8 Best Boat Trailer Guides & Rollers Reviews in 2022!

Best Boat Trailer Guides and RollersAre you struggling to choose the best trailer guides?

A boating guide is a perfect solution for those who are facing troubles in loading their boats on the trailer. It is also a perfect option for those who have given up on fishing alone just because it’s quite difficult to get the boat loaded single-handedly. Installing boat guides will open many more excitements for you like seeing different landscapes, visit different marinas and camping on different shores.

Then, what’s the issue that bothers everyone?

We hardly can select the right boat guides that meet all our requirements. Because most of the boat guides come with almost similar features and advantages. Yet, there are some specific things which differ each of them.

In this review guide, we will introduce you to some of the best boat trailer guides which will serve you for years after years.


8 Best Boat Trailer Guides & Rollers That Worthy Of Your Money:

The excitement of fishing can turn into frustration just because of the wrong boat guides. It also can cause damage to your favorite boat.

Certainly, you won’t want to face such issues after spending a couple of bucks.

Therefore, having proper knowledge about boat guides is of crucial importance so that you don’t end up picking one that proves useless for you.

Here our efficient team has brought along the best choices for boat guides available in the market.

Lets hit the top 8 list now!

Highlighted Features

  • Assists in loading and unloading the boat faster and safer.
  • Zinc coated steel construction for heavy-duty use
  • Comes with rubber rollers to safeguard your boat
  • Includes mounting hardware

Extreme Max 3005.3822 Heavy-duty Roller Guides System

It’s first trailer guides in our list is Extreme Max 3005.3822 Heavy Duty Roller Guides. Extreme Max is a renowned brand for outdoor gears. If you have never entertained the idea of taking your boat and going fishing all alone, do that now with this Extreme Max boat guides. This trailer guides allows for loading and unloading the boat single-handedly.

Its sturdy construction is one of the most beneficial features of this trailer guides for which it can easily be recommended for anyone. The entire construction is made with heavy-duty steel which ensures the longevity of the unit.

The system provides heavy-duty 13” rollers to keep your boat lined-up with your trailer. Moreover, the rubber construction of the rollers safeguards your boat from scratches or any kind of damages caused by a collision.

However, this trailer guides from Extreme Max makes the loading and launching your boat to and from the trailer to water super easy. Not only this, but it also takes care of many other problems you may encounter in the entire procedure. Like, you may face problem while loading a boat at night or evening where there is low light. Or you may not determine the right depth while loading or launching the boat into the trailer. This trailer guide will solve all these problems efficiently.

There is nothing to be worried about the installation. It’s not complex at all. The customers’ satisfaction is higher with it. The product along with a self-adjusting roller makes life easier while loading the boat.

The guides attach directly to the frame. You don’t need to drill or cut anything to reposition or move. It can be adjusted both width-wise and height-wise to fit your boat effortlessly.

The unit comes readily with standard size mounting kits, which allows mounting on trailer frames up to 3” wide* 4.25” tall. If your trailer frame is larger than this measurement, you can go with additional hardware kits.


Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy steel construction ensures the durability of the unit
  • The steel support beam comes in height of -45 inch.
  • The support beam is PVC coated which aids in improved protection.
  • The simple bolt-on technique makes the installation process super easy.

Extreme Max White 45” Post 3005.2175 Trailer Guides-45

This is another trailer guide with 45” post from Extreme Max. The post trailer guides systems are the tallest guides from Extreme Max. And this very feature makes it a perfect option for tall sided boats and deep boat launches.

Visibility is one of the most important concerns with trailer guides. This post trailer guides excellently meets that requirement. White PVC posts ensure outstanding visibility in night or evening when light is low. It also makes it easy to see through dark and murkier waters.

Its construction quality is something very praiseworthy. At the center of each post-guides, there is a steel frame strong enough to withstand any kind of hindrance while keeping your boat lined up with your trailer. Moreover, the tough PVC tube on the frame ensures your boat’s safety.

The whole system allows you to adjust it width-wise to fit your boat perfectly. So, you can enjoy the benefits as you want.

Else, the mounting system is also a breeze that anyone can handle it easily. The guides attach to the roller and bunk-style trailer frame directly. There is no need to drill or cut anything for the job. The hardware kit that comes with the unit allows mounting on trailer frames up to 3” wide and 4.25” tall. If your trailer frame is larger than this measurement, an additional hardware kit is also available.


Highlighted Features

  • 2” PVC tubes help in locating trailer’s position when it is submerged in water
  • Comes with mounting hardware to ensure ease of use
  • Comes at a reasonable price tag
  • Installation instructions are clear and straightforward.
  • Very rugged and secure, so rest assured about the brackets.

C.E. Smith Trailer Post Guides with Unlighted Posts

Now comes a trailer post guides from C.E. Smith. It is a well-made and sturdy trailer guide that perfectly fits any narrowboat.

This post guide is popular with the customer for the fact that it allows them to see the location of their trailer when it is underwater. The 2” PVC tubes make it easier to locate the trailer’s position when backing down the ramp.

