Best Plastic Welder Kit Reviews In 2022 – Editor’s Picks & Guideline

Best Plastic Welder Kit ReviewsWhen it comes to welding your plastic material back to its form, choosing the best plastic welder has been the toughest choice. We always weld our wooden and metal commodities as they are very expensive. So, we have a habit of throwing away the ripped plastic parts. But there are some plastic commodities which are expensive and hard to change.

What to do with that ripped plastic? Welding is the answer to those who are looking for plastic sealing for their vehicle parts, rooftops, ceilings, and door frames.

There are lots of plastic welders with different variations. Just know what type of welding you want to do and choose the ideal welding kit from our list.

Let’s have a glimpse over the editor’s choices for plastic welders’ reviews!


10 Best Rated Plastic Welding Machine For Welders – Top Picks

Here are the top 10 best plastic welder kits we have found for different welding tasks. Just choose the one that suits your requirement and budget then go for it without any hesitation.

1. Beyondlife 1600W Plastic Welder Welding Tool

Highlighted features
  • Best welding tool for repairing expensive plastic items.
  • Easy to carry as it is light weighted and comes in a box.
  • Temperature adjustable hot air gun to work on different welding tasks.
  • The plastic welding gun is sturdy and durable for a long time and heavy welding tasks. 

Beyondlife 1600W Plastic Welder Welding Tool

Beyondlife 1600w welding kit is our first choice because of its premium quality materials and durability. The plastic welding gun you are getting in this kit is sturdy for any heavy pressures. Reliability of comfort is trustable when your welding tools are light weighted. This welder only weighs around 3 lbs which are amusingly lighter than other tools.

The plastic welding heat gun assigned here produces an adjustable heat force in a very short time. This helps to joint any plastic welding works in a short time without any risks. It is highly recommended for your welding work if you are working on repairing any plastic tools such as tanks, car frames, swimming pool linings, and plastic flooring.

You are getting all of its welding tools suited up in a box. This box has an amazing storing capacity and it is easy for transport. You can now carry your light-weighted welding tools easily at once.


2. VOTOER Plastic Bumper Repair Kit Hot Stapler Plastic Welder

Highlighted features
  • Hot stapler plastic repair kit heats staplers and turns to plastic reinforcement
  • All types of plastic welding materials are included in a box for easy carrying them together.
  • Quickly repairs damaged/broken and ripped plastic surfaces.
  • Highly recommended for welding vehicle’s plastic parts.

VOTOER Plastic Bumper Repair Kit Hot Stapler Plastic Welder

Here is another magnificent plastic repair kit. It is the best hot stapler plastic welder to repair cracked and damaged plastic parts. You can joint your cracked plastic parts efficiently with this welder. It gives a strong plastic welding outcome and still keeps the plastic flexibility as promised. This kit is really easy to use as it comes with all the tools needed. All are stored efficiently in a box to be carried together.

This welder specially heats up and turns staples into plastic for welding them together. It is completely reliable to use this welding kit for welding your car, boat, motorcycle, and other expensive tools and plastic reinforcement.  It works on broken, damaged, ripped, and split plastic parts.

Do not plan on using this welding kit for anything other than plastic as it will only ruin them. You must keep it away from flammables and a humid atmosphere for better performance.


3. Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

Highlighted features
  • High-temperature control and power for welding high melting point plastics.
  • Easy to use with welder tips and 8 types of welding rods.
  • Comes with a QR code for the instructional video.
  • All equipment comes in a toolbox for storage and carrying efficiency.

Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

Polyvance welding machine is the most powerful plastic welder on our list. This has an amazing healing power to melt plastics with the highest melting points. You can melt highly durable radiator tanks quickly with its 200-watt heating power. Thus the welding kit also comes suited up in a professional toolbox equipped with all necessary tools

You will get two different types of welder tips in this kit which are easy to swap. This will help you apply all of the welding rods accordingly. The welding kit includes 8 types of welding rods that match all types of automotive applications. This makes it the most efficient automotive welder at a reasonable price.

