable head, it works exceptionally well for welding pipes. Thanks to the unique design that it has, you can carry out the “walking the cup” procedures with it. There will be no need to purchase a different type of torch for carrying out that specific task.

The cable that it comes along with is highly flexible as well. Thanks to the cable’s flexible nature, you can move around without facing any sort of obstructions. Working on different angles will be pretty much like taking a walk in the park with this one. The cable is 12.5 feet long as well. So you will have plenty of reach.



  • Features Flex-loc technology
  • Head has a unique locking mechanism
  • Compatible with a wide variety of heads
  • Head is interchangeable
  • Can be rotated to a full 360 degrees


  • Threading on the head is not that smooth
  • Not that light in weight


What to Look for Before You Buy?

TIG Torches Buying Guide

You must be pretty excited to get your hands on one of the units that we have reviewed in the review section. But before you do decide to spend your valuable money on one of them, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. Those will offer you the ability to scrutinize the units properly. And they are:

Hose Length

Firstly, you should consider the length of the hose. The length will basically depend on the nature of the project. But it is always better to have a longer hose. You can move longer distances with them without facing any limitations. There will be no need to drag your welder with you to work on different projects.

However, if you are primarily planning to carry out benchtop operations, you will not require that much lengthy hose. Anything that is within 10 feet should be more than enough for those. But for the other ones, you should pick the ones that have a hose longer than 10 feet.


Power Rating

The power rating of each of the torches will be different. While some will have a higher power rating, some will have an average to below-average power rating. For light-duty applications, anything that is around 200 amps should be more than enough. Those should be adequate for most of the welding tasks.

However, for heavy-duty applications, you are going to require something that has a higher power rating. The ones that have around 250 amps power rating are the ones you should pick for this case. Do note that having a higher power rating than what you might require is always a good thing.


Cooling Method

Just like the hose length, the cooling method utilized by all of the torches will not be the same. Some will opt for the air cooling method, while others will utilize water cooling. Both have some benefits and disadvantages. For the air cooling options, you will not need that much fancy cooling equipment.

On the other hand, the water cooling method will have higher efficiency in cooling the torch. These are usually attached to a liquid coolant. And the coolant is pumped through the line, which cools off the entire system. For that reason, the efficiency is higher than the air-cooled versions.



The durability is something that is going to entirely depend on the build quality of the unit. And for the quality of the materials utilized for the overall construction indicates the overall build quality of the torches. That being said, the ones that are of high-quality materials usually have a high build quality.

And the ones that have a high build quality are the ones that are going to have a high durability level. They will have a higher lifespan and should be able to withstand heavy-duty works at ease. The rate of wear and tears will also be substantially low for those.

On that note, you should consider the durability of both the hose, the head, and the fittings. If you happen to get one that has considerably lower durability in any of the components, you will not get extended use out of it. For that reason, you should opt for the ones that use quality materials for all of the components.


The Style of the Head

Another thing that you must consider when you are purchasing one of these is the style of the head. These torches will come with heads of different styles. Among all, the ones that we would recommend you to pick up would be the ones that offer you high flexibility. Those will let you rotate the head into different angles.

Talking of which, you should make sure that the flexible head has a locking mechanism. Without that, the head will freely rotate, which you would not want for welding tasks. However, the fixed head designs are not bad. They have a preset angle, but it will be a bit hard for you to maneuver different positions with them.


The Sealing

You must also consider the sealing that is one the cable before you make a purchase. As tig welding relies on gas, there is a high chance that the gas will leak if there is no proper insulation on the cable. Considering that, you need to check whether the one that you are shooting for is leak-resistant or not.



Last but not least, you should consider whether the package you are receiving comes with any adapters or not. Without the adapters, you will not be able to make the torch work with different types of welders. In fact, you might have to purchase them separately, which would not be that much economical-friendly decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are air-cooled TIG torches cheaper than water-cooled ones?

Yes, the air-cooled ones are usually cheaper than the water-cooled ones. They do not require any sort of coolant, which reduces the extra cost. Also, you will not need any fancy equipment for these. For that reason, the air-cooled versions are generally cheaper than the water-cooled ones.


2. Do all of the torches come with adjustable heads?

Not really. Different brands are going to utilize different styles for the head. Some will include a preset angled head, while many will offer you the ability to adjust the angle of the head. The ones that do offer you the ability to adjust the angle will also have a locking mechanism as well.


3. Are water-cooled TIG torches better than air-cooled ones?

In terms of cooling efficiency, the water-cooled versions are far better. They rely on coolant liquid to cool the tool off. For that reason, their efficiency in keeping the torch from overheating is reasonably higher than the air-cooled ones. However, there are some high-performing air-cooled versions available in the market.


4. What is the cable of TIG torches made of?

The manufacturers are going to opt for flexible material for the cable. Most will be of silicon and will have nylon covering on the exterior. That cover is going to protect the cable from wearing out. As a result, the chances of leakage occurring will be considerably low for those.


5. Are TIG torches universal?

Not all of the units are universal. However, almost all of the models that you will stumble upon in the market will have standard threading. As the threading will be standard, you can make use of them with almost all of the welding devices. However, there are some dedicated torches for different devices.


Final Words

A proper torch is an absolute necessity for carrying out welding tasks properly. Those will enable you to get the best possible results. And we would like to conclude by assuring you that all of the units that we have picked are nothing but the best TIG torches for the money.