The trailer guides adjust out to 13″ each side and fit frames up to 3″ width and 4 ¼” height. The caps on the top come with a pre-drilled hole so air can flow when the lower end fills up with water.

Since the product is made in the USA, you can rest assured about its construction quality. The brackets fit snugly, so you don’t need to fear the brackets will come loose.

You don’t need about the installation also. It’s not that complex at all. Anyone will be able to install it easily. It allows a little freedom to install either below or above the trailer frame as per the user’s preference.

The price point of this 40” tall guide is also very good that anyone can afford. So, you can consider this one for your next purchase.


Highlighted Features

  • Galvanized metal construction aids in corrosion resistance and durability of the guides.
  • Detailed and straightforward instruction makes the installation process easier.
  • Allows adjustment to align with boat and trailer.
  • Standard sized mounting hardware included with the unit.
  • It can be mounted on top of the frame for added alleviating height.

C.E. Smith 5’ Bunk Board Guides

The next trailer guides in our list are C.E. Smith 5′ Bunk Board Guides. C.E. Smith, being dedicated to providing the best value in trailer parts and accessories, earned a position among the users.

This carpeted bunk board offer appropriate center loading of your boat even in rough wind condition. Along with this, it allows you to make personal adjustments to accommodate your boat and trailer properly.

To ensure the durability of the product, the bunk board guides come with galvanized metal construction. And these pre-galvanized steel parts have been stamped from a thin sheet of steel which is rust and corrosion-resistant.

You don’t need to fear about the installation. Because the installation process is quick and easy. You just need to slide the post into the boat guide supports and secure the posts to the correct distance that suits you the best. The bunk boards are then tilted to adjust to the shape of your boat’s hull. That’s it, you are done with installing your bunk board guides.

When you are done with installing your bunk board guides, it will efficiently aid in centering your boat more easily and will hold the same more securely while trailing.


Highlighted Features

  • Roller and end caps are excellent in loading a boat by centering it in shallow or fast-moving water
  • Durable construction for serving for years to come
  • Allows adjustments to ensure the best service
  • Sold in pairs, so the price point is good obviously.

Guides 9” Roller & End Caps

To make your boat loading easier, here are roller guides from C.E. Smith. Guides 9” Roller & End Caps aids in loading a boat by centering it in shallow or fast-moving water. Having this roller guides, your fears and tears will vanish while loading your boat into the trailer.

As per the construction quality of the trailer guides is concerned, it’s undoubtedly blameless. The galvanized steel construction makes it durable to serve you for years. The steel arms have 9” non-marring rubber rollers with end caps.

These guides are 21” high above the frame with 9” roller and 2” roller caps at bottom and top. For easy mounting the unit includes mounting hardware that covers frames up to 3” wide and 4 ¼” hight. Mounting brackets permit 13” of adjustment out from each side of the frame. So, you can do the same as per your requirements.


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent to use with bunk and roller style trailer.
  • The wood structure covered with marine-grade carpeting ensures the boat’s safety.
  • Adjustable both height and width wise.
  • Designed to use only in freshwater.
  • Includes direct-to-frame mounting hardware.

Extreme Max 3005.3837 Single Post Horizontal Bunk Guides

Are you struggling to find a trailer guide to match with your bunk and roller style trailer? Here are a trailer guides that are excellent to use with bunk and roller style trailer, Extreme Max 3005.3837 Single Post Horizontal Bunk Guides. This extreme Max guides system matches trailers with frames up to 3” wide and 4.25” high.

Providing two 18” carpeted bunks, this single post bunk guides system keeps your boat lined up properly. The manufacturer is committed to ensuring your boat safety while bumped against. The bunks of the system feature pressure-treated wood construction that is covered in durable marine-grade carpeting. This carpeting prevents any kind of scratches or damages to your boat’s hull if it gets bumped against any harsh object.

To conform to your boat size, you are allowed to adjust the guides both height and width wise. In this sense, it can be called custom made boat guides. Only one thing you need to keep always in mind while taking it out that you are allowed to use it only in freshwater. You cannot take it to salty water at all.

You can easily handle the guides all by yourself as it comes with direct-to-frame mounting hardware. You need not do any drilling or cutting to mount. Moving or repositioning them is extremely easy.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can consider this one for your next purchase.


Highlighted Features

  • Efficiently performs even at windy weather and while there is water current.
  • Visible in low light and murky water.
  • Two uprights help the boat keeping lined-up properly.
  • Non-marking PVC coating for the boat’s safety.

Extreme Max 3005.3783 Heavy-duty Pontoon Trailer Guides

Next presents a pontoon trailer guides, Extreme Max 3005.3783. The name itself asserts it is a heavy-duty trailer guide which efficiently assists in getting your pontoon on and off the trailer even at windy launches or in the presence of water currents.