Since this welder is used for expensive and premium plastic materials, it is really important to know how to use it properly. So, it includes a QR code that redirects to its instructional video.


4. Astro 7600 Hot Staple Gun Kit for Plastic Repair

Highlighted features
  • Unique staple guns for the most strong plastic repair.
  • Works by heating staples and adjusting them accurately in place.
  • Repairs different types of plastic components easily and quickly with its adjustable temperature.
  • One of the cheapest plastic welders with all the equipment needed.
  • Best plastic welder for automotive.

Astro 7600 Hot Staple Gun Kit for Plastic Repair

Here is another ready to use welding kit with all equipment. Astro 7600 hot staple gun is designed with modern technology for repairing broken, ripped, split, and damaged plastic effortlessly. They produce one of the most strong repairs to plastics.

The hot staple gun works by heating special staples and adjusting them into plastic for flexible plastic fit. You can adjust its temperature for different plastic surfaces and different melting points to work accurately. Its unique staples produce the most durable staple repairs at such a low price.

This CSA approved plastic welder is easy to use and transport. It comes all suited up in a box with all other equipment. It saves your tool management time along with storage efficiency which makes it perfect for using as a car, bike, boats plastic welding kit. It works perfectly on headlight fittings, assemblies, and panel clips as it adjusts the staples accurately in place.


5. Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment

Highlighted features
  • Works on high melting point plastics with its amusing hot air tool.
  • Adjustable temperature for working on different tasks.
  • Comes with all types of accessories for plastic welding.
  • Mainly applicated for rooftop sealing and jointing industrial fabrics

Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment

Weldy 1600w is a professional plastic welder. This has the most advanced options for different tasks. It can work on any type of plastic welding procedure with a variety of tools and applications. A lot of people find it too pricey but if you are a professional welder, then this is the ultimate choice for you.

This welders’ hot air tool has a wide option of heating and melting points. This makes weldy 1600w the ideal choice for any type of work from home welding to vehicles. You can start from sealing your rooftops and stop by joining industrial fabrics, this welder does it all. It has the highest temperature power with heating tube protection.

Since this works on the highest melting point plastics, so you should be careful when using this. Adjust the temperature to zero and let it cool down for a few minutes before turning the power off. It has a roller, hot air tool, and many other tools packaged in a toolbox efficiently.


6. Steinel Welding Heat Gun Kit

Highlighted features
  • Perfect for high-temperature plastic welding.
  • Adjust temperature in the hot air guns LCD screen control panel.
  • Comes with different plastic welding rods to adjust in different plastics.
  • Comes with a shrink tube and welding nozzle for working accurately on welding tasks.
  • Easy to use and transport.

Steinel Welding Heat Gun Kit

Steinel heat gun is an electronic controlled plastic welding tool. It has an amusing power of delivering 1600 watts of heat at a time. This incredible heating power of this hot air gun is highly appreciated as its power is adjustable. You can use it for many plastic welding works. Though it is mainly used for repairing and sealing torn/ripped/ broken plastic surfaces of vehicles and households.

The gun is durable, it has a heavy heat resistance to work accurately and produce accurate heating temperature. It comes with plastic rods, shrinks tubes, welding booklets, and welding nozzles. So you can see that this has almost all of the welding tools needed for plastic welding tasks.

This gun offers a microprocessor control for temperature. You can adjust its temperature in the LCD monitor of the gun and lock in the exact temperature you want. The gun and all of the premium materials you are getting such as nozzles and rods are packed in a toolbox to carry easily and efficiently.


 7. BELEY Car Bumper Repair Plastic Welder Kit

Highlighted features
  • Best repair plastic welder kit for perfect sealing.
  • Reliable and well known as the perfect choice for thermoplastic welding tasks and still promise fair flexibility.
  • Universal fit welder to fit in any type of parts of your car or another vehicle.
  • Convenient hot stapler with various sized staples.

BELEY Car Bumper Repair Plastic Welder Kit

Beley car bumper repair plastic welder kit is a very efficient plastic welder. It comes with 30W hot stapler power which is ideal to quickly work on welding your car bumper, door, and other cracked parts. This ideal power supply makes it perfect for bringing the cracked plastic together smoothly.

This high-quality plastic welder is also the best recommendation we have for thermoplastic welding tasks. Its hot staplers make permanent repairs of tears, brakes of all flexible thermoplastic parts. It still balances thermoplastics flexibility even after sealing with new welding.

Its professional hot stapler is so convenient to use on any type of plastic part that leaves us admiring. It is highly recommended by professionals as a universal fit for plastic welding. You can repair plastic components like car bumpers, headlight fittings, panel clips, spoilers, pins, and assemblies. You can also use it for motorcycles, boats and ATVs & SUVs along with cars.


8. Poly Welder Pro 200 Watt Plastic Repair Kit (Natural)

Highlighted features
  • Heavy-duty plastic welding kit with 200 watts amusing power.
  • Comes with a welder stand and 10 feet of polyethylene stripes.
  • Easy & to use with the instructions and the stainless steel reinforcement mesh.
  • Usable for various purposes such as vehicle parts weldings, dirt bikes, watercraft, gas tanks, home water tanks, etc.
  • Poly welder pro is a heavy-duty plastic welder. It is a welding iron that is easy to use and transport. It is very light weighted which makes it comfortable to use. It comes with 10 feet polyethylenes welding stripes which makes it ideal to use in any welding tasks.

Poly Welder Pro 200 Watt Plastic Repair Kit (Natural)

This welder is mainly used for automotive purposes such as car window frames, windshield water bottles, radiator tanks, etc. But it is also recommended by professionals for using dirt bikes, gas tanks, home water tanks, and farming fertilizers. Small watercraft and ATV fenders are also sealed with this amusing welder.

Such a powerful welder can be used in different places but it needs some precautions. So, its package has written instructions on the back. This stainless steel welding iron also comes with a welding stand and all this at a very reasonable price.


9. Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Pro Kit

Highlighted features
  • Comes with a handheld applicator, LED UV light, liquid adhesive, and everything else you may need.
  • Incredible heat and water resistance after application.
  • Can be used in many other materials along with plastic.
  • Permanent sealing welder with UV light and liquid technology.

Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Pro Kit

Here is the cheapest plastic welding kit. Bondic LED UV liquid plastic welding kit is a liquid welder. It uses UV light for welding tasks instead of heating machines to create bonds in the plastic within seconds. The bondic welding kit is incredible for adhesion as it is waterproof and heat resistant. Once you weld with this tool, you can sand or paint after the surface dries.

The UV light of this tool is used with an easy press button. When you expose the liquid to UV light, it will cure permanent bonds within seconds. It might feel like glue but no, bondic’s UV light liquid welding is permanent and it means that there is no chance of drying up the container without glue.

This astonishing welding kit is not only used in plastics but also in wood, metal, steel, PVC, ceramic, wiring, vinyl, leather, and polypropylene. This means that this welding kit is used in the highest number of materials which makes it the most efficient plastic welder.


10. Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Welding Kit

Highlighted features
  • Controlled airflow and heating systems for any environments and welding projects.
  • Comes with a magnetic key for locking controls for consistent use.
  • The 5 most popular attachments included with the welding kit for specific welding applications.
  • Compact, lightweight &, easy to use. All equipment is stored in a toolbox for comfortable transport.

Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Welding Kit

You can get misguided by thinking of this welder to be low performing. No, this welder is no less than other welders which are above in the list. This compact plastic welder is easy to use and adjust the temperature with a digital display. It comes with electronic closed-loop technology which keeps the temperature accurate in various airflows.

It has airflow settings and a magnetic lock for turning it off when idle. You will be getting the five most popular attachments of plastic welding kit with this one. Thus, you can use it in various fields of welding projects. It is specially designed for tasks of high heat and pressurized welding works.

The whole kit is packed in a toolbox so that you can carry them at once. There are some additional offers such as 6 ft wire grounded and flexible jackets which are oil and sunlight resistant.