Visibility will no longer be an issue with this pontoon trailer guides. The uprights of the guides system provide a great sightline that helps to see the trailer in low light or dark water. It also makes the empty trailer easier to see from the tow vehicle while backing into the water.

Though you are not allowed to take these guides into the salty water, its sturdy steel construction can withstand all the wears and tears for years in freshwater.

Moreover, the system features two uprights that help to guide the boat easily on and off its bunks. Each of these uprights comes with a tough non-marking PVC coating to prevent damage to your boat’s hull.

The package includes a standard hardware kit that allows mounting on trailer frames up to 2” wide and 3” tall. And if your trailer is larger than this size, additional sizes are also available.


Highlighted Features

  • Extremely helpful to load the boat in low light or dark of the night.
  • Red and Amber lights provide effective and soothing visibility.
  • 2” PVC tubing for added durability.
  • Easy to install

C. E. Smith Trailer Post Guides with LED Lighted Posts

If you are one of those who fish until evening, here are a post-guides with LED light for you. C. E. Smith Trailer guides with LED Lighted Posts will turn your job of getting the boat lined up with the trailer into an effortless one.

This very post-guides is extremely helpful as it provides the visual clues with LED lighted posts. If you ever backed an empty trailer down a boat ramp, you must know how difficult it is to keep the boat straight, especially when there aren’t any visual clues.

The red and amber lights are something you would appreciate. Here the red light faces backward and the amber light faces forward. They are visible to the front, but not too bright that might distract while driving at night. This balance of illumination is a plus point of the guides system.

Installing them is also very easy. They clamp up in real quick. To remove old posts and install new ones you might need two hours on an average.

Durability is something you might be concerned of. They are secure and sturdy enough that you can rest assured for a few years to come. Light posts are constructed of 2” PVC tubing, which is notched to prevent twisting.

The guides system comes with all necessary mounting hardware, including wire and wire connectors which is fit for frames up to 3” wide and 4 ¼” tall. So, you don’t need to buy anything extra.


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Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Choosing The Trailer Guides: 

Like any other purchase, you need to select your trailer guides very wisely. And for this purpose, you need to keep some factors in mind while selecting. Let’s have a look at the factors:


Like most of the products, durability is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a trailer guides. Among all the construction variations, metal construction is perhaps the most durable construction. There is a common problem with these trailer guides, they can cause scratching on the exterior of the boat. Luckily, you can avoid this issue by covering the guides with PVC or foam.


Visibility is a common concern with trailer guides. The height of the guides is interlinked with visibility. The higher the guides are, the easier it becomes to see. Post style guides are normally taller than other ones. They range from 36 inches to 60 inches in height. So, you can pick a post style guide if visibility is your main concern.


An excellent feature of the trailer guides is the ability to perform as light mounts. Trailer lighting should be efficient enough since they are prone to malfunctioning. As the trailer lights get emerged in water, you can mount the trailer lights on guides. This action will ensure they are immersed in water lesser and lengthen their service life.


While selecting a trailer guides you should check the adjustability. To conform to the size of your trailer, the trailer guides must include the adjustability feature. If it’s both width and height-wise adjustable, it will be the best.

Installation process:

The installation of the trailer guides must not be complex. It should be easier to install trailer guides.


In any purchase, the cost is one of the important considerations. Generally, the higher the price tag is, the better the quality will be. Yet some units come with a reasonable price and serves excellent. By comparing products of the same features from different manufacturer you can find a perfect match to suit your budget.

FAQs for trailer guides:

Usually, users have a lot of queries about trailer guides. Let's face them and get the best experience while managing any task regarding trailer guides.

1. How many types of guides are there available in the market?

Answer: there are two main types of guides available in the market. The post guides are the first type which is a single upright metal or PVC post attached to each side of the trailer. The bunk guides are the second category guides.

These guides are supported by two small posts on each side and there is a carpeted board between each post. One bunk guides are mounted on each side of the boat.

2. Which type of trailer guides works best?

Answer: Actually, the answer to this question depends on the type of trailer you own. If you have a roller trailer, around PVC guides would work best for you. Because it will keep your boat steady in windy weather.

If your trailer is small and visibility is the issue, you should go with the post guides as it makes the trailer easier to see when you are backing up without the boat on it.

Final words:

This was our review of the best trailer guides.

Did you find the one for you? If you couldn’t select the trailer guides for you, just ponder on your requirements and situation. What type of boat and trailer do you own, the issues you face while loading or launching your boat on the trailer or how often you are going to use it, etc- these questions are required to be answered before finalizing.

If you are not going to take your guides into salty water and need a heavy-duty one, you can go with Extreme Max 3005.3822 Roller Guides. And if your trailer is bunk style, you should choose one between C. E. Smith 5’ Bunk Guides or Extreme Max 3005.3837 Single Post Horizontal Bunk Guides.

And C. E. Smith Trailer Post Guides with LED Lighted Post would be the best option for those who need to load the boat on the trailer at night or low light.

So, we are finishing with our best trailer guides review now. Hope it could meet your expectation.

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