How To Choose The Best Plastic Welder- Buying Guide

As there are lots of plastic welding works, you may get confused in choosing the best plastic welder for your workshop. You need to know a few things before buying a plastic welder so that you get the best from your machine. Read the following points.


Plastic Welders Power Capability

Different plastic materials have different melting points. So it is necessary to know your plastic welding materials melting point and if your welder has that heating power. Heating power means the temperature you need for your welding tasks, so you should go for a welder that has temperature adjusting options. This option would help you use your welder for different purposes.


Air Flow Capability

 Airflow is also another important fact since your welder kits power is useless without proper airflow. No matter how much power it provides, it would still take a long time to melt if the machine does not provide enough airflow.


Types Of Plastic Welding 

There are mainly two types of plastic weldings you can do with plastic welders. The heating type and the liquid UV type. Other plastic welding tasks need heavy machines and certain pressurized rooms which are impossible with just a plastic welder.


Heating Type Plastic Welding                                             

Heating tye plastic welding melts the plastic parts and bonds them before they cool down. Some welders also use heat staplers for this type of task to bond the plastics accurately. You have to go for a welder that has efficiency in both heating power and airflow settings if you are working on heating type plastic welding. Go for welders that are adjustable in terms of airflow and temperature.


Liquid UV Light Type Plastic Welding

Liquid adhesion sticks plastic parts like glue in this welding task. The liquid adhesion is so strong that it lasts for a long time even in the highest pressures. You have to apply the liquid adhesion accurately and torch the UV light to start adhesion to work. Once you light the UV ray, the liquid dries in seconds. You have to look for accurate UV light torch and good quality adhesions for this type of welding.


How Much Time & Effort Do You Want To Spend In Plastic Welding?

The welders with proper airflow and heating power combinations always take less time to weld. But it would still take more time than liquid UV plastic welding.


Which Plastic Welding Would Be Safe?

In terms of safety, there are two different meanings. Welders safety and welded plastics safety. If you don’t have enough safety equipment then go for easy to use welder kits with less risk.

Liquid plastic welding is the safest plastic welding in this term. But if you want to weld massive parts such as automotive plastics and tanks, then go heating type welding would ensure more durability. So choose equipment that is easy to use along with easy adjusting options.



There are lots of welding machines at different prices. If you are a professional then you need to buy a pricey one at a high price.

If you just intend to complete some simple welding tasks then you can pick one cheap welders kit at a comparatively very low price.

A small plastic welding procedure would cost even more if you buy a liquid plastic welders kit.


FAQs About Plastic Welder

1. Is Plastic Welding Strong?

Ans: Plastic weldings are amusingly strong to hold plastic joints even in heavy pressure. That’s why plastic welding is used in automotive parts as this process makes plastic highly durable for a long time.

There is no better way to bond plastic than plastic welding procedures.


2. Can I Weld ABS Plastic?

Ans: Yas, welding ABS plastic would still work the same way as normal plastic. Thermoplastic, ABS plastic, PVC plastic, etc are all suitable for welding and the result would be the same as normal plastic. The only difference between these different plastics is their various melting points.


3. How Does Plastic Welding Work?

Ans:  Plastic welding works by melting two plastic parts accurately and bonding them before they cool down. This works differently in UV light liquid welding where the liquid is applied and the liquid adhesion dries in seconds when UV light is torched.


4. What Is Ultrasonic Plastic Welding?

Ans: Ultrasonic plastic welding is an advanced procedure for permanent welding. This system needs a special room with a certain pressure and temperature. A high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibration is applied in that pressure to bond the plastics permanently.


Final Words

If you have reached this point, then we are assured that you have chosen what you want to buy. There are lots of plastic welding works.

They all require different types of machines and different power requirements. But we have enlisted all types of machines for different welding tasks on our list. We have also provided a few options to consider if you have a tight budget.

No matter if you want to work in your garage or if you are a professional welder, our top picks are the ideal choice for anyone. Be careful with your welding tasks, best of luck.

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